Top-5 universal flash for amateurs and professionals

Cameras very firmly entered the life of people. Initially, the camera was the property of units, and now photography is available to any man in the street. Along with the development of photographic equipment, such important accessories as the flash developed. The flash is a light source( impulse), which allows to provide proper illumination of the object to be shot.

The flashlight is external and internal, as well as divided into types: slave and master. Most often, the built-in flash is inefficient, so it is combined with an external one. They work on such a system: the flash master works, and its pulse becomes a signal for the slave. Specialists of the price-aggregator, on which the products of many online stores of Russia are presented, made their rating of the best universal flash units.


  • 5. Metz mecablitz 15 MS-1 digital
  • 4. Fujifilm EF-X20
  • 3. Raylab R-32
  • 2. Metz mecablitz 54 MZ-4i
  • 1. YongNuo YN-560 Speedlite

5. Metz mecablitz 15MS-1 digital

"Metz mecablitz" model 15 MS-1 digital is a very fresh solution in the world of photographic equipment. The cordless flash has an annular shape and is mounted directly on the lens. Thanks to this concept, the flash is ideal for macro photography. The only negative of the flash is a small leading number( 15).The flash unit is equipped with two reflectors( turn to 0, 10 and 20 degrees), each of which can be controlled separately. The distribution of light goes in descending order: "8: 1;4: 1;2: 1;1: 1, and further 1: 2;1: 4 and 1: 8 ".The light source has a USB port, an LCD screen and an auto focus lighting. Power is provided by batteries or an AAA battery. It weighs 190 grams, the dimensions of the flash - 133 * 38 * 144 mm. Compatible with cameras: Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony-Alpha, Olympus, Pentax. Recharge time from 0.30 to 5 seconds.

Price: from 300 to 380 $.

4. Fujifilm EF-X20

The Fujifilm EF-X20 is an external flash for X-series cameras. Attaches to the top of the camera body, where it is fixed in the socket without the use of additional materials. The most significant plus is ergonomics and light weight, which allow you to work with it in any conditions. The guide number varies from 20( ISO 100) in normal mode to 12 when the wide-angle lens is activated. The flash head is stationary. Power levels available in manual mode: "1: 1, 1: 2, 1: 4, 1: 8, 1:16, 1:32 and 1:64".The color temperature at full power is 5600 K. Does not have a display, control is due to levers and disks. Alkaline batteries or AAA batteries are suitable for replenishing this flash model. Dimensions: 36 * 59 * 50 mm. The flash weighs only 100 grams, not considering the weight of the battery. The recharge speed is 5-6 seconds. Perfectly complements the cameras: FUJIFILM X-S1, FUJIFILM X-Pro1, FinePix X100 /HS30EXR/HS25EXR/HS20EXR/SL240/SL260/SL280/SL300/ FUJIFILM X10.

Price: 200-250 $.

3. Raylab R-32

The third place in the nomination is the budget model of the flash-shoe. It is considered average in quality and does not have automatic modes, however in accordance with "price / quality" it shows itself more than well. The pluses can be added to zoom, as well as compatibility with cameras from any manufacturer, except Sony and Minolta. The leading number is 36 m( only if - ISO 100).The movable head moves upwards at such angles - 0 °, 45 °, 60 °, 75 °, 90 °.Power is provided by AA batteries. Thanks to additional attachments, the flash is able to cover the visible area of ​​the lens with a focus distance of 24 millimeters. Dimensions of the model: 85 * 72 * 110 mm, and weight 250 g. Recharge lasts from 0.5 to 8 seconds.

Price: from $ 70 to $ 95.

2. Metz mecablitz 54 MZ-4i

Silver place is occupied by Metz mecablitz 54 MZ-4i is a flash of the usual format, which has a wide range of functions. Suitable for everyone: amateur photographers and professionals. When the position of the zoom reflector is 105 mm and ISO100, the leading number is equal to 54 m. The head of the flash unit moves both vertically( up to 90 °, + 8 ° down) and horizontally( up to 270 °).At the disposal of the owner is a backlit LCD and autofocus lights. The recharge speed is 0.10-5 seconds. Power is provided by AA batteries. The flash weighs almost a pound( 480 grams), and its dimensions - 108 * 75 * 125 mm. Compatible with the cameras of six major manufacturers.

Price: 185-230 $.

1. YongNuo YN-560 Speedlite

Favorite TOP 5 has many obvious advantages, but it's better to include two models: YongNuo YN-560 Speedlite and YongNuo YN-560 Speedlite II.In principle, the second model is an improved version of the first. These outbreaks refer to the usual "shoe" type, and perfectly fit any layer of the photo society. At ISO 100 the leading number is 58 m. The number of lamps is 1, the recharge time is only 3 sec. Just like the previous model, there is a moving head: 270 ° horizontally, vertically 90 °.The power setting is very sensitive: 1: 1, 1: 2, 1: 4, 1: 8, 1:16, 1:32, and in addition 1:64 and 1: 128, also in each level for 8 steps of adjustment. Of the features worth immediately highlight the presence of the PC-port, the possibility of manual power management and FP-synchronization. By the time the flash pulse takes from 1 * 200 to 1 * 20 000 seconds. AA batteries are ideal for powering these models. Dimensions of the model - 78 * 60 * 190 mm, and weight is 350 grams. In terms of compatibility, the flash is absolutely universal.

Price: 70-105 $.