Which multivarque is better - Panasonic or Philips

Choose a functional and comfortable model will help us two representatives of famous brands, which will allow you to decide which multivarker is better - Panasonic or Philips. Both models - SR-DY101WTQ and HD3133 / 00( respectively) are budgetary, their cost is about $ 100.Let's see how they differ and what you can buy for little money.

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Features a square design in classic white color. Equipped with a convenient handle, a silver panel with push-button control and a liquid crystal display.


This model is also made in square design and white color. Shades the classic color of the elegant color of the control panel - "champagne."The model is equipped with a handle, and the panel is equipped with a touch control.

Power and volume of the bowl

Let's move on to more significant indicators.

Characteristics Panasonic Philips
Volume of the bowl 3 liters 5 liters
Power 980 W 980 W

Here we see that a representative of Philips will cope with a large amount of food at the same time as Panasonic with three liters. Both multivarkas are reliable in performance - bowls have non-stick coating, and the Philips model also has a thick-walled inner bowl.

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program One of the most decisive factors that will help you decide which is better: Panasonic or Philips is the number and variety of cooking programs.

Milk porridge Fig
Extinguishing Roasting
Baking Extinguishing
Buckwheat Steaming / steamer
Steaming Baking

Here's the difference you see at once - Phillips has in its arsenal the function of frying( by the way, during the selection of thisprogram, you do not need to close the multivark cover), and the Panasonic representative will not be able to please you with a crisp crust.

Functions Both models are equipped with the required number of functions.

Panasonic Philips
Delayed start Delayed start
Automatic heating Automatic heating
Time adjustment Time adjustment
Memory support

Both models will cope with all tasks, and the Philips model is useful with a practical function of "memory support" - in the event of a power outage, the multi-all their actions and restore them on their own, when the supply of electricity resumes.

Features of models

Panasonic has its own individual feature - the device is equipped with a container-steamer with the possibility of adjusting the depth.

Philips has a modern way of heating - 3D, which will evenly distribute the temperature from all sides of the bowl.

Also worth mentioning about the minuses of each model, which are based on feedback from consumers.

Philips Panasonic
No program "Multiprofile" No program "Multiprocess"
No auto shutdown function
Internal cover of the device is not removed
No condensate container

Of course, it is better to choose a multivark with more programs and fewer shortcomings.

But, if you do not really care about the auto-warm-off function and the "multi-cook" mode, you can choose a device with an impressive bowl volume and stay on the Philips model. If you are demanding about your future kitchen helper and a pot of three liters you will be enough - choose Panasonic.