Competitiveness rating of the countries of the world

Swiss research team and leader in management education IMD( Institute of Management Development) has published world competitiveness rating .

IMD competitiveness analysis is conducted since 1989.Each country is assessed on the basis of 331 criteria that characterize the effectiveness of the government, the state of the economy, the state of the business environment and infrastructure development.

Russia this year took 48th place out of 59 possible. And today we offer the top ten leaders of the IMD rating to your attention.


  • 10. Qatar
  • 9. Germany
  • 8. Norway.
  • 7. Taiwan
  • 6. Canada
  • 5. Sweden
  • 4. Singapore
  • 3. Switzerland
  • 2. US
  • 1. Hong Kong is in the ratings for the second year in a row.

10. Qatar

is a major global exporter of oil and natural gas. This monarchical state provides citizens with a consistently high standard of living. The government of the country pursues a policy aimed at attracting foreign investment and diversifying the economy.

9. Germany

- one of four European countries, ranked in the top ten ranking. Preservation of export-oriented production and high financial discipline allowed Germany to rise one line up - in 2011 it ranked 10th in the IMD rating.

8. Norway.

Improved over the year its position in the ranking by 5 positions. The richness of natural resources combined with a socially-oriented political system allows this Scandinavian country to improve its performance even in conditions of global financial instability.

7. Taiwan

is a major Asian exporter of manufactured goods supplying world markets with fabrics, electronics, metal products, plastics and non-electrical equipment. Despite the fact that Taiwan lost one line in the ranking in comparison with last year, experts highly appreciate the stability of this self-proclaimed state.

6. Canada

- stably ranks high among the most competitive countries in the world. High living standards of the population, developed export-oriented and open economy, stable political situation form a positive picture in the eyes of IMD experts.

5. Sweden

- with a population of 9 million people, has headquarters in its territory of 50 global companies, including Saab, Scania, Volvo, ABB, Oriflame, TELE2, Electrolux, IKEA.About 5% of GDP this country spends on subsidizing education. The high stability of the economy and the political situation guarantee Sweden a high level of competitiveness.

4. Singapore

- maintains a favorable investment climate for the last several decades. The city-state is characterized by a high level of welfare of the population. Singapore is trying to keep the tax burden low, paying great attention to the development of information technology, electronics, and biotechnology.

3. Switzerland

- has improved its position in the ranking by 2 lines compared to 2011.Its position to date is estimated by experts as the best among European countries. Switzerland - the world leader in terms of security, welfare of the population, the level of business culture.

2. The US

- this year, slightly lowered the position. Nevertheless, the US influence on the world economy is so high that the European states are not yet able to compete with them, despite all the efforts for integration.

1. Hong Kong is in the rating books for the second consecutive year.

Experts emphasize the high level of such indicators of Hong Kong, as the effectiveness of the government of the country and the system of business organization.