Edifier M2280( R26T) - small, yes remote acoustics 2.0

The Edifier trademark is one of the leaders of the Chinese acoustics market. Formed in 1996, the company for the past few years is a serious competition to other, more experienced manufacturers.

Edifier owns its own production and design studio. The entire range of products uses cases and dynamics of its own production, which allowed to reduce the production rate to 0.4%, which is a brilliant indicator.

However, the main achievement of the company is the sound quality of the speakers, which was achieved thanks to modern laser equipment and the world's third largest soundless anechoic camera.


  • Appearance
  • Technical specifications Edifier M2280
  • Sound
  • Scope of delivery
  • Where to buy, cost


Overview Edifier M2280 we start with the look. The design of computer acoustics of a format 2.0 is rather remarkable, though and it is not strongly beaten out from the general tendencies. The manufacturer himself calls this model "thin and smooth."Quite in the spirit of Apple, take a look. ..

The color solution will allow you to use the speakers in any interior. The front panel is plastic, covered with soft material. The case is also plastic. On the front side of the stand flaunts the logo of the company. In the right column under the skin is hidden red diode power indicator.

Volume control and power button are rubberized and hide on the side of the right speaker.

Specification Edifier M2280

Power: 6W x 2( DRC on)
SOI + Noise: 10%
Signal to noise ratio: ≥85dBA
Frequency range: 95Hz - 20kHz( ± 12dB)
Distortion: ≤0.5%
Sensitivity: R / L: 700mV ± 50mV
Speaker: 77mm, Shielded, 8Ω
Overall dimensions: 124mm x 255mm x 125mm( W x H x D)
Weight: 0.95kg( net) |1.25kg( gross)

Among other characteristics, I would like to note the 77mm dynamics with active dynamic range compression( DRC).


Do not be fooled by the compact size of the speakers, the Edifier M2280 sounds much better and louder than you expect at first glance. Two 12W speakers with DRC technology provide detailed and clear sound.

Acoustics does not reproduce low frequencies, but medium and high play out perfectly for the production of the budget segment.

We tested the Edifier M2280 to match the claimed power characteristics of the voice coils and the frequency range of the reproduced frequencies using the audio frequency generator, and we were convinced of the decency of the manufacturer.

Scope of delivery

The package includes speakers, power cord and a "Type A" outlet, audio cable 3.5 Jack. Since the model is not officially sold on the Russian market, when ordering, check the availability of the adapter to an EU outlet or purchase separately.

Where to buy, the cost of

In some countries, the Edifier M2280 is sold under the R26T label. Residents of Russia and the CIS can purchase acoustics in the GearBest store with free delivery. The average speed of delivery will be from 2 weeks to a month.