Rating of the best and profitable franchises 2015

For those who want to have their own business, one of the simplest and most attractive options is to work under a known brand name on a franchise basis. This excludes the difficulties faced by start-ups. Here is rating of the best franchises of 2015 , which can be useful for novice businessmen( franchisees) in choosing the most profitable franchisor.


  • 10. "220 volts"
  • 9. PickPoint
  • 8. "AutoDevice"
  • 7. Jenavi
  • 6. Invitro
  • 5. "Network of stores of burning packages"
  • 4. Subway
  • 3. "Begemotik"
  • 2.RossTour
  • 1. Mangosteen

10. "220 volts"

Shop of electrical tools. The network of outlets was established in 2002.Shops under this brand are available in 94 cities of the state. The first installment is 290 thousand rubles. The volume of investments is from 2 to 4 million rubles. The payback period is 1 year.

9. PickPoint

Network of points of issue of orders and postamates. Postmates provide automated receipt of goods purchased online. Customers of the network are the largest online stores of the state. Investments under the franchise are from 600 thousand rubles. The period of recoupment of business reaches one and a half years.

8. "AutoDevice"

The chain of stores selling car accessories is one of the most profitable franchises. The company sells automotive electronics in the retail network and via the Internet. Thanks to a wide range of products and a successful pricing policy, the payback period reaches half a year. The first installment is 90 thousand rubles. The volume of investments is from 150 thousand to 1 million rubles.

7. Jenavi

Stores that sell jewelery. The company is the leader of our market for the production of costume jewelery with Swarovski crystals. In our country and the CIS there are 300 outlets of the company. Every month, 2-3 new collections of jewelry of this brand appear. With consistently high quality, the company demonstrates a democratic pricing policy. Investments are from 450 thousand rubles. Investing is carried out in the amount of up to 700 thousand rubles. The business pays off for 2-8 months.

6. Invitro

Network of laboratories. It offers about 1000 types of laboratory research. Across the country there are more than 300 offices of the company. It should be noted that a multilevel quality control system has been introduced in the laboratories, and all medical facilities of the state recognize Invitro results. The first installment is 250 thousand rubles, the investment - from 2.5 million rubles. Royalties are charged from the third year of work in the amount of 28 thousand rubles. Payback period - 2 years.

5. "Network of shops of burning tours"

This brand appeared in 1998 and quickly gained the lion's share of the market. Today the network contains more than 500 offices. Investments range from 100 to 300 thousand rubles. The first 3 months of franchising fees are not implemented, the second three months are from 3 to 5 thousand rubles.per month.

4. Subway

Network of fast food restaurants. The network has more than 34 thousand establishments in 98 states. Subway food is a substitute for oily and harmful food, which is made from semi-finished foods. The initial payment is 12 thousand US dollars plus VAT.The volume of investments from 135 thousand dollars. The royalty is 8% plus VAT.The payback period of this business is from 1 year.

3. "Begemotik"

The chain of toy stores closes the top 3 best franchises in 2015.The owner of the chain of shops The group of companies "Grand Toiz" from Togliatti arose in 1998.The network of retail outlets has about 800 stores. The first installment is small - 25 thousand rubles. Investments are from 1.1 million rubles. The royalty is 10 thousand rubles per year. Also, an advertising fee of 30 thousand rubles is mandatory. The payback period is six months.

2. RossTour

Travel agency has been operating on the market for more than 9 years. The company has offices in more than 180 cities of the state. The terms of the franchise provide for the absence of a down payment. The investment is from 100 thousand rubles. The company does not charge royalties. The payback is from quarter to year.

1. Mangosteen

Network of vending machines of souvenirs, toys, jewelry - the leader in the rating of franchises. The company was founded in 2003.The network of automatic machines reaches 500 pieces. But the market is almost free. Because business is promising. Investments - from 199 thousand to 4 million rubles.