The most read books in the world

Reading remains one of the most beloved occupations of the people of the Earth.

The Internet and electronic media have made statistics of popular publications less accurate than before.

After all, to calculate the circulation of printed publications is much simpler than to take into account the number of downloads of all kinds of texts. But experts still confidently declare that the Bible is the number 1 book in the world.


  • 1. Bible
  • 2. Collection of quotes Mao Zedong
  • 3. "Lord of the rings"
  • 4. "Da Vinci Code"
  • 5. Directories, yearbooks, world bestsellers

1. Bible

The number of copies of the great book is already 6billion pieces, and it is unlikely that another edition will be able to surpass this figure.

2. Collection of quotes by Mao Zedong

All the more strange is the second place in this list, according to the Guinness version. This is a collection of sayings, or quotations, of Mao Zedong. The total circulation of this "creation" was 900 million. It is possible that it is so great because of the number of Chinese themselves, which clearly make up the bulk among the readers of this book.

3. "Lord of the Rings"

In terms of the number of copies issued, the third place among the favorite books is "The Lord of the Rings".And not only young readers are fascinated by this incomparable story, skilfully set forth by John Tolkien. People of quite respectable age and serious professions consider it to be the most interesting work to date.

4. "Da Vinci Code"

Does not leave the list of ten masterpieces and the "Da Vinci Code" of Brown, but, for the sake of justice, it should be said that the list of records for the circulations is somewhat subjective. In it, for example, did not get books about Harry Potter, although they are already a quarter of a billion. In any case, the sixth part of the epic Joan Rowling set an obvious record for the number of sales on the very first day. This number was equal to 9 million. The Book of Records itself appears in the fifth place among the bestsellers of the world.

5. Directories, yearbooks, world bestsellers

Interestingly, with a circulation of 100 million published in the US Spelling Guide, and 80 million pieces accounted for the popular World Yearbook.

Pretty old, but definitely - immortal, Benjamin Spock's childcare book remains on the leaderboard for many decades and does not intend to leave it yet, as publishers constantly include it in their plans.

The Bookworms of the world do not disregard your favorite well-known authors. Among them - Antoine de Saint-Exupery and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Their masterpieces - "The Little Prince" and "100 years of solitude" - are captured not only on paper, but also in the souls of people around the world.

The Internet has changed the nature of reading, books have become more accessible, advanced readers now use the best e-books. It is hardly possible to name exactly the number of pages read in the network. But one pleases infinitely: reading as a passion, hobby, entertainment, the possibility of self-education not only does not die, but also expands its possibilities. I wish that the love of reading would make people more perfect and kinder.