The most strange and unusual habits of celebrities

Sometimes people meet inexplicable from a logical point of view, habits or fears, and famous personalities - not an exception. Famous people we love often behave as uncommonly as ordinary mortals.

We present to you the strangest habits of celebrities .


  • 10. Olivia Mann
  • 9. Victoria Beckham
  • 8. Terry Hatcher
  • 7. Eminem
  • 6. Sandra Bullock
  • 5. Cameron Diaz
  • 4. Lady Gaga
  • 3. Jessica Simpson
  • 2. Demi Moore
  • 1.Katy Perry

10. Olivia Mann

The beautiful eyelashes of Olivia Mann are the result of the efforts of beauty professionals. The star of the series suffers from a mental illness called "trichotillomania" - this is when the patient pulls out the hair on his head, face and other parts of his body( and some of them later eat).The actress managed to get rid of this habit almost completely, but in difficult circumstances it becomes difficult for her to control herself.

9. Victoria Beckham

A former member of the Spice Girls and the wife of the football star David Beckham has a healthy habit, it moisturizes the skin of the hands and feet in this way: puts a thick layer of cosmetic on them and puts on socks. And on the hands - too. She also once a week washes her hair with milk and carefully keeps all the nails cut off during her lifetime. But her husband, being on the bench, has a bad habit of gnawing at the nails.

8. Terry Hatcher

The star of "Desperate Housewives" struggles with aging, taking baths of red wine and never sits in cars equipped with air cushions. And after six in the evening she eats only vegan food. For reasons of principle, Terry Hatcher does not want to get an e-mail.

7. Eminem

A harsh Detroit rapper, coming to the hotel, demands that at night his room be immersed in complete darkness. To do this, the hotel staff glues on the glass reflective film and carefully pulls the curtains. Even in the room there should be speakers, so that during the dream of the singer to broadcast music in the style of "ambient".

6. Sandra Bullock

According to People magazine, Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock is the most beautiful woman of the year 2015.The secret of its smooth and radiant skin is the use of a remedy against hemorrhoids as a cosmetic facial ointment. The actress has a funny phobia: she is afraid of germs and therefore never pays in cash so as not to get infected. Every time after a shower, she requires an absolutely new towel. And to attract good luck, once a day, necessarily eat something fishy.

5. Cameron Diaz

The star suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder and because of the fear of germs each door opens only with elbows. Even an actress, although she is a big cleaner, never uses deodorants: she thinks that from them people start to smell only worse.

4. Lady Gaga

Perhaps you thought that the appearance of a singer from a giant egg during one of the stage performances was incomprehensible or superfluous. But the singer herself came from the egg in such ecstasy that she holds it at home and climbs in when she needs to sleep or think hard. She also wakes up in the morning, immediately eats on a carrot, makes a foot bath of beer to soften the skin, and never flies on airplanes on Fridays.

3. Jessica Simpson

The actress has never smoked, but this fact did not save her from nicotine addiction: she was addicted to chewing gum, with which smokers try to get rid of the addiction.

2. Demi Moore

Sometimes the ways that Hollywood celebrities retain youth and beauty are very bizarre, and Demi Moore is no exception. To remove toxins from the body, it limescens itself with leeches and allows them to suck their blood. But her other beauty recipe is less extreme - to avoid overeating, the singer during the day necessarily eats three cups of bran with a high fiber content.

1. Katy Perry

A list of ten unusual habits and bad phobias of stars was led by the singer, who is so afraid of holes in her teeth that she carries twenty toothbrushes with her around. She brushes her teeth six times a day. But why she needs just twenty pieces - that's a mystery. She also loves to collect her friends' hair by craft and is the lucky owner of curls Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.