The most powerful superheroes Marvel by PlayShake version

Each generation grows on dreams of becoming superheroes and saving people. And let our dreams come to an end with age, we still love movies with real heroes. Of course, we already understand: The Hulk will remain films, and Superman will never come to our aid. But the desire to break away from reality and plunge into the world of childhood will never leave us.

But who of the heroes is the most "heroic", the most manly, because today there are dozens. Let's try to make up our seven, without looking at other resources. We will choose some site about superheroes, for example and find out who is the strongest superhero Marvel!


7. Daredevil

  • 6. Hulk
  • 5. Iron man
  • 4. Batman
  • 3. Arrow
  • 2. Spider-man
  • 1. Superman
  • 7. Daredevil

    Matt Murdoch was raised by his desperate father-boxer. The boy tries to believe that his father is an honest worker and has nothing to do with local bandits. But the world collapses one morning, when Matt sees the truth. A frustrated guy does not notice the waste with chemicals that a car accidentally knocked over. The contents fall into Matt's eyes and now he will forever remain blind.

    But knowingly they say: taking away one, God gives something in return. Over time, Matt understands that his flair and reflexes have become his radar, exacerbated hundreds of times. In an effort to keep his promise to his son, Matt's father is dying. Now Matt is no longer just a kid, but a superhero of his city.

    6. Hulk

    Bruce Benner was a physicist until he accidentally fell under unusual radiation. Gamma rays completely changed part of his human DNA and a huge monster appeared: the Hulk. Indomitable, uncontrollable in his rage, the Hulk can wipe the city from the face of the earth. The most terrible thing is that the monster breaks loose whenever Bruce gets angry. A scientist can not curb him or take control, after transformation he almost completely loses his mind.

    I can not even shoot myself! The mutation heals the organs, the monster makes Bruce live. Of course, the Hulk is not an ant, you can not put it in your pocket. Its destruction attracts attention and the season of wild hunting opens on it.

    5. Iron man

    Anthony Stark is the richest man who created a strong corporation for the production of weapons. The talented inventor Tony and his friend prepared a superbrono when an accidental splinter ripped open his chest and sank near Tony's heart. A friend of Tony Jensen creates a plate of nanotechnology, and Stark himself begins to work hard on a unique suit. After winning and burying a friend, Tony sponsors the top most powerful superheroes Marvel.

    Avengers become a family for Stark, although this family is not all smooth. The iron man does not want to listen to the reasonable arguments of Captain America, the Hulk again rushes outside, mocking Bruce, and Thor wants to do everything himself. But this is a family and they will find something in common, for which they are ready to give their lives.

    4. Batman

    Bruce Wayne in childhood was seriously injured, having lost his parents. From that moment, his sense of justice and hatred for criminals increased. He sees: the city is drowning in the blood, the gangs are outraged, the bandits are fleeing from punishment. And then he decides to become a defender of the city. Every day he hones skills, good, his inheritance allows you to spend large sums.

    Bruce goes to the warpath, now no criminal can be calm, for Batman is omnipresent.

    3. Arrow

    Oliver Quinn is the son of a millionaire, spoiled to the impossibility. But the tragedy overturns his world, when on a walk his father's yacht suffers a crash. Only Oliver manages to get to an island. Much has passed on this island and now it is a completely different person. Step by step, returning home, he learns more truth about the city and parents. Oliver is different now and he can not look at how criminals are killing his city, causing death and suffering.

    Now night gives birth to the Arrow, the Angel of Vengeance. Nobody will leave these arrows, even their own mother. Let in something childishly naive, Oliver becomes the embodiment of justice.

    2. The spider-men

    Peter is an ordinary kid, he is an excellent student. But by chance he is bitten by a spider, who "awards" him with unusual abilities. Now Peter can shoot cobwebs, move with great speed. After a little mastering his talents, Peter becomes a Spider-man and goes hunting.

    Now his abilities should serve people, protect the weak and provide criminals with warm places in the cells.

    1. Superman

    Clark Kent, a child of extraterrestrial civilizations, happened to be in the care of terrestrial parents. The couple raised a baby, adoring as their own child. And the boy, even knowing about his birth, paid them sincere love. Possessing extraordinary abilities, is the strongest superhero of in the world, it benefits the city, eliminates threats. This young man can not only fly or see far away. He is powerful over the time, he can return events, foresee them and prevent tragedy.