TOP-10 of the best treats of Turkish cuisine

The national cuisine of Turkey is a delicious mix of the East Asian-Mediterranean traditions. I want to dwell on the main 10 dishes of the Turkish cuisine , enjoying well-deserved authority among tourists.


  • simit
  • gozleme
  • Mutandzhana
  • Iskander
  • Kofte
  • Turkish stuffed mussels
  • Raw burgers
  • Turkish omelet
  • baklava and lokum
  • Tea and coffee


No breakfast in the best hotels in Turkey is not without simit - a kind of bagel with sesame seeds, which is eaten with jam or cheese. Simite can be large, maybe with drying. Buying a voucher to Turkey involves mandatory tasting of this bagel.


The accessories of pure Turkish cuisine is gözleme - flat cake with filling. Such a flat cake is baked in a special frying pan and is filled, as a rule, with spinach, seafood, cheese, minced meat or eggs - how the cook's imagination works.


A special flavor is the mutton meat, cooked with dried fruits, - mutanjana. Lamb can be replaced with lamb - it does not in the least distort the taste of this unusual dish. The main thing is to ensure that the products are fresh.


A popular type of kebab is the finder - thin slices of lamb meat, stewed with chopped cake, butter and yogurt. By purchasing hot tours to Turkey, take the opportunity to taste the best dishes of the country.


Each region of Turkey disputes its recipe for cooking special meatballs - köft. Preferably this dish is prepared from mutton or ground beef with the addition of onion, red pepper and garlic.

Turkish stuffed mussels

A special dish, quite spicy and poured with lemon juice, but very popular with tourists and locals alike. An important property of stuffed mussels is their utility and satiety.

Raw cutlets

A peculiar taste of Turkish raw cutlets seasoned with spices. According to folk customs, mincemeat for such cutlets should be kneaded only by a man. The purchase of a voucher to Turkey will provide an opportunity to taste a vegetarian variety of raw cutlets - from bulgur.

Turkish omelet

Eggs, tomatoes, onions and peppers are the main ingredients of the Turkish omelette, however, as elsewhere. You can add cheese and ham - the dish will become more satisfying.

Baklava and lokum

Sweetmongers have long appreciated the unsurpassability of Turkish baklava( dishes from puff pastry with walnuts or pistachios soaked in sugar, lemon juice and rose water) and lukuma( dessert made from sugar with flour and starch, as well as with any nuts).

Tea and coffee

And a separate item of the Turkish menu, of course, are Turkish coffee and tea. A real Turkish coffee is brewed invariably in a Turk. Unforgettable hot tours to Turkey - and Turkish coffee, including, with real foam, the beverage and coffee grounds. Penka, by the way, preserves for a long time the aroma of varieties of this drink. Cooking coffee is best in a copper or silver Turkish( quite expensive).

Tea from the Turks - a favorite drink. Brew it in a two-tiered teapot and serve in small glass cups. And the Turks prefer their small-grated tea, grown on the Black Sea coast.

Hospitable Turks are always ready to offer tourists the best masterpieces of their cuisine. As a rule, eating is one of the important components of rest in another country, so feel free to taste and enjoy! Bon Appetit!