Anthony Hopkins - the best films with his participation

British and American actor Philip Anthony Hopkins has managed to appear in more than 100 films throughout his professional career. The legendary "villain" of the most successful art films is the owner of "Oscar", two "Emmy" and four awards BAFTA .The greatest popularity of the movie star was brought by three paintings: "Silence of the Lambs" "Hannibal" and "Red Dragon", where he played the role of a genius psychopath and cannibal - Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

But not only for these three films is known Anthony Hopkins - the best films with his participation are presented below.


Rite 2011

" Rite "( 2011) opens the rating of the best paintings with Anthony Hopkins, where he played the role of a holy father and exorcist. One of the skeptical students of the theological seminary is sent to the Vatican to St. Lucas, who will teach him exorcism. The young man does not believe in the presence of otherworldly power in the real world. And only after he becomes a mentor exorcist, a young man begins to believe in an inexplicable and unreasonable logic. He himself witnesses terrible paranormal phenomena.


Legends of the Fall 1994

" Legends of the Fall "( 1994) is among the top ten most successful films with a popular American actor. In this picture, Hopkins will play the role of a retired colonel and father of three sons. The picture tells about the Ludlow family. In the center there are three inseparable brothers, their father and an insanely beautiful fatal woman, which caused the fundamental changes in the life of each of the men. They are awaited by the horrors of the First World War, love, loss, betrayal and hope.


Hearts in Atlantis 2001

" Hearts in Atlantis "( 2001) is a fantastic drama featuring Anthony Hopkins. In the center of the plot is a young man Bobby Garfield, who discovered the supernormal abilities. It all begins when he, being an 11-year-old boy living with his mother, meets Ted Brutigan. A strange man appeared in the house as a lodger, after the death of the child's father. Between Bobby and Ted there are friendly relations. The boy will soon learn about the psychic abilities of the guest. Ted is hunted by FBI agents to use his gift. Soon, Bobby discovers an extra-sensory gift.


Meet Joe Black 1998

The American picture " Meet Joe Black "( 1998) is among the top ten films with Anthony Hopkins, where he played the role of newspaper tycoon named William Parrish. The story begins with the appearance in the life of the influential tycoon of Death herself, who assumed the appearance of a deceased young man named Joe Black. Tired from the duties of Death takes a vacation to travel the mortal Earth. As a guide to the world of living she chooses William, with whom he concludes the contract. After the holiday, Death will take Parrish with him. Unexpectedly Joe Black falls in love with the tycoon's daughter. After the holidays, Death takes Parrish and leaves Joe to his daughter.


Hitchcock 2012 year

" Hitchcock "( 2012) is a biographical drama about one period from the life of the famous American filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock. In this picture, Anthony Hopkins appears in the role of the master of thrillers. Hitchcock decides to experiment and conducts a black and white picture of "Psycho".In the process of working on the film, Hitchcock will have to peer into the abyss of human consciousness and play on the nerves of the viewer, like on keys, to cause a chilling fear. In addition to professional moments from life, Hitchcock's personal relationship with his wife is also shown.


Elephant man 1980 year

Biographical drama " Elephant "( 1980), based on real events, tells about the fate of John Merrick, who suffered a rare disease. The body of the man was completely disfigured by outgrowths, which he hid under the spacious clothes. He earns his living by serving in the circus as an ugly exhibit. It is there that he finds out the young surgeon Trivz( Anthony Hopkins).He buys Merrick from the owner of the circus, because he is scientifically interested in it. But soon the doctor wakes up compassion for the patient and he leaves him to live in the hospital. There, Merrick will stay till the end of his days.


Fastest Indian 2005 year

The sports drama " The fastest Indian "( 2005) was shot on real events. The main role in this picture was played by Anthony Hopkins. In the center of the plot is New Zealander Bert Monroe, who has been working on improving his old Indian Scout for many long years. Bert has a long-term dream: to go to the races on his iron two-wheeled friend. At the age of 65 he goes to America to participate in the speed race. On the way, he will meet many good-natured people who are ready to come to the aid of an elderly man. The old man not only managed to take part, but also to establish a new record, unattainable by anyone.


Red Dragon 2002

" Red Dragon "( 2002) opens the top three pictures with Anthony Hopkins, where he will play the role of genius villain and psychopath Hannibal Lecter. The main character of the film is FBI agent Will Graham, after the capture of Lecter leaves to work in the Bureau. But the appearance of another serial killer in the city forcing Will again to return to his former service. The new maniac was nicknamed "Tooth Fairy".Psychopath perverts whole families under cover of night and remains unpunished, as it leaves no leading evidence. To get on the trail of a criminal it is necessary to know and understand his psychology. Only Hannibal knows her perfectly, to whom Will appeals for help.


Red Dragon 1990

"Silence of the Lambs"( 1990) - the most successful picture in the professional work of Anthony Hopkins, who brought him the "Oscar" "For Best Actor".Hopkins also plays a cunning maniac, a cannibal and a serial killer - Hannibal Lecter. In America, a psychopath appears, committing a terrible murder. Agent Clarissa Starling is in charge. She decides to meet with a prisoner, a former doctor of psychiatry-Hannibal Lecter. He agrees to help her, but on the condition that Clarissa will dedicate it in history concerning her personal life. There is a strange psychological connection between the psychopath and the FBI agent. With the help of Lecter, she manages to get on the track of the criminal. In the meantime, the prisoner is running from the detention center.


Hannibal 2001

The criminal thriller " Hannibal "( 2001) is the continuation of the picture "Silence of the Lambs".In this film, Anthony Hopkins will also play a major role. It takes ten years after the events from the first part and the brilliant psychopath again comes into contact with agent Clarissa. He invites the girl to resume their intellectual duel. Hannibal is trying to catch, but all is unsuccessful. He commits another murder and is getting closer to Clarisse.