The fastest browsers for Windows 7

Readers are presented the best and fastest browsers for W indows 7 .


Slim Browser

Slim Browser opens the top ten fastest browsers for Windows. The program has a built-in pop-up blocker that works on the specified profiles( there is a possibility to restore windows that are not closed properly), there is support for "lightweight" search in the main search services, autocomplete forms, automatic input of logins and passwords, there is an opportunity "on the fly" to correct errors inscripts, own download manager, support for changing skins and many more useful functions. The Windows 9x family since version 6.0 is not supported, only version 7.0 is available.


SRWare Iron

SRWare Iron is a fast browser for Windows 7 from German developers. The main reason for its appearance is the fact of tracking user actions by Google Chrome browser. SRWare Iron does not do anything like that. Iron uses the latest versions of WebKit and V8, while Google Chrome uses stable versions of these engines. You can also note the presence of the Iron ad blocking function.


Tor Browser

Tor Browser is one of the best browsers for Windows 7. The modified version of the famous fox Firefox has become the most reliable and confidential browser of our time. New "onion browser", allows you to hide the IP address, and other, personal information of the user from prying eyes. Earlier, in order to install the Thor, it was necessary to have a special knowledge that ordinary PC and laptop users were too tough for. Now the installation process is simplified. However, the installation of the "onion browser" is still different from the usual Opera, Yandex, etc. Thor allows you to hide user data, but it spends a lot of effort on it, resulting in a slight decrease in its performance. In comparison with other browsers, it has slower page loading and data transfer. The principle of Tor's operation is not the encryption of data, but the redirection of data through virtual networks. This allows you to hide your data from various services and unscrupulous advertisers.



Amigo is a Russian browser, one of the fastest ones that is designed for Windows. Amigo was created from the open source of the browser Chromium, released by Google much earlier. The difference between this product and the original is close integration with social networks, mainly from Mail. Ru Group, and automatic installation as a virus. Currently, there is only one( current) version of "Amigo".The browser is under active development from Mail. Ru. Group.



The K-Meleon takes the sixth place in the list of the fastest browsers for Windows 7. Due to its architecture, K-Meleon is very undemanding in computer resources. In terms of the amount of RAM, it is considered one of the "light" of the current modern browsers. The heart of the Russian chameleon is the Gecko 1.7.12 engine, which is used in Mozilla Suite 1.7.12.From this it follows that the main properties of the display of the pages our animal took from its eminent brother. K-Meleon clearly follows the standards of the W3C, being a very "right" browser. In light of the fact that the level of mastery of Web designers is growing every year, and sites that are displayed correctly only in IE, gradually go into oblivion, we can say that K-Meleon has tremendous omnivorousness. He does not fear sites that use CSS and CSS2 extensively.



Maxthon is one of the most powerful and fastest free browsers for Windows 7. It is developed in China by Maxthon Ltd. Maxthon won the CNET WebWare 100 Awards in 2008 and 2009 and was included in the list of the best products of 2011 according to PCWorld's magazine. Maxthon Ltd follows three main principles: high performance and adherence to quality standards;Advanced browser capabilities, greatly enriching the user experience, especially in comparison with other browsers;continuity of user experience. When you log into your free Maxthon account, each user gets the ability to synchronize their data with other devices in the Cloud, so that they can continue to work with the browser on any of these devices.


Yandex. Browser

Yandex. Browser is the fourth line in the list of the fastest browsers for Windows 7. It is ideal for those who actively use Yandex services. The program is perfectly integrated with them, and the use of Yandex. Browser in this case is very justified. The software is written on the Chromium engine, which means that almost all extensions written for Google Chrome are suitable for it. Try to download a free fast and very convenient Yandex. Browser for Windows 7. If you actively use Yandex services, you will definitely like this browser.


Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox opens the top three most popular and fastest browsers for Windows 7. Instead of providing all the features in the standard delivery, Firefox provides an extension mechanism that allows users to modify the browser according to their requirements. Almost from the beginning of its existence, Firefox is a flexible enough browser with a wide range of settings: the user can install additional themes that change the appearance of the program, plug-ins and extensions, adding new functionality. The browser Mozilla Firefox has received many awards from various organizations.



Opera - one of the fastest browsers for Windows 7. Opera browser provides management tools for people with visual impairments or limited motor abilities: there is voice control and the ability to connect "screen announcers."With the help of various settings, the user can customize the interface to his liking. Opera has several security settings available to the user. One of them is the ability to quickly delete information about visited pages: cleaning cookies, history and cache. During its existence, the version of Opera for personal computers has received a number of awards from print publications and web resources.


Google Chrome

Google Chrome - the most powerful and fastest browser for Windows 7 to date. It was developed by Google on the basis of the free browser Chromium and the Blink engine. According to statistics, Chrome uses about 300 million Internet users, which makes it the most popular browser in the world. All versions of Chrome support Windows. Google Chrome aims to improve security, speed and stability. Chrome periodically downloads updates from two blacklists and warns the user when they try to visit a malicious site. Google Chrome uses a high-performance engine JavaScript JavaScript V8.Also, to speed up the loading of pages, Google Chrome can use pre-read DNS.