Interior of one-room apartment: TOP top ideas

It's no secret that one-room apartments are the most popular in the housing market. This is not surprising. Such apartments are suitable for young single people, and families who can not afford more expensive housing.

It will not be difficult for those who are still at the repair stage to think about all the small things and organize the space in the best possible way to settle in a small apartment with comfort. And here are a few tips from our designers, who in fact have proven time and again that even in the most "unfortunate" apartment tenants can create an equally cozy, stylish and maximally functional interior.

  • Idea # 1: use the whole space of the hallway
  • Idea # 2: take a closer look at the option of creating an
  • studio apartment. Idea 3: do not abandon the bed to save space
  • Idea 4: use the space of a balcony or loggia
  • Ideally 5: do not give up things, arrange them in the apartment space correctly
    • Idea for innovators: make "second floor"

Idea # 1: use the whole space of the hallway

The idea of ​​the interior of a one-room apartment is to take into account the consumptionspine of all people living in the apartment and at the same time as much as possible to make room spacious and bright. And what is most "stealing" space? Naturally, a massive and roomy cabinet. And what about without it. ...

To free space in the living room, you will have to use the space of the hall to the maximum. There you can place a stylish wardrobe with mezzanines, shelves, offices for everyday and outerwear, other necessary things.

If desired, in the hallway, you can "evict" the refrigerator or washing machine, which can also be successfully "fit" in the closet. The small costs of transporting the sockets and water supply will make it possible to free space not only in the room, but also in the kitchen, the dimensions of which in one-room apartments are often small.

The refrigerator can be purchased and built-in, if there is not a single extra centimeter of the area in the hallway.

Idea number 2: take a closer look at the option of creating an apartment-studio

The entrance hall and a small corridor to the kitchen are a few square meters that can be used more rationally. Naturally, when several people live in an apartment, one common space at all can cause discomfort due to the inability to retire. But one resident or a young family may like this option.

The interior of a studio apartment in the studio format requires the allocation of main areas( kitchen, bedroom, dining room and others) due to the color, texture and type of finishing materials used for walls and floor, lighting, various partitions.

Curtains can be used instead of partitions.

And if there is a desire to do something unusual, ultrafashionable and functional at the same time, the partition between the zones can be made rotary.

At the same time on the partition you can place a TV or even a bookshelf.

Also as a partition you can use a cabinet. If you correctly position the wardrobe in the space, you can save space and space for zoning.

Idea 3: Do not give up the bed to save space

A comfortable bed with a quality orthopedic mattress is the comfort we need every day. Also in many respects it is the health of the spine. In this regard, to deny yourself the comfort in order to make room for other necessary things and furniture, is inexpedient. It is much better and more useful to choose such interior design options for a one-room apartment that will allow you to place a bed and other important needs to satisfy.

The options to combine business with pleasure are many. Increasingly, designers offer this option: instead of a cumbersome and non-functional bed, you can use the podium, which will also be a place for storing things.

The bed can be placed in a closet.

Idea 4: use the space of the balcony or loggia

wisely Loggia can be attached to the main room. This allows you to place furniture on a larger area, as well as make the premises more light.

Also on the loggia you can draw up a recreation area where, if necessary, you can retire or, on the contrary, settle with friends so as not to interfere with the rest of the tenants of the apartment.

Idea 5: do not give up things, arrange them in the apartment space correctly

Very often, when talking about the organization of space in a small apartment, "experts" in the field of interior design are authoritatively recommended to throw everything superfluous, get rid of junk. However, not all things that surround us, rubbish. Very often these things are a reflection of our inner nature and uniqueness. Very often, these things are needed from time to time for sports or other useful activities. In this regard, take and throw everything away - this is not an option.

To ensure that all the necessary things are always at hand, but at the same time lay in their places and do not create a sense of disorder, you need to decide on the way they are stored.

The simplest option is to use containers. Such containers we often use to store children's toys. So why not use them for your own things?

Convenience of containers in that they can be signed, marked with color or any other way to designate a category of things that are collected in this particular container.

To shelter people with a lot of books and papers can shelves located on the walls. An unusual place for the shelf will make the interior more interesting and original.

You can place bulk down or sintepon blankets, pillows and other bulky items in special niches in the couch, ottoman or bed. And if we talk about the bed, it will be more preferable to have a special lifting mechanism than the usual scarves.

This bed is, in fact, another closet, only located horizontally.

Idea for innovators: make "second floor"

This option is suitable for owners of apartments with high ceilings. On the second floor most often have a double bed or a place to sleep a child.

As you can see, in a small one-room apartment there is enough space for several people and all the necessary things. You just need to know how to arrange everything wisely.