Overview of smart XRide glasses - Bluetooth headset for sports, communication, music

I want to believe that together with the Olympics in Russia, the fashion for sports, active sport will return. Already today on the streets of cities you can see a noticeably increased number of cyclists, skaters, and roller skaters. In addition, the population is actively beginning to take an interest in and use smart electronics. The market of wearable gadgets has considerably grown stronger in 2015 and has found the admirers.

And what if you combine love for novelties of electronics and sports? No, these are not future friends. It's real! To ride a bicycle in sunglasses you can now listen to music, making calls, with absolutely free hands and without risk to tear the wires-headphones.

Today we offer a brief review of smart glasses XRide - a fashion accessory that combines sunglasses and a Bluetooth-headset.


The first impression of the appearance of the gadget: a typical product with Aliexpress, but this is only the first impression. Having twisted in his hands and trying on an accessory, he seemed to me very promising.

Perhaps this form of glasses does not suit everyone, but for the convenience of use, some will definitely go for aesthetic sacrifices. But about ergonomics a bit later. ..

The plastic frame with soft-touch coating does not seem massive, and is equipped with neat lens mounts. The lens itself is one-piece and also made of plastic. And do not be confused by the abundance of plastic parts, because modern materials are durable and wear-resistant.

By the way, the manufacturer offers as an option a transparent lens "chameleon" for the dark time of the day and I would advise to order it right away.

Both lenses protect against harmful UV rays, and the polarization effect will especially appeal to the fishermen and will allow catching "in the eye".This effect is easily verified using the supplied tester.

At the first fitting, the glasses "sat down" not in the best way, and the regulation of the nasal pads seemed a dangerous adventure. The thing is that the material of their fastening is not very similar to metal and breaking it seems like a futile affair. Armed with the instruction we learn that the adjustment is provided and with a tremor in the hands, gently unbend a little wider. Great, now the glasses sit like family. Adjust for the second and third time it seemed not so scary.

Features and functionality

type Bluetooth Stereo
communication range 10m
Weight 30 g
Hours 4 hours
charging time 1 h
answer / call completion yes
Voice Dialing yes
Repeat number yes
Listening to music up to 4 hours
Interchangeable lenses yes( option)

In the temporal region of the right arch there is a control unit in the form of a rocker switch, a micro-usb port, a microphone hole and a charging /device.

The rocker is responsible for turning on the device, pairing with the phone and adjusting the volume.

The micro-usb port serves not only for charging, but also for connecting headphones, which are bundled with two types: mono and stereo. The size of the liners is average, but there are no replaceable silicone nozzles of other sizes in the kit.

Under the XRide logo on the left handle, the touch control module is hidden, its functions:

  • short touch to stop / pause playback;
  • hold forward / backward - previous / next song respectively;
  • hold forward / backward at the time of the incoming call - reject / reply.

To control the voice, hold the finger for about 2 seconds. The function works correctly on iPhone and Samsung smartphones. On my Sony Xperia Z, voice control did not work.

It should be noted that all touches are recognized correctly, and it is not difficult to get a finger to the desired area, thanks to a special form in the form of a small cavity.

Separately I want to note the sound quality of headphones, it is quite suitable not only for conversations, but also for comfortable listening to music. But this is of course only if you are not an exacting music lover.

Headphones are kept firmly and from the side it all looks quite aesthetic.

Package Contents and Prices

What really pleased with the first minutes of acquaintance with the glasses, so this is their bundle. Not every branded product is so "packaged".

The glasses are placed in a very comfortable and high-quality bag pouch, removable lens( option) in plastic packaging, headphones - in a zip-package. The box also contains an instruction in Russian, a test card and a cloth for wiping the lenses. The USB charging cord is flat, and I must say it gives personality.

Review of prices for smart XRide glasses showed that you can buy them for 4 000 rubles ( at the time of writing) in the official online store of the manufacturer or for the same money in stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Analysis of a few online reviews of the company and the product allows you to conclude that smart points are to the liking of buyers.

Whether this accessory can become popular on the Russian market, time will tell. We liked it and it will certainly be used.

Smart XRide glasses for review and testing are provided by the manufacturer XRide Electronics.