Top-10 cities in Russia in terms of budget expenditure per person

Ilya Varlamov, a cyclist activist and part-time blogger, known for his joint trips with Putin and a subtle sense of style, set out to answer the age-old question: "Who is good in Russia?"To do this, he took data on the city budget and divided by the number of residents, counting on the figure( in thousands of rubles for one resident) to show which city is richer and which is poorer.

The poorest city was Makhachkala, there is no more than 10,000 "budget" rubles per city dweller. And which city turned out to be the richest, you will learn from the top 10 Russian cities sorted by the budget expenditure per person .


  • 10. Tyumen
  • 9. Novokuznetsk
  • 8. Severodvinsk
  • 7. Gelendzhik
  • 6. Khimki
  • 5. Surgut
  • 4. Khanty-Mansiysk
  • 3. St. Petersburg
  • 2. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
  • 1. Moscow

10. Tyumen

Tyumen is one of the fastest growing cities in Russia. In the budget for each resident of Tyumen is provided for 29 thousand rubles. Perhaps, such a nice-looking figure was due to low salaries of state employees and accumulation of tax collections. In 2016, Tyumen will host the World Swimming Championships and biathlon World Cup stages.

9. Novokuznetsk

The large industrial center of Siberia according to Forbes magazine( Russian edition) occupies the 13th position among the 30 best Russian cities for doing business. The ratio of the budget to the number of residents is 29 thousand rubles.

8. Severodvinsk

For each resident in the budget Severodvinsk laid down 32 thousand rubles. Since 2001, the city has been implementing the concept of strategic development thanks to injections from the federal budget, reconstruction of roads, engineering infrastructure and support of large city-forming shipbuilding and ship repair enterprises. How well a single citizen lives in this is a big question.

7. Gelendzhik

One of the best sea resorts in Russia. The population of the city is 109 251 people, at the same time 36 thousand rubles of budget money per capita. According to the contribution to the budget, the resort and tourist complex is leading, followed by trade, catering, science and construction.

6. Khimki

The crisis with a free area in Moscow led to the conclusion of a large number of commercial facilities in the near Moscow, and since the beginning of the new century Khimki became a district of mass residential development. Now one of the largest satellite cities in Moscow can afford to spend on a resident of 39 thousand rubles. And according to the results of the study of the magazine "The Secret of the Firm" Khimki took the first place among 164 Russian cities - and even the scandal with the Khimki forest is not a hindrance.

5. Surgut

Per capita accounts for 64 thousand rubles of the city's budget. Surgut is a powerful industrial center, in which the headquarters of the largest private companies, oil and gas and energy sales companies are located, the world's largest thermal power station is located and the average monthly salary is 68.7 thousand rubles.

4. Khanty-Mansiysk

The ratio of budget / resident in this city is 71 thousand rubles. Alas, the bulk of revenues to the local budget( personal income tax) decreased by 13.8% compared to the previous year, which is the result of the fall of the ruble in 2015.The main part of the expenditure part - and this is 45% - goes to finance education.

3. St. Petersburg

The northern capital takes an honorable third place in the rating and "spends" 79 thousand rubles on the resident. Because of the crisis, spending on holidays, festivals and conferences was cut this year, so the city hopes to save up to 30 million rubles.

2. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

The ratio of budget / number of residents in the administrative center of the Sakhalin Oblast is 110 thousand rubles( by comparison, the same figure in the capital of Spain, Madrid, is most by a thousand rubles).True, the population of the city is relatively small - only 192,780 inhabitants.

1. Moscow

Any resident of Russia can easily guess who will take the leading position in the ranking of cities with the largest budget spending per inhabitant. Of course, this is Moscow! For the sake of interest, the budget of the Russian capital can be compared with the costs of a number of European capitals. The budget / number of residents in Moscow is 122 thousand rubles, in London this figure is 135 thousand rubles, in Paris - 297 thousand rubles, in Berlin - 514 thousand rubles, and the record holder in this plan, New York - 593 thousand. rubles.

Nevertheless, in 2015 Moscow is recognized as the most developed megapolis of the world according to the version of PricewaterhouseCoopers.