Top 5 technological novelties of the week

Weekly manufacturers of high-tech products surprise and please us with new products. Keep track of the announcements of all devices and programs is not easy, and to choose really worthy is even more difficult.

In our today's Top-5 technological novelties of the week presents the most interesting of the world of technology according to the version of the portal A tablet, headphones, a huge TV, an operating system and even a flying bicycle were presented by the developers to the public by the end of June this year.


  • 5. Surface tablet from Microsoft
  • 4. 90-inch LED TV Aquos from Sharp
  • 3. Flying bike FBike
  • 2. Operating system Windows Phone 8,
  • 1. Noise-Canceling headphones Fanny Wang 3003 Noise-Canceling

5. Tablet Surface from Microsoft

is positioned as a competitor of the "apple" iPad. According to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Surface is the first of a whole family of tablet computers that will be released in the near future. At the presentation, two versions of the technological novelty were shown. The first is running Windows RT, weighs about 680 g and has a thickness of 9.3 mm. Noteworthy is the best among the existing on the market tablets support WiFi - antenna 2 × 2 MIMO.Using special magnets, you can attach a 3 mm thick Touch Touch keyboard to the tablet. The second version is larger than its colleague - 910 g with a thickness of about 14 mm. This modification will work under OS Windows 8 Pro. If the younger version has 32 or 64 GB of internal memory, then the older one offers 128 GB.The beginning of sales will have to wait more than one week - it is planned for autumn. And the younger model will start selling for 3 months before the older one.

4. 90-inch LED TV Aquos from Sharp

has the world's largest diagonal. The novelty has a height of 120 cm, with a thickness of 12.7 cm. The weight of the device is 63.5 kg. Portable television is not exactly called, but experts highly appreciated the image quality. The Full HD display has a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels and is characterized by energy efficiency, consuming only 75 watts. To view movies in 3D, a pair of glasses comes with the TV.The declared cost of the technological masterpiece is $ 11,000.It is likely that he will have success as an advertising medium or mini-cinema and will take place in the top of the best TVs of the year.

3. Flying bike FBike

- technological breakthrough, announced by Czech engineers. Six rotors, revolving with electric motors, make a normal bike ride into an exciting flight. While this is only a concept, but the production of the first prototype is scheduled for August this year. The principle of movement on earth does not differ from the usual for all of us. However, when you press the switch FBike soars into the air with the passenger. The truth is effective to take off in the process of motion will not work - the rise is possible only from a static state. The stable position of the FBike in flight will be controlled by position sensors, gyroscopes and accelerometers. It is unlikely that this vehicle will ever go into mass production, but the enthusiasm of the Czech "Kulibin" deserves a place in our today's Top-5.

2. Operating system Windows Phone 8,

announced last week, is designed to convince users that Microsoft has fixed all the technological flaws, taking into account the experience of Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 7.5.Smartphones running previous versions of the OS, while not sold very actively. The novelty will go into the series on devices from Samsung, HTC, Huawei and Nokia. Users should evaluate the new screen resolutions - 1280 × 720 and 1280 × 768, support for multi-core processors and micro-SD cards, an updated interface and IE10 browser. Windows Phone 8 is probably the most anticipated among the new products of our Top 5.

1. Noise Canceling Headphones Fanny Wang 3003 Noise-Canceling

- a rescue for those who try to enjoy their favorite music or film in a noisy room. Designer David Adam assures that no extraneous sound will penetrate through the system of "abolition of extraneous sounds".Each earphone cup has two microphones - outside and inside. The built-in electronics analyzes the information coming from the microphones, and then modulates the sound to protect the listener from external noise as much as possible. The manufacturer guarantees clipping of 95% of extraneous sounds. Like all previous models from Fanny Wang, the novelty of the week perfectly sits, does not press on either the ears or the top. And the material is so durable that the headphones can almost completely unbend without any damage. Professionals claim that the noise reduction system still brings some artificiality to the sound, but for those who often happen in noisy places - it's just a godsend. By the way, suppression of extraneous sounds can be turned off simply by turning the lever.