Rating of the best coffee grinders for a house in 2015

Coffee grinder is a kitchen appliance intended for grinding coffee beans, and, if necessary, spices, nuts and seeds. A hand grinder with a rotating handle was invented in the 15th century by the Arabs, and electric appeared much later - in Ohio in the late 1800s.

We present to you the best coffee grinders for the home of 2015. The rating is based on reviews and comprehensive statistics of popularity among Russian Internet users collected by the resource E-Katalog. It did not include manual coffee grinders. Among them, many good models, but those who drink more than two cups of coffee a week, soon get bored with grinding coffee by hand.


  • 5. Vitek VT-1541
  • 4. Supra CGS-530
  • 3. Moulinex AR105
  • 2. De'Longhi KG 79
  • 1. Bosch MKM 6000

5. Vitek VT-1541

This model has a capacity of 113 gIt is equipped with automatic grinding adjustment, interlocking with the cover removed and protection against overheating. The off timer allows you to process not the entire volume of coffee beans, but only a portion, for 1-2 servings. Ground coffee is provided with a separate container. Due to its small dimensions( height - 22.5 cm, width - 8 cm), the coffee grinder can be easily hidden when not in use. Its disadvantages include low power - 120 watts. It is worth Vitek VT-1541 from 1088 rubles and above.

4. Supra CGS-530

The capacity of this coffee grinder is smaller than that of the previous model. It is 60 grams, enough for 7-8 cups of coffee. But the power is higher( 200 W), so with the work of the Supra CGS-530 is faster and better suited for grinding solid products. The developers have equipped it with a device for winding the cord and automatic locking the inclusion with the lid removed. The device operates in a pulsed mode, designed to handle very solid products. Its cost is 748 rubles and more.

3. Moulinex AR105

A small "home" model with a capacity of 50 g and a power of 180 watts will be the best New Year's gift. It has a timer that acts as a regulator of the degree of grinding. The longer the grinder works, the smaller the grinding. In a set with a coffee grinder there is a capacity for grinding the product. The price for Moulinex AR105 starts from 1590 rubles.

2. De'Longhi KG 79

In a 120 g capacity model with a power of 100 W there is a grinding adjustment and a dispenser for 12 cups. It allows you to give out ground coffee in portions. This is convenient if you need to get a certain amount of coffee for a recipe or you need to keep a record of coffee consumption. Another "convenience" is provided with a compartment for the cord and a removable compartment for ground coffee. Price De'Longhi KG 79 - from 1999 rubles and above.

1. Bosch MKM 6000

The rating of the coffee grinders is headed by the model, the best in terms of "price-quality".The capacity of the coffee grinder is 75 g, this is enough for making 10 cups of coffee. Power - 180 Watts. When the Bosch cover is removed, the MKM 6000 does not turn on, and thanks to the large angle of inclination of the bowl, the coffee beans are grinded evenly. You can buy this device for 988 rubles.