Top 5 Best Exercises for a Beautiful Breast

At any age, women want to have a beautiful and tight breasts. But only a few want to make efforts to achieve this goal. Many believe that if you anoint the breast with a miracle cream, then it instantly turns into a seductive and resilient. This is unrealistic. Yes, the cream can slightly tighten it and make the skin more tender and soft, but that's all. If you choose for yourself physical activity, you can not only make the breast more elastic, but also taut. With special exercises, blood circulation in the chest is well stimulated.

We also prepared the most effective exercises for the buttocks.


  • 1. Squeezing from the wall
  • 2. Pressing the bed
  • 3. Hand-grip with dumbbells
  • 4. Squeezing from the floor
  • 5. Hands rest

1. Squeezing from the wall

It's not at all complicated, but its fulfillment is push-upsfrom the wall. To perform, put your hands at the chest level on the wall, keep your legs together, and your back straight. You need to press slowly. Such push-ups must be performed at least ten times and at least three approaches.

2. Bench Press

In case you have free time and financial opportunities, sign up for the gym. It is in the gym that an experienced coach will tell you how to perform a bench press exercise with maximum effect. If you perform ten exercises and at least three approaches, you will soon see the result.

3. Diverting hands with dumbbells

For this exercise, you will need dumbbells and a bench( if you do it at home and you do not have a bench, lie down on the floor).Raise your hands with dumbbells in the sides. Do not hurry. Repeat the exercise at least twenty times for three approaches.

4. Squeezing from the floor

In this exercise, you will need to do push-ups from the floor. For this, stand on your knees, and place your arms on the width of your shoulders. On inhalation, lower as low as possible, and on exhalation rise to the starting position. Do not rush, because the result depends on it.

5. The hand rest

It's not a difficult exercise, but it's quite effective. To do this, flex your arms at the elbows slightly below shoulder level. Hands palm as much as possible into each other and stay in this position for ten seconds, then relax, lower your hands. Repeat the exercise at least ten times.

Before you do the exercises, do a warm-up first. This will help you to protect yourself from injuries. After doing the exercises, also a little razmomnites. While taking a shower, do not forget to do breast massage.

And remember, nothing happens at once. Only regular exercise and proper breast care will help you in achieving such a desired goal.