Rating of the best cameras top-10

Today, the camera is an integral part of many lives. Indeed, it makes our life more interesting and easier, with him we can capture all the brightest moments. However, with today's diversity of the technology market, it is very difficult to understand modern innovations, choosing the optimal combination of price and quality, which is especially important for novice professionals. To assist in the selection and create ratings of the best cameras.

10. Canon EOS 7D body

The camera meets all professional requirements at a price of around $ 1600.Resolution of 18 megapixels, continuous shooting function, intelligent viewfinder, saving time on shooting, all this makes the camera attractive for professionals and amateurs. A new metering system appears, which allows you to measure color and brightness in 63 zones.

9. Canon EOS 550D body

A completely new matrix cleaning system that simultaneously eliminates already appeared dust, repels and prevents its appearance. Measuring the exposure in 63 zones allows new two-layer sensors, the frequency is 30 frames per second, besides, the noise suppression system is improved, all at a fairly low price: from 600 to 1000 $.

8. Canon EOS 60D kit

The monitor has a high enough resolution - 1040,000 points, while it rotates in two planes. In addition, this model has a very convenient menu-it can put the necessary functions, as well as detailed information about charging the battery - the number of remaining frames, the degree of discharge. When recording video, you can set the sound level, and a completely new function - the orientation sensor in space. All this pleasure costs from 1100 to 2000.

7. Nikon D90 body

The camera instantly reacts to your commands: it turns on about 0.15 seconds, the shutter is released in 65 milliseconds. Improved autofocus provides accurate and fast focus, while allowing you to adjust the composition after focusing. It is very convenient that when using photo effects, the original picture remains unchanged, and automatically created copies are changed. The cost ranges from 700 to 1100 $.

6. Nikon D5100 kit

The settings allow you to increase the sensitivity to 25,600 units, as well as a dual matrix cleaning system to achieve the highest quality. The rotary screen makes working with the camera more productive and convenient, while the monitor resolution is 921 000 pixels. At the same time, the price, which can vary from 900 to 1200 $, pleases.

5. Canon EOS 550D kit

There are the same excellent matrix cleaning systems, metering of exposure, present in all EOS.14-bit image processing provides smoother gradation and natural colors. At the same time, Canon continues its tradition of transferring technology from professional lines to less expensive models. For example, in the 550D kit, it is possible to adjust the ISO sensitivity limit, which will allow you to monitor the noise level. There is such a model from 800 to 1200 $.

4. Nikon D3100 kit

The camera is completely easy to use, but it provides high-quality images, while the help function helps you navigate right in the modes, selecting the right one for any situation. The advanced function of D-video raises to a new level of shooting at night, and the small weight of the camera allows to take it with you in any conditions and facilitates the process of shooting. Convenient moment of the menu: when you access it, the first item displayed last opened. The cost of this model varies from $ 600 to $ 900.

3. Nikon Coolpix L120

It's easier now. For all the main functions are dedicated buttons, besides, there is a completely new system of intelligent portrait: the camera takes a picture when the selected person smiles.21x zoom lens, as well as 4 different functions allow you to achieve maximum image clarity. In addition, it strikes an unusually low price for SLR cameras: from $ 250 to $ 350.

2. Canon EOS 60D body

Convenient display with adjustable angle, artistic filters, full choice of the level of control: either entrust the choice of settings to the camera, or completely take control of their hands, make the camera work as productive as possible. In addition, this model has the maximum of the necessary functions for shooting small details and in low light conditions. In the "menu" you can put the most necessary and frequently used sections. The price ranges from 1000 to 1500 $.

  1. Canon EOS 5D Mark II body

The leader of the rating of the best cameras. Lightweight, easy-to-use, protected from various external effects camera, embodied the best features of Canon. The novelty of the model is the CMOS sensor, which allows you to take high-quality images in near-total darkness. Also, the menu function was improved, in which the operational control screen appeared, displaying the most frequently used settings. In addition, in this model, auto-correction of peripheral illumination as well as matrix cleaning system appeared. This model is worth between 2200-4000 $.