Top 5 main requirements for the design of the information leaflet

As we know, the most ordinary version of the text is the information text. It will be much more difficult to write an advertising leaflet. The main thing is to know the nuances of its writing, then you can easily develop leaflets, flyers and other types of printed materials yourself, without resorting to the help of designers. Also, with this work, a copywriter can easily handle.

If you still decide to use the services of specialists, you can do it right here. Leaflets and booklets are perceived negatively by consumers due to the fact that they are everywhere imposed on people: in transport, canteens and cafes, in supermarkets, they are left in mailboxes and distributed on the streets. However, the manufacturer uses similar types of advertising to increase sales, which, accordingly, will lead to increased profits. So, the leaflet has some requirements:


  • 1. Minimum of text
  • 2. The essence of the
  • 3. Do not use "NOT"
  • 4. Simple syllable
  • 5. Offer a discount

1. Minimum text

The text of the leaflet should be minimal,so that the reader, even with a cursory glance, could read it.

2. The essence of the proposal

First, it is necessary to indicate the essence of the proposal. Suppose that you want to notify customers about upcoming discounts on prints and stamps for organizations on the CopiCentre website page. The text should be made clearly and clearly, for example: "fantastic discounts on gold jewelry", so you will designate a group of products and attract more buyers than if the title contained, say, just the phrase "fantastic discounts".

3. Do not use "NOT"

When writing a text, it is not recommended to use the negative particle "not" in the sentence. For example, the offer "Do not miss! Discounts for goods are valid until July 15 "should be replaced by the phrase:" Come! Discounts for goods are valid until July 15. "The fact is that human perception is not arranged simply, the subconscious ignores the particle "not."Thus, distorted information will be stored in the memory, the first sentence will be interpreted as follows: "Skip! Discounts for goods are valid until July 15, "and the consumer simply does not come to your store.

4. Simple syllable of

Phrases should be simple and concise, you do not have to force the client to think - for this he simply has no time, and no desire.

5. Offer discount

It is important to think about what can be done to extend the life of each leaflet. After all, a potential customer can easily throw it away without even reading it. To avoid this, you can, say, notify the buyer that when presenting this leaflet, he will receive a discount on the company's products.

Of course, it is impossible to guarantee a sharp increase in the number of buyers, but correctly located text, photos or images can really improve the result of this type of advertising.