Canon PowerShot A2500 Black

January 30, 2013, Canon announced a novelty in the line of compact digital cameras of entry level Canon PowerShot A2500 Black .A simple and convenient to use camera provides excellent image quality and has a temptingly low price. Its cost in online stores in Ukraine ranges from 800 to 1400 hryvnia, in Russia the average price is 3500 rubles.


  • Contents:
  • Specifications subject
    • Matrix
    • Lens
    • Display
    • shooting Features
    • Features video
    • Extras
    • Dimensions
  • Design
  • functions and management
  • videotape
  • Lens
  • sensitivity
    • Benefits
    • Disadvantages
  • Conclusions


Specificationsspecifications | Design | Functions and Controls | Video recording | Lens | Photosensitivity | Advantages and Disadvantages | Conclusion Technical details


  • Number of effective matrix pixels 18.0 MP
  • Physical size 1 / 2.3 "
  • Matrix type CCD
  • Processor DIGIC 4


  • Diaphragm F2.8 - F6.9
  • Construction of 6 elements in 5 groups
  • Focaldistance 28-140 mm


  • Type color TFT display
  • Resolution in pixels 230 thousand pixels
  • Diagonal 2.7 "

    Features of photography

  • The maximum resolution 4608 × 3456
  • Photosensitivity 100-1600
  • Macro from 3 cm
  • Continuous shooting 0.8 fps
  • Optical zoom 5x
  • Exposure compensation ± 2 EV, in steps of 1/3 EV
  • Focusing modes Intelligent, autofocus, 9-point, fixation and autofocusing, autofocus tracking
  • Exposure 15 -1/2000 with
  • Flash is, from 0.5 to 3 m
  • Timer is
  • Operating time of the timer 2 - 10 with

    Video recording characteristics

  • Video format MOV( H.264)
  • Maximum resolution of the clips 1280х720
  • Maximum frame rate of 25 frames/ s

    DopoAttached Images

  • Image Formats JPEG
  • Type of Memory Card SD, SDHC, SDXC
  • Interfaces USB 2.0
  • Battery Format Li-Ion Battery
  • Battery Capacity 220 photos


  • Dimension 97.7x56x20.9 mm
  • Weight 125 g( with battery and memory card)


The new Canon PowerShot A2500 Black looks and functions little different from its predecessor in the Canon PowerShot A2400 IS lineup.

This camera is equipped with a miniature case made of high-quality materials and having a solid assembly. It is quite comfortable to use even with one hand.

On the front panel there is a lens, a flash and a lamp to illuminate the autofocus.

  • Scenic mode provides photography in accordance with the scene: portrait, landscape, children, fireworks, beach, greenery, snow, animals. Creative effects are also presented in this mode for ease of use. Among them are available artistic settings such as: "fisheye", "miniature", "toy camera", "black and white", "super-bright", "poster effect", "long exposure". The function of calling reference material is made to a separate button. This solution is very convenient to facilitate the work of novice amateur photographers. It provides quick access to the instructions for using the camera. To view the images you have, you need to press the Play button on the rear panel. Then, with the cursor button, go to the left to view all the photos.

    Activating the Eco mode allows you to turn off the display to save battery power. This function is activated automatically if the device is in the standby mode for more than 10 seconds.

    The shutter release button is touch sensitive. Therefore, a light click will be sufficient to create a snapshot. The zoom function is also easy to use. It is performed by turning the zoom control ring located on the top of the camera.

    Canon PowerShot A2500 Black has a built-in flash. It can work in several modes: auto, on, off, slow sync, red-eye reduction. In addition, there are face detection, fixation and intelligent flash exposure compensation. The short flash focus range is from 50 cm to 3.0 m, on the long focus - from 1.0 m to 2.0 m.

    The presented novelty provides excellent quality of images both in macro photography and close-up shots. The minimum shooting distance is 3 cm from the subject. This macro gives excellent results: clear details, bright colors and a good background blur.

    Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 680 mA * h provides the camera with a performance of up to 220 images in normal mode and up to 300 images in economy mode.

    Video recording

    Video recording is performed in HD format with a resolution of 1280х720.The maximum length of the video clip is limited by the time( 29 minutes) and by the amount of memory( up to 4 GB by one file).Some of the creative effects presented during photography can also be used when recording video. These include "miniature", "black and white", "super-bright", "poster", "snow", "fireworks", as well as portrait mode. Optical zoom and focus do not work during video recording, but a smooth digital zoom is available. The sound recording on this novelty is made in mono mode.

    Lens The lens has a range of focal lengths from 28 to 140 mm. At the wide-angle position, the minimum aperture value f2.8 is an excellent indicator for a low-cost version of compact cameras. In conditions of good illumination, the received pictures have excellent color rendering and detailing. Wide-angle lens allows to increase the frame coverage and provides the creation of excellent group pictures and panoramic landscapes. It also has a 5x optical zoom. For greater approximation, you can use a digital 10x zoom with the Zoom Plus function. It ensures the preservation of the sharpness of the zoomed image and its detail.

    One of the drawbacks of the presented model is the absence of optical stabilization. True, it is compensated by the presence of digital stabilization, which ensures its automatic tuning. When conducting photography in good conditions, even at the maximum 5-fold increase, the presence of optical stabilization is not an absolute necessity. But in conditions of poor illumination, its absence adversely affects the quality of the images.


    The novelty is equipped with a 16Mp CCD sensor with sensitivity range from 100 to 1600 ISO units.

    Noise is well controlled at a value of up to ISO 200. ISO 400 is great for shooting in high light conditions. Color reproduction and reproduction of the smallest details in this case are excellent. There are not many compression and grain artifacts, even when viewing the photo on a 100-percent increase. But with an increase in ISO in low light conditions, there is a big loss in the detail of the picture and the presence of color noises. Most of all, they are noticeable in the dark areas of the frame.

    Advantages of

    Disadvantages of

    Convenient menu and easy to manage shooting modes. Low battery capacity.
    Image quality is characterized by excellent color reproduction and sharpness. No optical zoom and focus when taking video.
    Possibility of artistic processing of received images due to various creative modes.
    Presence of digital stabilization function, providing excellent quality and sharpness of photos.


    The Canon PowerShot A2500 Black is an excellent budget option for a compact camera for amateur photography. It is simple and ergonomic in use. A user-friendly and intuitive menu provides easy navigation and configuration of the device's functions.

    The device is equipped with a wide range of automatic modes and art filters. They provide optimum tuning of the device without the need for manual adjustment. Thus, the user receives complete freedom of creativity in the performance of photo and video.

    The wide-angle lens allows panoramic and group photos. Pictures at the same time are characterized by excellent quality, color reproduction and detail. The lack of optical zoom and focus when recording video can be a significant disadvantage for demanding users. But in general, the camera for such a low price performs the functions of autofocusing and digital zoom at a sufficient level.

    You can safely say that the ratio of "price-quality" this novelty is a worthy representative of the Canon family.

  • Software - provides the use of the greatest number of functions, such as setting the frame shooting and the parameters of video shooting, timer, image printing.
  • Live View produces a simple image setup for creating the necessary effects. With it, you can adjust the brightness and contrast, as well as the color saturation.
  • Digital stabilization mode provides clear and sharp pictures. It uses sophisticated stabilization technology, which tracks the movement of the camera when shooting from the hands, in order to automatically obtain the highest quality image.
  • The low light mode ( 4Mp) allows you to get clear pictures in low light conditions.

On the top face is the microphone and speaker holes, the power button, the shutter release, combined with the zoom control ring.

On the back there is a 2.7-inch display. It has excellent horizontal viewing angles, but not so high-quality vertical. To the right of the screen there are buttons for controlling the functions of the device. There are also buttons for viewing snapshots and menus, as well as video recording and help buttons.

On the right side there is a stub, under which the USB-input is hidden, and the ears for fastening the strap.

On the bottom panel is a metal socket for mounting a tripod, compartments for memory cards and a battery with a capacity of 680 mAh.

Functions and Control

Like many entry-level cameras, the novelty presented frees the user from detailed control over the exposure. The aperture in the range from f / 2.8 to f / 6.9 and the shutter speed, from 15 to 1/2000 sec, are set by the camera automatically depending on the lighting conditions and the choice of the scene mode.

The menu access provides access to the main options, such as autofocus, digital zoom, flash, etc. Automatic settings of the device are activated by pressing the AUTO button. But also with its help, when you press the function key, you can access other modes: