The best TV series of 2011-2012

Last year, we introduced visitors to the rating of the most popular TV series 2010-2011, at the moment, the preferences of the audience changed dramatically, which led to significant changes in the list of the best TV series in the world. Today's top of the 10 series is made not by the criterion of popularity, but by the number of votes of the audience and the quality index "IMDb", which more and more reveals truly worthy masterpieces of cinema in an avalanche of constantly released TV series.

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So, the best series of the world , at the beginning of 2012 were:


  • 10.Beautiful amongst their
  • 9.Beathers
  • 8.Podpolnaya empire
  • 7.Spartak: Gods of the arena
  • 6. Fear-majors
  • 5.Black mirror
  • 4.Sherlok
  • 3.Great war
  • 2.Abbatstvo Downton
  • 1.Game of the Thrones

10.Every among their

Missing for 8 years soldier, returnhome from Iraq, but becomes the object of suspicion of the CIA.He is suspected of involvement in terrorist attacks in America.

IMDb: 8.70

9. Bosssters

A series about a large family in which no one can sit still. Therefore, constantly someone gets into ridiculous situations, but comes out of them with humor.

IMDb: 8.50

8.Podpolnaya Empire

America of the twenties, the 20th century - the era of the "Dry Law", but the most enterprising are ready to take advantage of the situation and start clandestine trading in the pursuit of profit.

IMDb: 8.80

7. Spartacus: Gods of the arena

After the death of his father, Batiath takes the reins of government into his own hands and creates an army of gladiators in order to write his name into history. On the way to this, he will not stop at any difficulties.

IMDb: 8.80

6. Fear-majors

Mike Ross independently teaches the basics of jurisprudence to use for mercenary purposes, but after an unsuccessful attempt to sell drugs, accidentally gets to a better lawyer in New York for an interview.

IMDb: 8.90

5.Bright Mirror

In every sense, the most modern series, because it shows through the "black mirror" the change in our reality, through unlimited information flows, rapidly developing technologies.

IMDb: 8.40


This series did not get into the top three because of the 2011 ratings, but after the release of the series on Russian screens in 2012, it took the first line and became the best one at the beginning of this year.

IMDb: 9.00

3. The Great War

The top three world series is proud to open the project of Russian production "The Great War".The audience will see all the most vivid and significant events and battles of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

IMDb: 9.00

2. Downton

Abbey We will talk about the sore subject of inheritance of the family estate and the capital of the count family. The whole tragedy is the sudden appearance of a distant relative of the deceased Count Grantham who was not well known.

IMDb: 9.00

1.Game of the Thrones

Unconditional leader of the rating, due to a significant gap. A series in the style of fantasy, filled with adventures and legends will not let you relax for a second. Increasing voltage will pull you to the next series of viewing more and more.

IMDb: 9.40

This is the updated Top ten of the world's best series of as of 2012.I am glad that now there is a Russian-made project in it.

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