10 best antiviruses of 2017, the rating of programs

The Austrian laboratory AV-Comparatives is an independent organization that regularly conducts testing of antivirus products entering the market, both for personal computers, and for corporations and mobile phones. The laboratory experts say that they use the most complete, the most modern and the most complex tests in testing. A product that "survived" such a test can rightly be considered the best antivirus of 2017 .Ten antiviruses recognized by AV-Comparatives as products of the highest quality for the last year are presented to your attention.

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  • 10. QuickHeal
  • 9. AVG
  • 8. Avast
  • 7. F-Secure
  • 6. Emsisoft
  • 5. ESET
  • 4. ThreatTrack
  • 3. "Kaspersky Lab"
  • 2. Bitdefender
  • 1. AVIRA


Opens the list of the top ten antivirus programs in 2017, the product of the Indian computer company - the antivirus QuickHeal. Although the quality of the work of Indian programmers has already become a common name, this antivirus is quite suitable and will successfully rid the computer of worms, viruses and other unpleasant surprises.

9. AVG

Following the Hindus are the Czechs. AVG Antivirus - the brainchild of the Czech company AVG Technologies, can scan files, mail and is able to monitor the operation of the computer in 24/7 mode.

This antivirus has a free version, which can be used indefinitely for almost no damage to the functionality. The possibilities like anti-spam and firewall are cut off, but surfing the Internet can be completely calm.

8. Avast

The main advantages of Avast - a small load on the computer and a high scanning speed. In addition, it is completely and completely free. Avast will take care of the security of online purchases, check email for viruses and Trojans, scan suspicious applications. And gamers will appreciate another Avast feature - disabling Windows system alerts before the game ends."Avast" sags in the ranking in several categories - removing malware and identifying this most malicious software in the files.

7. F-Secure

Finnish guys take the best from the computer developments of other countries. Until 2010, they used the kernel from Kaspersky, and then switched to BitDefender in combination with their own notions. Despite the fact that F-Secure is positioned as a regular antivirus, it also has a firewall, a spam filter, even its own VPN.Although it does not completely protect against downloading the content of malicious sites, it effectively resolves it afterwards.

6. Emsisoft

The sixth place in the rating of antiviruses in 2017 receives an Austrian product based on its own development - Emsisoft. It can protect the user's computer from common viruses, trojans and spyware, but also blocks access to dangerous sites, checks all executable files and the progress of already known programs - do they do anything criminal? According to the developers, users will not even feel the load on the system from the anti-virus.


And the fifth among the best antiviruses is called ESET.People who were present at the birth of the Russian Internet probably remember the antivirus NOD32 - one of the most popular antiviruses on the border of the twenty-first century. Bratislava scientists continue to work now, and in late 2016 released a new version of ESET NOD32 Internet Security. It is able to protect your computer from network threats, and the camera - from unauthorized connection. In addition, according to the developers, the program almost does not "eat" computer resources.

4. ThreatTrack

American company ThreatTrack Security specializes in protecting companies from threats, attacks and spyware. Antivirus Vipre offers a large set of additional services - checking mail, websites and even Facebook pages, and also clears the history of visited sites and other traces of user activity in Windows. However, when testing for detection and blocking of suspicious and malicious software, the antivirus showed average results.

3. "Kaspersky Lab"

The third place in the ranking of the best antiviruses in 2017 is Kaspersky Lab. However, AV-Comparatives specialists note that the results of the first three - Kaspersky Lab, Bitdefender and AVIRA - were so similar that Austrian scientists even had to enter a special category for them called "Outstanding Products".Kaspersky has solutions for all tastes, from private computers to large corporate networks, from simple home-based antivirus to software for storing passwords, for smartphones and tablets, and even protecting children from Internet hijacking.

2. Bitdefender

The second place in the antivirus program in 2017 is the product of the Romanian company, whose antivirus engine is in first place in the number of licenses sold - it is used by many companies around the world when developing their own antivirus software. There are protection options for personal computers, mobile devices, corporate networks. Antivirus from Bitdefender, including its free version, provides real-time scanning and protection, virus monitoring, malware detection and neutralization, as well as Web protection and anti-rootkit. And all this at work requires very few resources of the system thanks to the technology of SmartScan.


And the best anti-virus of 2017 in the ranking is AVIRA from the German company of the same name. This program received the best scores for all indicators - detection of viruses, performance, real-time protection and removal of malware. The antivirus has both a free version for private use, and a paid one, which, however, differs from free only by web protection and mail checking. Moreover, with the help of AVIRA you can even find a lost phone or block it in case of danger.