Interesting ratings of 2016: results of the year, expert opinions

The outgoing year is one of the brightest and richest events in the 21st century. He was full of surprises, especially politically.

Results of 2016

Results of voting on the exit of Britain from the European Union and the results of the presidential race in America forced many to reconsider their views on the will of the middle class, and also showed how tired people are of tolerance. And at the same time many old and not very secret secrets in the mines of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump erupted. For example, Hillary expensive cost a scandal using a home mail server for official confidential correspondence.

In the world of stars the "Brangelins" divorce became a sensation, a couple who for many years was a model of a happy and beautiful family. It turned out that many children( Angelina and Breda had 6 children) often had scandals, nannies changed like gloves, and Angelina suffered from anorexia and outbreaks of aggression. And while Jolie was engaged in family affairs, other famous actors delighted the audience with interesting novelties of the movie of 2016.Take the same "Deadpool" with Ryan Reynolds, who can not be watched by children because of bloody and frank scenes, but which thousands of adult viewers loved for their magnificent, albeit black, humor. Among the best films of the year were "Fantastic Beasts and Their Habitats" from the Harry Potter universe and "Doctor Strange" with ex-Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch. Among books, best-selling books continue to be best-selling books, which have been screened. Of the series, a lot of praise reviews deserved the "Game of Thrones", which year after year pleases the audience with dashing twists of the plot and unexpected deaths of the main characters.

In the field of sports, the most scandalous and politicized for many years was the Summer Olympics in Rio. Among the most discussed events were: the removal of almost a third of the Russian national team from the Games, the frank accompaniment of the organizers of the Olympics to American athletes( they were allowed to re-run the relay because of the allegedly lost by the fault of rivals stick), a joint photo of athletes of South and North Korea. And the International Paralympic Committee forbade the Russians to participate in the Paralympic Games, after which Russia decided to arrange alternative games.

Forecasts for 2017

2017 promises to be no less generous for interesting novelties in the world of cinema( we recommend our list of the most anticipated films of 2017), politics and show business.

Of the expected automotive in 2017, it is worth noting domestic LADA XRAY Cross with the all-wheel drive version and Kia Soul in 2017, which entered the best SUVs and crossovers in the version of Car and Driver.

In terms of technology, in 2016 a number of high-quality phones entered the rating of the best smartphones in 2016; in the new year, the number of the most expected smartphones includes the Apple iPhone with a screen that completely fills the front surface( although this is only rumored), as well as smartphones with 4K-displays and the possibility of contactless payments. Will gadget manufacturers be able to surprise us with new solutions, as they say, time will tell.

Rating of Russia in the international arena, the opinion of experts

This year was also rich in the ratings of countries. We will pay special attention to the position of Russia in international ratings.

Russia's position in international rankings:

  • 40th place in the ranking of countries for doing business( version of the World Bank)
  • 52 place for Freedom House
  • 95 place in the ranking of prosperous countries( Legatum Institute)
  • 126th place in the charity rating( Charity Aid Foundation )
  • 8th place at the cost of gasoline( Bloomberg)
  • 55( last) place in the health rating( Bloomberg)

We asked the experts to comment on this state of affairs and give their assessment.

Vadim Gorzhankin, head of the PR agency Red Word.

"In most ratings, Russia takes places clearly below those places that could be considered objective. At the same time, often the former republics of the USSR, which support the course of distance from Russia and rapprochement with the European Union and the United States, show very impressive figures. We are talking about such countries as Georgia, Estonia, Ukraine, etc. Which clearly speaks about the high level of engagement of many rating projects. This applies not only to ratings, but also to various awards. Suffice it to recall that US President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.Although one should not be surprised, it should be, given the current international situation. ยป

Elena Rumyantseva, President of the Center for Economic Policy and Business, Doctor of Economics, Professor.

"International ratings are still subjective assessments that depend on the information collected, the methods of analyzing it, the level of competence, the knowledge of their authors and the pressures, bribery, interested in high places of the parties or the prevailing ideology.

In the conditions of corruption and the consequences of raider seizures successfully working in the Soviet era, at the beginning of enterprise restructuring, the context of the success of a business that merged with corruption, which does not fail to provide inexplicable preferences to competitors, will not be pursued with superfluous checks, will not be paid by bribe-takerssmall to large. Shrinking due to underpayments of wages and targeted social assistance, devaluating the accumulation of millions of people and moral foundations( eternal moral values), the prevailing corruption leads away from even discussion of the decline in the standard of living for the majority of the population inside the country as currently of little significance for the development strategy of the issueits integrated form), while in international rankings the standard of living is constantly evaluated from different sides so that in this way once again provide a lock actionzhaemym data corruption.

With all the reservations about the degree of subjectivity-objectivity, international ratings, at the same time, allow us not to stumble on the spot in the face of the devaluation of millions of people's labor and the presentation of unrealistic, highly pre-colored data on reality in various indicators, which, we repeat, in Russia,are evaluated and comprehensively not considered: the last place in the health rating( and in Russia, if you believe in propaganda, everything is good with medicine, only citizens become sick more often, but the paradox liesin that the Russian medicine in terms of its level of development is generally progressive, and the organization of medical aid is ineffective), lower positions in the rating of charity( and in Russia, according to propaganda, almost all public figures - philanthropists in their intentions)but also a low level of freedom on the Internet - a powerful ideological resource alternative to corruption( apart from, of course, the threat of terrorist attacks, but in the Russian defense of the Internet from terrorism, everything is not so positively unambiguous, effective and effectivelo).The 8th place in the cost of gasoline is also a serious signal of the deterioration of the living standards in the country, but also the result of planned actions, manifested in the application of ever new ways of withdrawing funds from the population in favor of narrow groups - the beneficiaries of such redistribution of numerous financial flows. Therefore, the high-ranking countries have not yet reached the high positions, but they will not be able to form themselves without any significant efforts of the competent parties. "