Top 10 best sewing machines for home

Sewing machines are divided into three types: mechanical, electrical and computer. Electromechanics is characterized by a relatively low price and is more for small home repairs. As for models with computer control, they are designed for both professional and home use. The price policy of them is quite different and is several times higher.

The rating includes the best sewing machines for the house of all types of management.


Janome 419S / 5519

Janome 419 S / 5519 is the best electromechanical machine designed for dense types of fabrics. The model is equipped with an automatic needle threader. It behaves well during work: it is almost noiseless, does not vibrate and smoothly sews. The number of sewing operations for the Janome 419 S / 5519 is 19. The average price for a sewing machine is 12,000 rubles.


Brother INNOV-'IS 10 24 000 rubles

Brother INNOV - ' IS 10 - one of the best electronic sewing machines for beginners. Despite the fact that the model is multifunctional, it is very easy to understand even a beginner with its use. The functions of the automatic change of the tabs, as well as the setting of the desired stitches with the help of the display prompts, speak for this model. The machine performs up to three types of loops and is programmed for 16 sewing operations. A feature of automatic sewing technology is sewing with a double needle. The only drawback of Brother INNOV - ' IS 10 - lack of adjustment of the presser foot. The price of the model is currently 24 000 rubles.


Janome 7524E 20 000 rubles

Janome 7524 E is recognized as the highest power electric machine. Assumes work with any tissue in density and is equipped with the function of automatic loop execution. Total sewing operations for the electric sewing mechanism is 23. The sewing expert function will help you to determine the settings for working with the material. The Janome 7524 E provides smooth speed control and tuning. The disadvantages of this model include the occurrence of light vibration when working at full power. Its average price is 20 000 rubles.


Brother INNOV-'IS 400 40 000 rubles

Brother INNOV - ' IS 400 - one of the most multifunctional sewing models on computer control. Is able to cope with types of fabrics of any density. The kit includes a maximum set of needles and legs. Adjustment of the work can be carried out with the help of prompts of the electronic display, which displays all the necessary information. Impressive number of operations for this machine, there are about three hundred. Automatic loop execution is represented by 10 views. Brother INNOV - ' IS 400 is ideal for professional use. You can buy the model for an amount in the range of 30 000-40 000 rubles.


Brother LS-2125 6,000 rubles

Brother LS -2125 is the optimal electromechanical model for beginner seamstresses. Attracts in the sewing machine not only its price, but also simplicity and convenience in operation. It provides reliable work without the presence of marriage and any other shortcomings. Brother LS -2125, like many modern models, sew almost silently. Equipped with 14 sewing operations, semi-automatic. To the disadvantages of electromechanical sewing equipment can be attributed to poor work from dense fabrics. This machine is not suitable for professional use, but it can be used for small sewing needs and repair. The price for Brother LS -2125 is about 6000 rubles.


Janome DC 4030 20 000 rubles

Janome DC 4030 is recognized as the most reliable and reliable electronic model. It is able to work with almost any type of fabric in terms of density, without requiring the replacement of a needle or a foot. Equipped with a fairly simple and understandable menu, which makes it easy to manage. Regulation of stitches is smooth and without any jerks. The machine in the process does not cause the housewives any complaints. It is almost noiseless and does not vibrate at the time of use. The maximum sewing speed is 820 lines per minute. The machine has about 30 sewing operations. In addition, the kit Janome DC 4030 includes bobbins. You can buy this model for 20 000 rubles.


Janome DC 3600 30 000 rubles

Janome DC 3600 is recognized as a model with the best optional equipment. Computer equipment provides a huge variety of lines with decorations. Sewing turns out to be sharp and even, even when working with dense fabrics. Sewing automated machine ensures work without rejection, not allowing skipping stitches and tearing off the thread. Intelligent electronic equipment itself prompts you to select the right foot for working with certain types of fabric. In addition, additional bobbins for work are provided. Janome DC 3600 can be purchased for the amount of 27 000-32 000 rubles.


Janome My Excel W 23 U is the best electromechanical machine for infrequent operation at home. The model copes well with any type of fabric and density, is equipped with an automatic thread welder. The sewing speed is regulated with the help of special functions, and the process itself passes almost noiselessly. Electromechanics includes 23 sewing operations. Unlike models of this type Janome My Excel W 23 U does not "zazhevyvaet" thread and does not skip lines. By the minuses include a weak backlight sewing equipment and a small speed. In all other respects, the machine received positive reviews. The price of the electromechanics ranges from 20,000 rubles.


Singer 7467 Confidence 23 000 rubles

Singer 7467 Confidence is the best electronic sewing machine according to customers. The model is capable of performing about 70 operations, as well as three types of automatic loop execution. Dual LED lighting workspace provides comfortable work. All information is displayed on the electronic display during operation, which allows you to monitor the sewing process. The maximum stitch length is 7mm, which is much larger than in other similar models. Also the machine practically does not create vibration and noise. The average pricing policy of the Singer 7467 Confidence is 23,000 rubles.


Brother INNOV-'IS 950 / 950D 40 000 rubles

Brother INNOV - ' IS 950/950 D is recognized as the best computer model with an embroidery module. Designed for both sewing and embroidery. A fully automated sewing machine has 200 built-in embroidery images, as well as 10 ways of making a loop. Brother INNOV - ' IS 950/950 The D is equipped with an automatic needle threader and cutter, which greatly simplifies the work process. The model does not create any noise when sewing. Versatility and simplicity in operation make the sewing equipment irreplaceable for any mistress. The average price for the goods is about 40 000 rubles.