The "Best Gadgets of 2014" by the version of Runet are named

The largest communication resource of Russia Mail. Ru, summed up the contest "The Best Gadget of 2014" according to Runet.

In the past for the fifth time, 54 nominations were presented, more than 330 popular models in 7 categories competed for the title of the best gadget.

The voting was completed on February 10, with almost 2.5 million votes of Runet users. Unconditional leaders in most categories were Sony and ASUS.According to the results of voting, our resource compiled ratings of gadgets as of the beginning of 2015.


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Rating of gadgets of the year

Best smartphone of 2015

According tothe results of the survey, the best smartphone was the flagship of the Sony Xperia Z3, and in the category of budget smartphones marked Explay Fresh. Choosing a smartphone for price / quality, users recommend choosing Nokia Lumia 735, and buying a camera phone, do not skimp on the LG G3.

The best notebook of 2015

In this category the struggle between ASUS, Apple and Lenovo has traditionally unfolded. The best recognized ASUS Zenbook UX305, and the title of the most powerful gaming laptop got ASUS ROG G751, choosing between the price and quality should purchase ASUS X550CC.

The best tablet in 2015

The tablet market last year was probably better than all other directions, which affected the quality and variety of offers on the market of these devices. The best tablet based on the results of the survey was the Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact, which has a powerful processor and waterproof enclosure.

The best camera of 2015

In the nomination of cameras, as expected, the main struggle unfolded between Nikon and Canon. So, the best mirror camera is recognized as Canon EOS 7D Mark II, and digital Sony RX100 III.In the ranking of gaining popularity of mirrorless cameras, the Olympus OM-D E-M10 was noted.

The best action camera of 2015

Here the clear leader was determined from the very beginning of voting, so the intrigue did not work out, the best action camera was recognized as GoPro Hero 4 Black.

The best TV of 2015

The trend of the last year - the curved screen, has not strongly got accustomed in Russia, however such model LG 55EC930V became the best TV in opinion of overwhelming majority of voted on the project "The Best Gadget of year".

The best smart watch of the year

Smart watches can be called a novelty of this season, but now their diversity makes you think about choosing a particular model. Evaluating the technical and aesthetic side of each model, the visitors were recognized as the best smart Moto 360 watch. The review of the model showed their original design, variety of color solutions and quality work.

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