Rating of irons 2016 - what iron is better to choose for home

Once upon a time in Russia they stroked like this: they took a special rolling pin, tightly wrapped clothes, towels or clothes on top of it, and afterwards they rolled a corrugated rectangular board. Then the hard iron irons, working on coal, came to replace the tree.

Fortunately, progress has moved far from those harsh times, but things have not learned to stroke themselves. Therefore, the choice of iron is still an important issue. Rating of irons 2016 will tell you which iron is better to choose. The review is made according to the feedback of users of the site "Yandex. Market".

We also prepared a rating of the 5 best irons of 2017 according to buyers' reviews.


  • 10. Philips GC 9642
  • 9. Philips GC 4924/20
  • 7. Philips GC 4924/20
  • 7. Tefal GV5246
  • 6. Delongli VVX ​​1420
  • 5. Philips GC 4928/30
  • 4. Philips GC 4926 /00
  • 3. Philips GC 4510
  • 2. Philips GC 4569
  • 1. Philips GC 3569
  • 10. Philips GC 9610

    Average price: 31 300 rubles.

    The rating starts with the most expensive model - a steam system from Philips. Excellent design pleases the eye, and excellent ergonomics shortens the ironing time about once every two. Excellent ironing clothes from thick fabric due to powerful steam supply: steam pressure up to 7.2 bar, feed up to 135 g / min, steam shock up to 440 g / min. Boiler volume of 1800 ml for a family without children is enough for a week.

    Less: price.

    9. Maxwell MW-3012

    Average price: 1100 rubles.

    The only model from the family of road irons in this rating. Has a function of steam impact( no constant feed), a sprinkler, a long cord and an excellent price.

    Less: it is not as small as we would like.

    8. Philips GC 4924/20

    Average price: 10 800 rubles.

    Model with automatic temperature adjustment depending on the type of fabric - OptimalTemp system. True, at first it is difficult to believe the manufacturer and after the linen trousers immediately move to thin silk, but to the good get used quickly.

    7. Tefal GV5246

    Average price: 11 700 rubles.

    A good steam station for home ironing. Although the steam feed button has to be kept constantly, it is convenient. The steam pressure is 4.5 bar, constant feed up to 90 g / min.

    Less: the water in the boiler boils long enough.

    6. Delongli VVX ​​1420

    Average price: 13 000 rubles.

    Although this steam system is already three years old, it enjoys steady popularity. The volume of the boiler is 850 ml, the steam pressure is up to 4 bar, the supply is up to 80 g / min. If you are faced with a choice which iron is better for buying a steam generator, then this model is especially for you.

    Less: the soleplate made of stainless steel does not move very well in fabrics with a high synthetics content.

    5. Philips GC 4928/30

    Average price: 11 800 rubles.

    Rating of the best 5 models of irons in 2016 opens Philips. The power of this model is 3000 watts. Strong steam( adjustable feed to 50 g / min, steam stroke 210 g / min) will allow you to easily and quickly iron things and fix the arrows on the trousers. The iron can work in two modes - economical and maximum. Pleasant little things: the button of the steamer is at the bottom under the handle;a long 2.5-meter cord;and, of course, the OptimalTemp system.

    Less: Iron weight - 1 kg 75 g, and not memorable design.

    4. Philips GC 4926/00

    Average price: 11 700 rubles.

    The performance is very similar to the previous model Philips GC 4928/30, but in a brighter color scheme.

    3. Philips GC 4510

    Average price: 7 600 rubles.

    Elegant contours of the model are more suggestive of racing cars or spacecraft. But not by design one: this iron has high power( 2400 W), and the sole SteamGlide Plus slips like a feather on any fabric, leaving no traces. Steam supply up to 45 g / min, steam impact 170 g / min. It is worth noting an improved system of descaling - with the iron there is no problem even with hard water.

    2. Vitek VT-1234

    Average price: 1 900 rubles.

    This iron has all the advantages of expensive models at a lower price. It is powerful enough( 2400 watts), there is vertical steaming, a steam impact( maybe not as strong as that of irons from another price range, but sufficient for domestic ironing), adjustable steam flow, electronic control and, like a cherry on the cake,auto power off.

    1. Philips GC 3569

    Average price: 3 800 rubles

    And finally, the leader of the best irons of the year 2016 for home - Philips GC 3569. This powerful( 2400 W) product has a ceramic sole that flawlessly slides through the fabric. Powerful steam impact( up to 160 g / min), vertical steaming, there is a sprinkler, anti-scale system and anti-drip system. Separately worth noting the build quality. In general, the Philips GC 3569 is an excellent ratio of features, prices and quality.