Rating of predictive animals for Euro 2012

The most famous among the animals, predicting the outcome of football matches, is the German octopus Paul. It was he who in 2010 hit the whole world with the accuracy of his predictions at the World Cup. True Paul predicted only those matches in which the German national team played. In the homeland, Paul even erected a monument.

Our heroes of today have not been immortalized in bronze yet, but they are going to predict the result of any meeting, regardless of the composition of the participants. We bring to your attention the rating of the animal predictors for Euro-2012.Only three of several dozen fluffy oracles make really true predictions, they turned out today in our rating.

3. The Kiev boar Funtik personally looks at each of the matches, the results of which predict with varying success. Despite the fact that the piglet is daily bathed and treated with all sorts of delicacies, in case of a wrong prediction, now and then there are those wishing to send Funtika "for bacon".Especially Ukrainian fans were angry with the oracle after the unfulfilled forecast of Ukraine's victory in the match with England. By the way, in the match between Italy and England on June 24, Funtik correctly predicted victory for the Italians

2. Kharkov ferret Fred - another Ukrainian "oracle".Fred guessed with predictions for all quarterfinals, giving preference to the national teams of Portugal, Germany, Italy and Spain. Like other participants in our rating of animal predictors, the ferret demonstrates its prediction, choosing a bowl with food, on which is installed a miniature flag of a particular country.

1. The St. Petersburg cat Jora , like the ferret Fred, unmistakably defined all the semi-finalists of Euro 2012.Zhora is in no way inferior to his Ukrainian rivals, the accuracy of his forecasts is 65%( 18 correct predictions out of 28 matches).Legendary Paul predicted the winner with 80 percent accuracy, but Zhora still has a "reserve" before the end of the championship. Black, like pitch, green-eyed cat enjoys immense love from Russian fans. After Zhora persistently predicted the victory of the Russians in the match with the Greeks, showing himself a real patriot, albeit at the expense of his own rating. By the way, after the loss of our team, the cat in general began to not very willingly approach the bowls with flags.

In addition to Funtik, Fred and Zhora, the Krakow elephant Chita, the Kaliningrad elephant Pregol, the Barnaul bear Zhora, the German cow Yvonne, the seal Tyk from Bangkok, the Spanish octopus Manolo and the Spanish otter Maya try to guess the results of matches.