Rating of the best studded winter tires 2013-2014

In severe winter conditions, the right tires make a significant contribution to road safety. Having studied the reviews, testimonials and test results of serious and picky experts of the magazine "Behind the Wheel", we bring to your attention a rating of studded winter tires 2013-2014 .

The top ten included both tested last year's models, and new items that showed the best results in different tests. As for the cost of tires, the top winter tires include tires from all price categories. Detailed review further.

This list is deprecated .The updated test of winter tires 2015-2016 and the rating of the best tires of the season are published.


  • Test results:
    • 10. Bridgestone Blizzak Spike 01
    • 9. Michelin X-Ice North 3
    • 8. Pirelli Ice Zero
    • 7. Amtel Nordmaster ST
    • 6. Cordiant Polar 2
    • 5. Nokian Nordman 4
    • 4.Gislaved NordFrost 100
    • 3. Continental ContiIceContact
    • 1. Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8

Test results:

10. Bridgestone Blizzak Spike 01

This model from Bridgestone is the successor to the tires of the Ice Cruiser. A distinctive feature of the rubber is the cruciform spike "Cross-Edge Pin".The tires show excellent grip on the ice, maximum efficiency in snow and high reliability.

Average cost of a tire of the size 175 /65/ R14 - 2 600 rbl.

9. Michelin X-Ice North 3

The novelty of the 2013-2014 season was developed specifically for the road conditions of Russia and CIS countries. In comparison with the tires of the previous generation, designers have managed to improve the fixing of the studs by 25% and to reduce the braking distance by 10%.

Average price of one tire X-ICE NORTH 3 - 5 200 rub.

8. Pirelli Ice Zero

The latest technology of PIRELLI DUAL STUD is used in the production of this rubber. Each spike has an elongated core that increases resistance, a wide base, reinforced attachment and a flat surface that reduces wear.

The average cost of one tire is 4,800 rubles.

7. Amtel Nordmaster ST

Features of this tire model is the best combination of studs with an original tread pattern that provides a large number of catching edges in the contact patch. Also, the tires received a reinforced side structure, which increases their reliability. By the way, the best winter studded tires do not necessarily have to be fabulously expensive.

Average tire price Nordmaster ST - 1790 rub.

6. Cordiant Polar 2

The original central groove in the form of a snake, "decorating" the protector of these tires allows you to easily keep the car on ice, snow and slush. Increased grip provides 128 spikes in 4 rows. Optimized rubber compound allowed to achieve high wear resistance of rubber.

The average price of one tire is 1950 rubles.

5. Nokian Nordman 4

Under each spike on these tires is an elastic pad that softens the contact with the road, reduces noise and increases the strength of the spike. The swept pattern of the tread allows you to better remove wet snow and dirt from under the wheels.

The average price of one tire is 2435 rubles.

4. Gislaved NordFrost 100

Large "drafts" of the tread of this rubber have an irregular shape, which provides better grip on the winter road. The best winter tires are developed using computer technology. In this case, it was on the computer that a wave-like 3D-lamination was modeled, which increased the controllability.

The average price of one tire is 2,795 rubles.

3. Michelin X-Ice North 2

The tires have 12 lines of studs, as well as a two-layer tread structure that reliably holds the studs and improves tire life. In comparison with the first model, X-IceNorth 2 improved by 10% ice braking, handling in snow and 5% - handling on ice and heading stability.

The average price of one tire is 3 120 rubles.

2. Continental ContiIceContact

This range of tires covers all sizes for cars from compact class to all-wheel drive SUVs. In comparison with the previous "hit" of the manufacturer ContiWinterViking 2, these tires improved grip and handling on all types of pavement.

The average price of one tire is 3 590 rubles.

1. Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8

Hakkapeliitta 8 - best winter tires 2013 - 2014 .In comparison with last year's model, in the "eight" the number of spikes was increased by 48-50%, depending on the size. At the same time, the tires have become lighter, and the new form of the spike provides optimal grip. These tires, having passed the test of winter stud tires 2013-2014 from the experts of the publication "Behind the wheel", received the maximum score for 13 indicators out of 16 possible.

The average price of one tire is 3700 rubles.

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