🖥 The open file format ISO: a review of the best programs

Watch out for errors in the recording of the corresponding program format


  • 1 The concept of ISO-file: its characteristics and purpose
  • 2 Programs that support ISO files
  • 3 What program you can open the ISO on your Android phone
  • 4 Which program is better to use when opening the ISO: archiver or emulator
  • 5 You open ISO files in different versions of the operating system

The concept of ISO-file: its characteristics and purpose

ISO - a format that is created through special applications. Usually taken as a basis for its data from a CD or DVD drive. This file is considered to be a full copy of the rigid carrier, with which it is made.

A few decades ago, computer users have used programs, games on discs. You can download them on the net was a big problem. Therefore, everyone wanted to copy one or another disk with minimal time and small size.

ISO file began to use three times more often in recent years. Therefore, standard formats have gone by the wayside

The recording of this type of file can be carried out solely on the same type of media on which the original production was recorded. Now the user simply download the image file on the Internet, and then burn it on a PC using specialized applications.

Programs that support ISO files

Type gleaned system utility depends on how you want to use this image. For example, to create original media emulators enough to organize a game or application as individual carriers to be displayed on the computer. When you want to create a record file on a flash drive or optical media, we have to decompress data. Therefore, the best way will WinRar or 7-Zip, and others. We offer an overview of the programs that make life easier in the process of creating images with ISO.

Some applications only support reading the declared file type

App archiver, one better than the other

If the user will carefully consider such a file, you will notice that it contains a large number of files and folders. In other words, such a document is a file in a reduced size.

Archivers able to open applications so that they occupy a maximum of space on your PC

Bandizip - tool for Windows family

Appendix copes with unpacking ISO file format. Also works with other extension documents. Tool is one of the most basic use. It has intuitive interface, works in Russian, has a number of useful settings. Features Utilities:

  • unique operating algorithm;
  • the ability to encrypt files;
  • High speed;
  • convenient context menu;
  • integration in Windows-Explorer.

According to statistics, the program easier to burn ISO to a USB flash drive than a physical disk

The program has a non-essential system requirements. It is sufficient for the installation of the working RAM 128 MB, and the volume of 18 MB of disk space. It is best to install Bandizip on computer system or laptop drive. This increases the likelihood of high-quality service response when trying to decompress.

CDBurnerXP - a tool for recording and bootstrap

The utility performs a quality burn hard carriers and can decompress ISO files of type. Typically, an application used to record the image of a bootable USB drive or an optical disc. The archiver interface provides for a multisession. When transferring documents in CDBurnerXP, you can use a standard PC Explorer or simply drag and drop from anywhere in the system. The menu options are provided cleaning and inspection of the recording disc information, as well as the drive type. The advantages of the application include:

  • recording MP-3 file and ISO, and many other;
  • underrun protection clipboard;
  • Record your ISO files;
  • conversion of other formats in ISO;
  • support Russification.

When burning hand never change the file format, otherwise the image may be lost forever

Suitable for Windows operating systems with bit 32 bit or 64 bit. The program is demanding to memory: it requires 512 MB and 19 MB of free space.

Universal Extractor - exclusively for unpacking

A handy archiver that supports the weight of the respective formats. It is used mainly in cases where the need to regularly create their own files on the computer. Decompresses a variety of formats such as ISO and installers. Copes with multi-application (where a lot of folders), encrypted password. In the program there are no conflicts with other similar utilities. The main properties include:

  • High-speed recording files to the media;
  • unmistakable image creation ISO;
  • support for Russian interface;
  • free basis of the program;
  • It is a partial installer.

Keep projects created in a special folder, not to be confused with the usual

To use the tool, you must have an operating system on a PC from Windows XP to 8. For the tenth version of the operating system it is advisable to use other archivers or more advanced version of the archiver.

HaoZip - a program from the Chinese developer

The app is popular, is able to work with all popular formats, which are converted into recording on USB flash drives or optical media. Archiver has a simple classic design. Opening the tool, the user will not have to look far for those or other settings. Application features:

  • Search the content of archived files;
  • control checking and processing;
  • Restore;
  • write files and images;
  • add-ins.

Above each way displayed the icon of the program, through which it was created

The application is designed for Windows any bit depth. Service is not particularly picky about the internal parameters of the computer.

№9. If you do not have to find the appropriate file, filter it in a special drop-down list, conductor Windows

ON A NOTE! (Click to see)


ISO damaged files can not be written by the historian, therefore, when downloading a document with a similar extension, you need to check it for errors.

CD or DVD drive emulator installed on your PC

Emulators can work with ISO files for creating images of any programs or discs. Most versions of these applications without errors create images and files downloading on USB-drives and disks suitable for DVD-ROM format.

ALCOHOL (ALCOHOL) 120% - handy for any OS

Tool for fast creation of images of individual drives, as well as some programs. The application can handle multiple files, creating multiobrazy floppy disks and removable media. The advantages of the utility include:

  • It works with 30 images simultaneously;
  • the original image and the duplicate have similar quality;
  • high processing speed drives;
  • It supports Russian interface;
  • It works in foreign languages.

Removing and opening the image titles and programs - these are two different operations

Duplicate files created by Alcohol tool can be stored on local disks easily, since they do not have special requirements. The main condition - the abundance of free space on the media.

Virtual CloneDrive - for mounting and dismounting of images

Great service performed. It supports multiple record images of any format. It specializes in the processing of files downloaded from the Internet to the ISO type. Such documents are easy to install to create a virtual drive. Application features:

  • automated processing in two clicks;
  • Russian interface;
  • convenient location tabs in the menu;
  • availability of support teams;
  • the use of icons for each image.

It is not necessary to physically interrupt the writing of a file, it can lead to errors, wait until the process is finished

Tool runs on free and paid basis. Suitable for home computers and devices developers.

MagicDisc - easy management of virtual drives

The app is an analogue of its predecessor, but not inferior in functionality. It allows the use of the recorded images of a CD or DVD with no special physical media. If the disc has a movie that may not be copied, then you can make an image of the duplicate. Key Features:

  • support for 15 different images;
  • Decompression of the UIF file type in the ISO;
  • ability to protect the recorded image;
  • High-speed recording and readout.

Confidentiality place ciphers generated images

The program works in English, but the menu is so that even a novice user, to cope with the task of writing the image.

DAEMON Tools Lite - free to emulate and record the image

The software version is suitable for devices with any Windows. The only condition is that the utility has been adapted to the bit OS. The installer Daemon has a relatively small size, but it does not prevent him from being multifunctional. Appendix deals with the recording of the image of games and Windows operating systems, are subject to the subsequent introduction of the PC. Suitable for use on laptops feeble. It is a professional tool:

  • in parallel to the creation of images (up to four CD-media);
  • to start with Windows Explorer;
  • created images in compression;
  • in operation capabilities on the command line;
  • in speed work with catalogs of images;
  • the ability to set passwords to create virtual disks.

Keep the ISO files on your computer with an individual name

Tool is very popular on devices which do not have floppy drives. When using a non-commercial purpose tool is available free of charge.

What program you can open the ISO on your Android phone

Someone might say that most smartphones do not support ISO format files. This is not quite true. The device is able to open files of this type of expansion, provided that there is enough memory, and installed a specialized program. Consider what it means is most convenient to open the ISO on handheld gadgets.

Pay attention to decompression are carried out completely, otherwise the image will be created with errors

A good alternative to the transport document on your computer as a software ISO Extractor. Thanks to her, not necessarily transfer the downloaded file to the PC memory. It can be easily opened on Android.

On your phone, open the image file may not be possible due to the conflict operating systems, in which the document was created, and the one which is loaded

The application is downloaded to the apk file or through the online store Google Play. The utility opens and extracts image files of various formats. Until recently, there were restrictions on the number of retrieved documents. With regard to the expansion of MDF / MDS documents they retrieved the phone.

Which program is better to use when opening the ISO: archiver or emulator

According to Tehno.guru edition, computer users need to use the emulator rather than the archiver. This conclusion was based on feedback from users and developers as well as the positive characteristics of these applications. Consider the differences between the emulators from the archiver.

recording imageYesno
Unpacking imageYesYes
Support for multiple formatsYesno
The convenience of useYesnot always
Obligation downloadYesYes

From the table it is clear that a large number of possibilities are just emulators. However, this is permissible only under the condition that the programs for recording and decoding of ISO will be updated to the latest version, which is suitable for running on a PC.

Extracting image data is only necessary in an empty directory to make the correct entry

Sometimes a startup image format is sufficient to install the game or program

You open ISO files in different versions of the operating system

Depending on which operating system the user is working, and you should choose the right program for recording a disk image, or bootable media. Consider the best utilities for each Windows version of the popular in 2019.

The work in Windows 7

For this version of the OS of digits is considered an ideal option Ultra ISO tool. He is available in free and paid basis. The trial period lasts for seven days, after which you can purchase a license. However, this is not necessary, as the functions in the program budget is sufficient for the bootstrap and the recording of images in ISO format. Utility features:

  • image recording on any medium (including built-in local disk);
  • creating an image carrier;
  • a portable version;
  • for laptops;
  • It has a small size;
  • not demanding on your PC settings.

At ISO recording recommend choosing Standart mode

The user must install the software from the official source or resource involved in the distribution of high-quality software.

For Windows 8

Windows ISO Downloader is considered a convenient means for handling the downloaded and converted files to ISO format. Suitable for standard and professional Windows 8 operating system. This tool helps you quickly locate the application, if you manually make it difficult. The special features include:

  • Russian interface;
  • menu convenience;
  • Adapted search;
  • the ability to work through the Internet;
  • search for programs on your computer.

With the help of installed programs to the ISO image, you can make an image of your operating system with ready-made programs

If you follow the instructions, you can download the application corresponding to the release of the operating system together with the installer itself.

For Windows 10

As for the operating system, any proposed emulator can be used for it from the list. For example, means Ultra ISO or Daemon Tools are equally suited to handle ISO file type. Also for these purposes on Windows 10 is the mass of other similar tools. Therefore, the choice remains with the user.

With remote access you can also burn an ISO file in the presence of the correct tools

Dear readers, if you have any questions regarding the tools to open the ISO file format, be sure to ask them in the comments. Our team works for you, so very soon, our specialist will contact you to clarify all points of interest.