Is it possible to carry a refrigerator lying on its side in a car: safety rules

When transporting the refrigerator in the supine position with the manufacturers guarantee removed appliance


  • 1 Fundamentals of the refrigerator transportation horizontally whether such a situation is dangerous
  • 2 Nuances conveying device obliquely
  • 3 Trying to transport refrigerator on its side: which one to choose left or right
  • 4 How to transport a new refrigerator in the car in the supine position
  • 5 Transportation of the old "Soviet" the fridge when moving
  • 6 The rear wall and the door - delicate components
  • 7 In a tube flows Freon: as determined without reading the instructions
  • 8 Time of the year and the correct transport of refrigerators
  • 9 Stages of preparation of the refrigerator for transport: the moments that can not be ignored
  • 10 Recommendations for drivers and dostavschikov
  • 11 Acclimatization device after the move, or later, as you can turn the refrigerator

Fundamentals of the refrigerator transportation horizontally whether such a situation is dangerous

If the refrigerator will not be enough oil after delivery, it is necessary to wait for its occurrence after the "verticalization" device

Experts service centers and manufacturers insist that transport new appliances is highly undesirable unnecessarily in a horizontal position. This can quickly affect the function. However, if you follow these simple rules, damage components and assemblies refrigerator risks are minimized:

  1. When your populated area can not accommodate shipping, and you purchased a new appliance, you must carefully examine the packaging of the refrigerator. It must be indicated what position should be bought by the unit during transport.
  2. In the store you can read the instructions, which details given on what side it is best to put household appliances. Determine from which the tube exits from the compressor chlorofluorocarbon, namely it must look up, if the refrigerator bed.
  3. Machine down so that the hinges facing up, as they may be damaged during loading or unloading the unit. Be sure to fix bolts compressor (they usually are supplied to the device).

The optimum position for moving refrigerators - vertical, but it is important to fix it thoroughly

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Conveying device in a car, remember that the supine position is dangerous for the refrigerator. High risk of leak of freon and oil from the compressor. The device not only cease to freeze, but it may not start.

Nuances conveying device obliquely

Transport need new refrigerator, pre-packaged it in a thick cardboard or bubble film

Inclined position is only permitted if there is no possibility of the load of the refrigerator in the car in a vertical form. Remember that the maximum rate of deviation must not exceed 40 °. Otherwise, you will encounter the problem of dripping oil from the compressor and Freon movement in the opposite direction.

Trying to transport refrigerator on its side: which one to choose left or right

Tethered device will not fall at the corners and gradients of the road as a result will be saved,

If the vertical loading of the domestic appliance is not possible, which, as we know, is the most optimal for transportation, then the refrigerator can be placed sideways, following a number of these rules:

  1. Place the device so that the door to what had not been pressed, it is desirable that their loops looked up as the tube, the transmitting freon for cooling the refrigeration chamber.
  2. To secure all the moving elements (compressor and doors) it is necessary to use special fixing straps or tape. This prevents the deformation structure.
  3. Pay attention to the surface, where the refrigerator will stay up. It is important to pre-lay it thick old blanket or other thick cloth. Next, secure the refrigerator at this point that it does not slide on the body or trailer, ideally leave the two people who will hold additional equipment.
  4. Loading and unloading of the unit should perform carefully, not grasping at the door, so you can easily rip them off their hinges, and put in place will be very troublesome.
  5. If you can not fix the internal shelves and containers in the refrigerator, it is better to be removed and transported separately from the equipment.

Maintain a uniform plane during transportation of the refrigerator, in a supine position deviations will lead to distortion of the walls or doors of the unit

How to transport a new refrigerator in the car in the supine position

Do not carry your own refrigerator by bike or motorbike, this you run the risk of losing the device on the road

Modern refrigerator, though, and made of durable plastic, but much inferior to his fortress "Soviet" brothers. Therefore, you must provide all the details of:

  1. Board machine, in which the transport will be carried out, should be higher than the height of the refrigerator, if you plan to set the machine upright.
  2. Necessarily be reserved fastening elements: ropes and special belts rescue appliance from falling and deformation.
  3. If your equipment is equipped with wheels, that during transport it is better to loosen, or any vehicle make a turn to ride around the refrigerator body or trailer.
  4. If you are lucky appliances from the store, do not remove it from the box. The unit protects the plastic film and sealed. If you just carry it from place to place, then wrap in a tight pack, wrap a cloth.

Due to the irregular transportation of the cooler in the compressor can occur separation of springs that will affect the performance

Transportation of the old "Soviet" the fridge when moving

Soviet models of refrigerators to transport more consistent delivery, they can be transported not only in trailer car, but also on the roof rack, previously having spread a thick cloth to prevent damage to the colorful coating. In addition, even the old types of "Dnepr" refrigerators, "Oka", "Salute", "Odessa" is not allowed to lay on the back part (down the engine). But they should be transported lying on its side.

Before transporting the refrigerator to cool down for this in advance, disconnect it from the power

Although the outer structure "domestic" durable aggregates, and mixing of the refrigerant oil can occur at any time. As a rule, such a condition can not be repaired.

At the end of the warranty period, do not throw the packaging from the appliance, it is useful in the case of transportation

The rear wall and the door - delicate components

It is strictly forbidden to make the transportation of refrigerators on the rear wall or door. In this procedure, you can damage the operating mechanism of the refrigerator: there deformation of tubes and compressor and possibly the appearance of microcracks on the tubes, through which very quickly all freon evaporate.

By placing the device on the door (they usually convex), you run the risk of losing not only the attractiveness of the domestic appliance, but also to get the damage that will play a role in the further cooling products. Perhaps cracked, the inside of the body, or strong compression of the rubber seals. In further such damage will pass into the air outside the refrigerator, thereby spoiling its operation.

Do not be surprised if after the wrong transport your fridge does not keep the desired temperature. It is likely that some injured

In a tube flows Freon: as determined without reading the instructions

Manufacturers conceived so that the cooling gas in a refrigerator is freon. As is known, the compressor exits through a tube at the rear part of the housing where penetrates into the cooling chamber, carrying out cold air. You need to determine which of the tube and condenses it served under the influence of the external environment. This is done in order to put the unit on the right side. You have to touch all the tubes coming out of the engine cooler, the one of which is hot, and there's one you want. It is this connection must look up when transporting the unit.

The tube is very hot, be careful when it palpation



Refrigerators, equipped system No Frost (not requiring machining defrosting) to be transported in upright position or at an angle not exceeding 40 °.

Time of the year and the correct transport of refrigerators

To carry the refrigerator, you can at any time of the year. However, for every weather for this process provided its own nuances. For example, you have planned to move to winter time, respectively, should remember that when the freezing temperature of the oil from the compressor compresses. Therefore it is not recommended to run the machine immediately after installation in place. Give the equipment purchase at room temperature.

In the summer time it is better to transport the appliance in closed, well-ventilated bodies. It is extremely important that the refrigerator is not warmed during transport. Heat transform engine oil in a liquid consistency.

Recumbency creates additional pressure on the refrigerator, and thus make the compressor installation continuity and its displacement

Stages of preparation of the refrigerator for transport: the moments that can not be ignored

In order to reduce the risk of damage to the refrigerator after transporting the unit is necessary to prepare properly. It is better to proceed in stages, so as not to forget anything.

  1. Step One. Defrosting the refrigerator and release it from the product. It is necessary to make the day before the intended move. It is important that the unit has been defrosted and dried.
  2. Step Two. Defining a tube with Freon, secure it in a vertical position. For this it is acceptable to use the tape. To protect against scratches, use the packing box and design.
  3. Step three. Remove all components: shelves, containers, molds for freezing, collect them in a separate box.
  4. The fourth step. Complement the correct appliance, carry it out and place securely in transport.

Transport the unit is completely empty, if there is something unreliable fixed, it may fall and be rendered useless

Recommendations for drivers and dostavschikov

On how to correct it will be made of the refrigerator transportation from one point to another by the driver, and performance depends on the equipment:

  1. Perform driving at low speed: not allowed to exceed the threshold of 40-60 km / h, or high risk of shake the appliance.
  2. The driver shall keep all the bumps and potholes on the roads, sharp shake-up to what even a used device.

    If you come to carry refrigerators, filled with freon, remember, you are responsible for the operation of the device

  3. If a smooth road, then optionally refrigerator fix, otherwise firmly attach it to the body or to the sides of the trailer.
  4. If, in addition to basic goods, as you carry furniture, heavy bags, then make sure that they do not touch the unit, the extra traffic is easy to damage the fragile housing technology.

Acclimatization device after the move, or later, as you can turn the refrigerator

Immediately after the installation of the household appliance in the desired location can not check the operation of the device. Editorial recommended to wait some time (optimally - 10-12 hours, but better a day). Then, connect the device to the network. If your refrigerator is transported on its side, then wait 18 hours is sufficient that the refrigerant and compressor oil returned to their seats. After 3 hours, you can run the product if it is delivered in an upright position.

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