Gas water heater Electrolux: an overview of the rating of the best models

Any gas boiler brand Electrolux - a stylish design and ease of operation.


  • 1 Scope gas columns Electrolux
  • 2 The main advantages and disadvantages gas columns Electrolux
  • 3 The apparatus and the basic principle of gas heaters Electrolux
  • 4 Overview geysers Electrolux with customer testimonials and actual prices
  • 5 Which is better to buy a gas column Electrolux: estimate important parameters
  • 6 Operating Instructions for gas column Electrolux
  • 7 Proper care of the gas pumps from Electrolux
  • 8 A few words about the faults and their solutions

Scope gas columns Electrolux

Due to the virtually irreplaceable properties and features of the claimed appliances brand, buying you You get a really high-quality model, which is accompanied only by positive reviews owners. Nevertheless, heating equipment is used not only in the domestic environment, but also in many other areas (of course, in such cases used more powerful models).

If you correctly choose the gas column, the one hot water will be enough to completely bought the whole family.

Gas water heaters can meet the heating of water in hospitals, shops, gyms, swimming pools and many other areas where the staff is accustomed to working hygiene. Typically, these devices handle a large displacement, and for industrial applications need a model with maximum efficiency.

The main advantages and disadvantages gas columns Electrolux

You can trust the company Electrolux, since it gained its popularity due to the durability of the equipment.

Let us dwell on what the positive qualities have gas column Electrolux.

  • Safety. The instrument can prevent a fire hazard via tripping system installed in models of middle segment;
  • maximum savings. Choosing even the most budget option for the gas column, you can be sure that it will be rational to expend fuel, and the water is heated to the optimum temperature;
  • additional options to choose from. Freely choose a model with great features. Sooner or later you will want to use indicators or window control the flame;
  • long service life. Despite the large guarantee period (about 5 years), the devices of the brand Electrolux operating successfully for decades after its guarantee;
  • nice design. On the device completely there is nothing superfluous: streamlined shape without flaws and fits well the controls are perfectly combined with each other;
  • convenient use. Whatever the function of management - electronic or mechanical - both are well established among the owners.

For ten years, the brand shows itself as a supplier of extremely reliable and perfect equipment to the CIS countries and Russia.

Besides gasman, provided a proper license to perform gas cylinder connection can and a company involved in the implementation of equipment.

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If you organize the local gas industry to present a claim for permission to use the gas column Electrolux, from this you can opt for legitimate reasons. Remember that the connection of the device for free, you only need to pay for maintenance and identification on the model of the gas column.

A little distracted, but let's get back to what may well disappoint you as the owner of the gas held Electrolux column.

  • uncomfortable heating water. If the majority of boilers have a tank for heating, the gas column from Electrolux producer is no such possibility. Technology heats the water flowing way: swim all need to go immediately one after the other;
  • heavy ignition. In the absence of the necessary traction to ignite the device will be difficult. Sometimes it can even cause damage to the installed piezo;
  • It does not operate at low pressure water. If you live in the private sector, and someone often watering gardens with a total running water, then in the evening seen low water pressure. In such circumstances, a geyser unable to work. To avoid such inconvenience, an additional set pump.

So, we have discussed all the qualities that are useful for the study of the device before purchase. Of course, in addition to this it is important to understand, for what specific purposes bought a gas boiler, and then focus on all possible characteristics.

With stable supply of water alone item capable of processing several intake points.

The apparatus and the basic principle of gas heaters Electrolux

In the construction of the gas heater Electrolux involves many essential elements. During activation toggle incoming water is heated by water pipes. At the exit of the column we get the hot water directly in the faucet, you just turn the faucet on the red mark.

See detailed Electrolux column operation circuit description below.

We offer a detailed study circuit Electrolux gas column describing each operating module involved in heating the water.

  1. Control block. It is a small mechanism that includes levers and toggle switches required to operate the device. The main function of this module is to maintain control over the temperature range and heater performance.
  2. A device for adjusting the water and gas supply. With the help of the claimed system provides an ideal security control gas water heater. The system runs the auto shut off at low gas pressure, or the absence of water.
  3. modulating burner - adjusts the height of the flame, and the pressure drop is able to maintain the water temperature.
  4. copper heat exchanger. Without loss helps dissipate heat from the heated water in the gas tubes. Characterized by an increased wall thickness.
  5. Power Supply. The device, which is present in each appliance. He is responsible for the energy supply.

Based on such a simple scheme and operate the brand Electrolux gas column. But do not equate all devices under one pattern, as each model can be upgraded a bit.

Each has a gas heater drain valve, but it must be used only for dismantling the equipment.

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You do not know, with any ignition device to buy? Our editorial staff recommends that the technique with electric piezo. This option will gain at the moment when the hand is no matches, and turn the heater needed desperately.

Overview geysers Electrolux with customer testimonials and actual prices

You've probably already thought about acquiring technology known brands. Before heading to the mall, be sure to check our selection of models available on the market today. Editorial responsible approach to the creation of this review and find the actual reviews of the owners, but about everything in detail.

Electrolux GWH 265 ERN NanoPlus - reliable flow water heater

Presence of Oxygen FREE technology ensures that no contact could undermine the health of lead and oxygen.

Device with a burner made of stainless steel, a good capacity and excellent performance. This is all that is needed for a large family. In addition, the technique to cope with the provision of hot water, regardless of how it is connected points.

Displacement processing l / minOutput in kWcontrol methodThe hot water temperature, ° CDop.vozmozhnosti
1017,80mechanical75Indicators display thermometer.

Feedback on the model Electrolux GWH 265 ERN NanoPlus

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Electrolux GWH 265 ERN NanoPlus

Electrolux GWH 11 PRO Inverter - a geyser, easy setup

The sensitivity of the temperature sensors do not allow to set an invalid value in the absence of water pressure.

Excellent technology, suitable for large area home and for small apartments. The apparatus is equipped with an open combustion chamber, making it easy to get rid of waste.

Displacement processing l / min.Output in kWcontrol methodSupport temperatureDop.vozmozhnosti
1122electronicYesDisplay, thermometer, self-diagnostics.

A review of the model: Electrolux GWH 11 PRO Inverter

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Electrolux GWH 11 PRO Inverter

Gas water heater Electrolux GWH 10 High Performance is made of high quality materials

Safety gas valve is triggered by increasing the gas pressure, and resets it to optimum values.

A decent design and compact size - what do you need to place the device in the bathroom or the equipped kitchen? It possesses such qualities stated model heater.

The volume of hot water, l / min.Output in kWcontrol methodThe presence of the piezoDop.vozmozhnosti
1020electronicYesprotection system, power indicator, thermometer

A review of the model: Electrolux GWH 10 High Performance

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Electrolux GWH 10 High Performance

Gas boiler Electrolux GWH 10 NanoPlus 2.0 with a high heating rate

affordable price range model is the optimal parameters for household use.

Good build quality of the device will not let the user, even if he would regularly dismantle its removal. At the same time it will continue to work after re-installation without the need for additional configuration.

The volume of heating water, l / min.Output in kWcontrol methodprotection functionsDop.optsii
1020electronicGas control, protection against overheating, work without water.Indicator heating and switching the display, the limitation temperature range.

Feedback on the model Electrolux GWH 10 NanoPlus 2.0

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Electrolux GWH 10 NanoPlus 2.0

Pay attention to the models presented in the previous section. They are in demand, as well as show the positive reviews of the owners. In addition, edition also reviewed the capabilities of each of the units, and buying advice to give preference to the claimed device.

Which is better to buy a gas column Electrolux: estimate important parameters

On one popular model, too, is not worth stopping. Our experts are urging users to accurately determine the basic characteristics that meet your expectations. So, what are the things you should pay attention to avoid falling victim to unwanted purchases?

Design and power - how to change them for different areas of premises

For homes with large dimensions fit different models of Electrolux appliances - the main thing that they have a high power (28 kW) and were able to handle up to several intake points. This is welcomed in country houses and cottages. It is not necessary limited to discreet design. If you have the financial capability, you can purchase a custom model.

Pay attention to the need for regular cleaning of the nozzles of gas columns. Especially quickly clog the device with maximum power.

If you make a purchase of water heaters with the proposed installation of a small kitchen, the best indicator will power up to 24 kW. This is enough to heat the water in a small "Khrushchev."

What a way to control and ignition for better gas water heater

If you've ever seen gas column with friends or relatives, for sure you give all kinds of advice on ways to control it. How convenient control column - by flat touch buttons or by using the turn knobs and toggle switches - you choose.

Installing geysers home, remember to use a three-phase wiring.

Regarding the electronic control gas column Electrolux can say this: they do not tolerate contact with moisture. Come to the device and increase the temperature immediately after washing dishes, you can not, not yet dry hands. But mechanical knobs work even in damp conditions - but is it worth their time to expose this once?

ignition type gas water heaters conventionally divided into three types:

  • start using piezo;
  • electric ignition (using batteries);
  • open flame (matches, lighter).

Each of the methods enable the device is good in its own way, but may bring some inconvenience. For example, Kindle column without electricity will not work if the element is a piezo-component; after the battery discharge you also will not be able to cope with the equipment running. It remains the only alternative - the use of matches to ignite. Again, they should always be in the house.

Gas water heaters are suitable for any type of chimney, more importantly, that he was a good bandwidth and lack of obstruction in the channel.

Safety of the gas column

So what is this feature? I ask this question almost every second buyer. Safe operation of the device is just to have additional safety features:

  • thermostat, overheat warning device;
  • Cutout in the case of a gas pressure drop or water;
  • check valve, which relieves pressure if it goes beyond the rules and threatens to burst;
  • safety shutdown (integrated RCD) is useful in case if the failure occurs in the power supply voltage.

It is a mistake to think that the gas water heater only works on the "blue fuel". For successful operation, and even electricity.

Operating Instructions for gas column Electrolux

Installation of the first launch, the service - all these major and very important parts of the use of gas water heaters. If at some point miss, or turn on the device properly - there is the risk of a dangerous situation. To sort happened, you need to know all the subtleties of the use that can be studied in our guide.

Be careful when running columns which do not have off sensor at the exit of excess gas.

Features of the heater Electrolux

To start the gas heater does not need to have any special knowledge, you just observe safety precautions and not to create an emergency situation. Our editorial staff to assist the user to include a video, which shows how to start the device and configure the operating mode.

Proper care of the gas pumps from Electrolux

Repair and maintenance of gas columns made directly to service personnel. The user is not necessary without the need to disassemble and dismantle the unit - especially trying to find out how the mechanism is arranged inside.

Do not repair the appliance if you are in it do not understand anything. Without proper education, even video from the Internet to make it safe.

In addition, you as the owner should be aware of some guidelines for the management of the gas column.

  1. Contents device perfectly clean. Regularly remove any dust and prevent settling of moisture and condensation - this is especially true for the equipment in the kitchen. And if this happens, try to dry it quickly.
  2. On the cover the appliance with a cloth and other items, do not keep on top of trinkets and souvenirs.
  3. When the unit does not need to wipe with a damp cloth and make it spring cleaning. When the heater is hot, wet enamel acquires yellowness.
  4. If the heater is often blows out, determine what the problem is - and call a service technician if necessary. In no case do not try to fix something inside of sharp objects.

Burned gas heater elements subject to immediate replacement, using the device in this state is unsafe.

In short, the contact with the instruments exactly as with other types of equipment in your home. Then you probably will not encounter problems with the operation for many years.

A few words about the faults and their solutions

Again, make a reservation: to diagnose the existence of problems in gas equipment, as well as remove them should a knowledgeable master. If some errors, which codes are displayed on the monitor, you can cope on their own, the more serious damage can not be left without supervision.

Regular issues of concern to the owners - it is the instability of the water heating temperature. If your faucet comes the cold, then hot water, our experts believe that the whole thing in low water pressure. Try to correct the problem with the help of the pump installation.

If your equipment slightly warm water even at high rates of temperature control, the fault may lie low in the gas valve, more precisely - to weaken its spring. Will have to change the whole mechanism as a whole, since the individual parts to it on sale is not found.

Delayed reaction start geyser too worried about a lot of owners. If your equipment begins to operate for 30-60 seconds after the opening tap, then most likely, it's in the water tank. It is likely that the membrane is out of order - it must be replaced.

Dear readers, in this article we have discussed the most questions that may worry the owners of the gas column Electrolux. If you have any questions, or if you have something to say, share it in the comments below the article.