Audio Head Unit 2016

Many people spend in the car for a long time( for work, stand in traffic jams or drive to the country).A car radio can transform even the most boring journey into an exciting one. Rating of the car receiver is made according to the users of "Yandex. Market".

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  • 10. Kenwood KDC-BT53U
  • 9. Sony DSX-S100
  • 8. Pioneer DEH-X5700BT
  • 7. Pioneer DEH-X3600UI
  • 6. Alpine CDE-180R
  • 5. Kenwood KDC-6051U
  • 4. Pioneer DEH-X5500BT
  • 3. Sony CDX-GT660UE
  • 2. Pioneer DEH-80PRS
  • 1. Pioneer DEH-X5600BT

10. Kenwood KDC-BT53U

Average price: 10 000 rubles.

Rating of car radios 1 din 2016 opens Kenwood KDC-BT53U.It has a good sound, and a large number of settings makes it possible to customize the radio "for yourself."

Disadvantages: the glossy black panel attracts dust and is easily dirty.

9. Sony DSX-S100

Average price: 5 200 rubles.

Stylish appearance, easy to use( clear settings and detailed instructions), high speed flash card.

Less: unfriendly to Cyrillic - tags and names of folders or works does not read.

8. Pioneer DEH-X5700BT

Average price: 8 200 rubles.

Users rate the hands free mode - it's much more convenient to send sms or call while driving. Excellent connects with the phone, tablet, quickly reads flash and discs, catches the radio. Wide possibilities on adjustment of illumination of keys and the display - now the radio receiver will harmonize on color with other devices in the car.

Cons: Does not look in the phone book for Russian letters. There is no setting of the steering buttons from the steering wheel, you need your own remote control.

7. Pioneer DEH-X3600UI

Average price: 6 000 rubles.

Good equalizer, excellent sound quality. Possibility of adjustment of illumination( two-zone).Excellent catches the radio. Quickly connects even with Apple devices.

Cons: confusing instruction with an abundance of unnecessary options( such as color music), complex management.

6. Alpine CDE-180R

Average price: 6 800 rubles.

The main competitor of Pioneer tape recorder in the post-Soviet market. In the rating of the best car radio, the Alpine product took the sixth place. The model features excellent sound, especially deep bass, and control provides a wide range of customization options, including options for each media( from a flash drive to a radio).

Less: the traditional Alpine setup menu, intricate, as a diagram of the Tokyo Metro. Reads only one hundred files per folder. Does not support Cyrillic.

5. Kenwood KDC-6051U

Average price: 7 900 rubles.

This recorder has a full-fledged sound processor( DSP), which has a positive effect on sound quality. The abundance of settings allows you to configure almost anything from the body type up to each speaker separately.

Less: does not read loseless formats. At very high volume and in the absence of an additional amplifier, the radio is overheating.

4. Pioneer DEH-X5500BT

Average price: 7 700 rubles.

Works quickly, it takes information from removable media almost instantly. And the presence of Bluetooth allows you to connect your phone and call or listen to music from it.

3. Sony CDX-GT660UE

Average price: 6 500 rubles.

Beautiful powerful and powerful sound is one of the distinguishing features of this model. A wide range of settings ensures optimum sound quality. It catches VHF.Multicolor backlight, stylish design, convenient volume control.

Less: an intricate panel insertion process.

2. Pioneer DEH-80PRS

Average price: 21 000 rubles.

The second processor radio in the rating of radio sound quality. The delay-controlled processor supports the speaker-to-speaker connection, and with full use of all the functionality it produces a sound that can amaze and delight at the same time.

Less: although DEH-80PRS is the ideological heiress of the legendary 88, but it did not receive a convenient menu of its predecessor.

1. Pioneer DEH-X5600BT

Average price: 7 200 rubles.

And the Pioneer DEH-X5600BT takes the first place in the top 10 receivers. The optimal price / quality ratio for its class is an excellent sound image, surround sound, deep bass and crystal top tones. For this you can forgive some uncomfortable management. And the rest of the car radio has everything you need - Bluetooth, an input for the steering wheel, support for all major formats, there is an additional analog input and a USB input.