The best lures for pike in autumn, the most catchy baits

Many anglers are sure that the is the most catchy spinner on the pike in the fall - the largest .There is a theory of "big bait = big fish".It is believed that a large pike prefers larger prey, since it spends less energy than chasing a small bipod. Small pikes are also quite capable of eating surprisingly large prey. Often, small pikes are caught on baits that are not much smaller than themselves.

Another theory about why large baits are the most successful is that the pike sees in the big fish( bait) of the enemy and will attack it regardless of whether it is hungry or not. This works well for bait simulating another pike. However, all these theories do not mean that small spoon-bait for the pike "do not work."

So which spoon is better for a pike in the fall? Rating of the best pike lures in the fall will help you to understand this issue. We also chose the best wobblers for pike.


10. Kuusamo Rasanen

  • 9. Mepps Lusox
  • 8. DAM Effzett
  • 7. Mepps Aglia
  • 6. Mepps Syclops 1 Silver / Red
  • 5. Rapala Minnow Spoon
  • 4. Bouncing spinner ATOM
  • 3. BlueFox Super Vibrax
  • 2. Mepps Aglia Long
  • 1. Kastmaster
  • 10. Kuusamo Rasanen

    The price is from 380 rubles.

    Vibrating bait-"non-disengaging" from a time-tested Finnish manufacturer. Perfectly suitable for fishing in places with hard-to-reach bottom relief. Thanks to its elegant outlines and special hydrodynamics, this lure can be used for spinning, as well as for the catching method called "path".

    9. Mepps Lusox

    The price is from 261 rubles.

    A distinctive feature of these spoon-baits are the petals of silver and gold colors, which, while rotating, "push" the water. In this case, the petals rotate slowly, and the angle of their deviation does not exceed 25 degrees. Bird on reviews of anglers is very catchy, and the main trick at its use is to learn the correct wiring. It is similar to the usual stepped, when the rise from the bottom is high and slightly accelerated, and the descent is as long as possible, slow and gentle.

    8. DAM Effzett

    The price is from 219 rubles.

    There are three "pike" versions of this spinner:

    • wide with a sharp nose;
    • wide with a rounded nose;
    • wide with pointed ends.

    Any of these species is perfect for pike fishing. But narrow wobble for a hike for a pike is not worth buying, they are caught by perch and small asp in rivers with a strong current.

    7. Mepps Aglia

    The cost is from 149 rubles.

    Another bait from the French manufacturer Mepps in the rating of catching lures for the pike in the fall . For the pike, the best bait with numbers 4 and 5 is best. The angle of rotation of the petal of the spoon-bait is 60 degrees. Has a high drag( "porosity").

    6. Mepps Syclops 1 Silver / Red

    The cost is from 240 rubles.

    The movements of this spoon bait successfully imitate the live fish, and ten facets of light reflection attract the pike like a beacon.

    5. Rapala Minnow Spoon

    The cost is from 415 rubles.

    It is one of the most catchy baits of . This oscillating and non-clutching baits has a "body" flattened from the sides and plays well both with slow uniform wiring and on the fall. With it you can catch pike, perch and perch in places with dense bottom grass, in reeds and snags.

    4. Fluctuating bait "ATOM"

    The cost is from 310 rubles.

    Universal oscillating bait is best suited for fishing for pike and other predators in places with a weak current or even without it. They can be used both in casting and as baits for trolling.

    3. Blue Fox Super Vibrax

    Cost - from 340 rubles.

    Popular rotating baubles with non-standard construction. The "body" of the bait is made of metal and the spoon's axis is rigidly fixed in it. The petal has a classical form. The sharpest triple hook will not leave the fish a chance to slip.

    2. Mepps Aglia Long

    The cost is from 300 rubles.

    This rotating spinner is so bright that it will attract any predatory fish. And in standing and turbulent water the movements of the spoon-bait keep the correct movement and stable rotation of the petal. It has the sizes from N0 to N5.

    1. Kastmaster

    The cost is from 300 rubles.

    American blesna on pike. Top 10 lures led by a wide variety of sizes( a total of 5), versatility( it can catch any predator living in fresh water and in the sea) and a moderate game of moderate intensity. With accelerated spinning, the spoon bobber quickly emerges to the surface, although it has a large mass. It can be driven quickly and slowly, the pike will still notice and attack the lure bait.