The best films about dragons - the list of the most fascinating pictures about fire-breathing creatures

In the mythology of each people there are many extraordinary creatures. A special place among them is occupied by dragons - amazing creatures of incredible power and beauty. offers the best films about dragons - the list of the most interesting and spectacular pictures about fire-breathing giants.


Ring of Nibelungen

Opens our list of the best films about dragons of a fantasy « Ring of Nibelungs ».

Unidentified young smith Siegfried performs a great feat - he relieves the Burgundians from the oppression of the terrifying dragon Fafnir. Legends are about the treasures of the latter. According to legend, the one who will encroach upon the dragon's wealth will be cursed forever. Siegfried did not believe that the treasures of Fafnir would bring him terrible troubles. He took them with him, and before leaving he bathed in the dragon's blood in order to gain unprecedented strength and immortality. Without renouncing the wealth of Fafnir, Siegfried condemned not only himself, but also the beautiful warrior, the queen of Iceland Brünnhild and his wife Krimhild. Even immortality turns out to be a fraud - during the bathing in the dragon's blood, the sheet that was attached to the back of the hero left an unprotected patch of skin. Striking a weapon at this place can kill Siegfried.


Dragon Ring

The list of the best films about dragons of a fantasy " Ring of the Dragon " continues. The knights George and Tarik return to Europe after the end of the Crusade. Arriving in the possession of King Edgar, they learn the sad news - the beautiful Diseaderia was gone. The princess was preparing for the wedding, on which she was to receive from her father a precious gift - a dragon ring that gives his possessor the power over the country. Noble knights go in search of the princess with her fiancé, not suspecting that the ring was nicknamed "dragon". ..


Dungeon of dragons

Fantasy " Dungeon of Dragons " - in 8th place in the list of the best films about dragons. The action in the painting takes place in the magical country of Izmir, in which the entire population is divided into two castes: mages and ordinary people. The sorcerer Profion intends to remove Queen Savin from the throne, but first he needs to receive the Golden Rod of the ruler. His possessor has the opportunity to control the mighty golden dragons. From his librarian Savina learns a great secret - in the world there is one more rod, with which you can control the red dragons. He learns about the second staff and Profion. He sends his faithful servant Damodara in search of a powerful artifact.


The seventh son of

The fantasy film directed by Sergei Bodrov " The Seventh Son of " takes 7th place in the list of the best films about dragons.

Knight and hunter of evil Gregory encapsulates in a deep well under the magical constipation of his former lover, and now the queen of witches Malkin. Years pass, and the iron lattice loses its strength. Malkin break free. All her hatred is directed against people and begins to gather an army of minions. The Queen of Witches is becoming stronger every day and can take the form of a huge dragon. Learning that troops are flocking to the witch's castle, Gregory tries to destroy Malkin, but suffers defeat and loses his pupil. He has negligible time to prepare a new hunter for evil, and Gregory goes in search of the seventh son - only he, according to legend, has incredible power and can defeat Malkin. He finds Tom Ward and begins training, on whose success the fate of the whole kingdom depends.


Dragon Heart

" Dragon Heart " takes 6 place in the list of the best dragon films.

Knight Bowen is the tutor of the young prince Einon. During the suppression of the popular uprising, the boy was fatally wounded, and he was carried to the last dragon for help. He shares with Einon a part of his heart and sets the condition that the prince grows a noble and just king. But Einon becomes an even more cruel tyrant than his father was. Bowen decided that the heart of the dragon was the blame and swore to exterminate all of his tribe. With one of the dragons failed to quickly deal with, and after several days of battle, the opponents went on a truce. Bowen and Draco travel around the country and arrange a phony disposal of the surroundings from the dragon. But once their deception is revealed, and they take refuge in Avalon. They meet Kara, who tried to make an attempt on Einon. She persuades Bowen to speak out against the cruel King, but he refuses. And only the vision of King Arthur who visited the knight makes him change his mind and lead the insurrection.


Era of dragons

On 5 , the place in the list of the best pictures about flying fire-breathing monsters - the fantasy " Era of Dragons ".

The crew under the command of Ahab hunts dragons. They allegedly try to get from the bodies of flying giants a mythical "sphere" - an explosive liquid. The harpooner Ismail joins the team. He soon learns that the only goal of Ahab is a huge white dragon, who once destroyed the captain's family and disfigured his face with scars.



The screen version of the fantasy novel by Christopher Paolini " Eragon " with the same name takes 4 place in the list of the best films about dragons.

Alageism is a magical land inhabited by humans, elves, gnomes and other amazing creatures. Once there lived the dragon horsemen, destroyed by the most powerful of them, Galbatorix. Fifteen-year-old Eragon is the last of the dragon horsemen. Once he found the dragon's egg, he raised a dragon to Sapphira. The young warrior is destined to fight with Galbatorix to save Alaghezia from his tyranny.


Game of Thrones

The most popular TV series " Game of Thrones " is also included in the list of the best films about dragons. In the history of the Seven Kingdoms, these creatures played for many thousands of years an important role. Thanks to them, battles were won and entire continents conquered. But gradually the dragons began to die out - they were born less and less, and could no longer compete with their great ancestors. The last three dragon eggs were donated to the only surviving heir from the dynasty of Targarienes - dragon lords. Dyeneris became the mother of dragons when she ascended to her husband's funeral pyre. She miraculously survived and was rewarded with three tiny dragons, promising to grow into huge and mighty creatures.



The trilogy " Hobbit ", which is one of the best films about dragons, will tell you about the amazing and full adventure of the gnome troop and one hobbit to Lonely Mountain. Once there was a great kingdom of gnomes - Erebor. It was destroyed by a huge dragon, Smaug. Heir to the throne of the kingdom of the dwarves under the mountain Thorin Duboshchit intends to return to his people was greatness and goes on a dangerous journey to the Lonely Mountain.


Power of fire

About what can happen to human civilization, if it collides with mighty ancient creatures, tells the best picture about dragons " Power of fire ".When building the London Underground, workers stumbled upon a cave with a dragon sleeping in it. The monster woke up and broke free, destroying the city along the way. Twenty years later, the sky was completely dominated by the sprouting dragons, and the remnants of the surviving people hid in shelters. Quinn Abercrombie heads a small colony lurking in an ancient castle. One day a detachment of dragon hunters comes to them, who successfully fight with fire-breathing monsters. Their goal - to find and destroy the only male, 20 years ago, destroyed London.