Rating of the 10 best bread makers in 2017 for the price / quality

The smell of warm, freshly baked bread is more pleasant than the smell of the most expensive perfume. If you want to enjoy delicious, soft and fresh bread every day, you can not do without a bread maker. We present to you a review of the 2017 bakeries .The rating of the best quality models was compiled according to the user rating on "Yandex. Market".

Table of Contents:

  • 10. Panasonic SD-ZB2502
  • 9. Panasonic SD-2510
  • 8. REDMOND RBM-M1911
  • 7. REDMOND RBM-1908
  • 6. REDMOND RBM-1908
  • 5. Ariete 131
  • 4. Bomann CB 594
  • 3. Sinbo SBM-4716
  • 2. Midea AHS15BC
  • 1. Oursson BM0801J

10. Panasonic SD-ZB2502

  • The cost, on the average - 16 589 rubles.
  • The number of automatic programs is 12.

Opens the rating of breadmakers in 2017 for quality and price very stylish model from a well-known manufacturer. With its help you can not only bake bread, but also make dough for ravioli, muffins and even cook jam. According to user feedback, bread is simply amazing. However, because of the cumbersome bread maker, it will be difficult to carry it from place to place, and the signal for finishing the work will have to be listened to, it is too quiet.

9. Panasonic SD-2510

  • The average price is 12 489 rubles.
  • The number of automatic programs is 13.

With this breadmaker you can bake both ordinary bread and muffins, and also cook jam and make a yeast-free dough, pizza dough and ravioli. It is easy to operate, it works quietly, is made of quality materials and contains all the necessary capacities for ingredients.

The drawback is the same as that of the previous model - a quiet shutdown sound.


  • The price, on the average - 7 999 rub.
  • The number of automatic programs is 19.

If you like Borodino bread and rye bread, the RBM-M1911 is the best bread maker for you. She has a lot of programs, easy management, there are multivark options, and bread turns airy and very appetizing.

Disadvantages: a nasty squeak, vibrates when the dough mixes.

7. Panasonic SD-2501WTS

  • The average cost is 12,490 rubles.
  • The number of automatic programs is 12.

One of the most popular bread makers in the ranking of the best in 2017.She has many successful recipes and simple management. The device works quietly( except that the bucket knocks while kneading the dough), and the bread turns tasty and with a ruddy crust.

Cons: due to a weak non-stick coating, the scapula is quickly scratched.


  • The average price is 4 339 rubles.
  • The number of automatic programs is 19.

With this breadmaker in your house there will be white, rye and Borodino bread, jams, bezdzhozhzhevaya baking daily. A small weight compared to other bakery from the popularity rating of 2017 will allow you to easily and quickly transfer the device to where you need it.

Disadvantages: it works loud, so it's better not to turn on at night.

5. Ariete 131

  • Average value - 9,499 rubles.
  • The number of automatic programs is 12.

The fifth number in the top-10 of the best bread makers is a beautiful and compact model, which mixes dough to 900 gr. This is enough to bake cakes or bread for a family of 2-3 people. Users praise the good build quality of Ariete 131, its quiet operation and very detailed and understandable instructions.

A scold this bread maker for a poorly fitting lid.

4. Bomann CB 594

  • For sale, on average, for 8,999 rubles.
  • The number of automatic programs is 9.

A distinctive feature of this bread maker is the two kneading kneaders. Its functions it performs perfectly, kneads dough without lumps, bakes quickly and works quietly. There are convenient handles to easily pull out the mold. Non-stick coating is of high quality and durable.

Disadvantage: there are few recipes in the operating instructions.

3. Sinbo SBM-4716

  • It is offered, on the average, for 4 289 rbl.
  • The number of automatic programs is 12.

The cheapest bread maker in the ranking of the Bakers of 2017.Thanks to the removable cover it is easy to clean, the non-stick coating is kept perfectly, the dough is mixed quietly, and if necessary, you can set the timer for baking until 13 o'clock.

Inscriptions on the bread maker in German, but to this, given its price, it's hard to find fault.

2. Midea AHS15BC

  • Average price - 6 390 rub.
  • Number of automatic programs - 13.

Qualitatively made and inexpensive model with intuitive-clear control. Bread is excellent, during baking the device does not smell of plastic, programs as much as in more expensive models, but what else do you need from a good bread maker?

1. Oursson BM0801J

  • The average price is 5 990 rubles.
  • The number of automatic programs is 10.

The best bread maker in terms of price and quality. It will easily cope with cooking jam and with baking rye bread, and with cakes, not to mention the usual white. The control is very simple, the weight of the bread maker is small, it works quietly, and thanks to the original and bright design it will fit into the interior of any kitchen.

The only drawback: in the prescription book the required amount of salt, sugar and yeast is indicated in grams, not in measuring spoons.