TV rating 40 inches in 2016, the best models

Background picture accompanied by music, at a party or family gatherings with popcorn in front of a comedy, video games on a large and high-quality screen or culinary TV shows - TVs never go out of style. Introducing the best televisions of 40 inches in 2016 .The rating is compiled according to the users' reviews on the Yandex. Market website.

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  • 10. LG 42LB679V
  • 9. Philips 40PFT4009
  • 8. LG 42LB658V
  • 7. Samsung UE40JU6600U
  • 6. LG 42LB677V
  • 5. Samsung UE40H6230
  • 4. Mystery MTV-4129LT2
  • 3. LG 42LB552V
  • 2. Samsung UE40JU7000
  • 1. Samsung UE40H6500

10. LG 42LB679V

Average price: 41 000 rubles

Among the advantages: very beautifuldesign, a screen with excellent viewing angles, excellent image quality, a lot of settings makes it possible to fit the picture below the floorzovatelya, surround sound and deep handy remote. Disadvantages: delayed response of the menu.

9. Philips 40PFT4009

Average price: 25 000 rubles

Clear interface, but with minor flaws - for example, software can not scan channels in automatic mode. And when playing files from a flash drive sometimes there are difficulties.

8. LG 42LB658V

Average price: 37 000 rubles

Perfect option for those who need a TV in the bedroom or for joint views in the living room( in a set there are four pairs of 3D glasses).The picture is clear, bright, the interface is comfortable, though, a long view of online movies causes memory overflow and application closing.

7. Samsung UE40JU6600U

Average price: 46 000 rubles

The main difference of this model is a curved screen that seems to cover the user, especially if it is at a small distance from the screen;A great option if the target is a monitor for games. However, there are also related disadvantages - weak contrast, and the viewing angles are affected.

6. LG 42LB677V

Average price: 37 000 rubles

Stylish design, bright and clear image, good 3D, Magic console is convenient. There are connectors of different formats for connecting everything you need. Cons: sometimes you have to think about installing applications, it lingers for about ten seconds when turned on, the location of some connectors is overlapped by the rack.

5. Samsung UE40H6230

Average price: 38 000 rubles

This TV is thin, light, with good image quality, convenient remote control and a clear menu with a lot of settings. However, if the main criterion for buying is 3D or games, then it's better to choose another model: 3D is weak, and the response time for games is too big.

4. Mystery MTV-4129LT2

Average price: 24 000 rubles

The only model of Mystery Electronics in the rating of the best televisions in 2016 is 40-42 inches( the technique is made in China according to the drawings from Russia).With a frequency of 120 Hz, the picture is very good. The sound is weak( but you can put the speakers) and the settings menu is very ascetic.

3. LG 42LB552V

Average price: 30 000 rubles

Third place among the best TVs 40 inches in 2016 from LG, model 42LB552V - a workhorse without special frills, for those who want to just watch movies and TV shows. For a diagonal of this size, the price is relatively small, there are different settings( up to power consumption), and the matrix IPS and Full HD resolution will provide a bright and clear picture. Minus: the connection ports are almost in the center of the back of the TV.

2. Samsung UE40JU7000

The average price: 57 000 rubles

The main advantage of the second place in the top of TVs in quality is Ultra HD 4K.Although this technology is still developing, but the materials available to this day give rise to a feeling of delight in the soul over the opportunities that are opening up. The recently developed operating system Tizten significantly accelerated the work on the Internet, but it still does not reach the ideal - it works slowly. Cons: glossy screen, short power cord, lack of fixing screws in the kit.

1. Samsung UE40H6500

Average price: 43 000 rubles

TV rating 40 inches in 2016 heads the model of UE40H6500 manufactured by Samsung. Advantages - a lively and clear picture in 3D, good sound. An excellent console is a convenient form, controlled by the application. Pleasantly happy speed of switching. In the browser you can watch transmissions of any length, memory overflow does not occur. Installing a special widget, you can watch movies of dubious origin.