How to install water heater electric storage

The apartment or private home with a centralized water supply connection of the hot water tank funded not cause too much difficulty. In addition, you can do all the work with his own hands. To know how to install a storage electric water heater correctly you must comply with all safety requirements.

Unlike other models electric boiler most functional device for heating water. His feature - thermos tank design, which provides a number of advantages:

Wide range of models allows you to choose the electric heater to the individual requirements and operating conditions.

Installing the water heater


Before installing your hands carefully read the instructions that came with any model of the heating device. It shall be detailed wiring diagram water heater and other important moments:

  • number of holes for hanging the boiler;
  • requirements for fasteners;
  • sequence tubes compounds;
  • other equipment that will ensure proper operation.

installation Steps

Installing the water heater is carried out in several stages:

  1. Check for electrical connectivity.
  2. The choice of location.
  3. Preparation of necessary materials and working tools.
  4. Fixing device.
  5. Connecting to the water supply.
  6. Turning on the grid.

Selecting a location

To complete the work the hot water tank and its safe operation is necessary to select the proper location for the installation. In a city apartment is usually the toilet, bathroom or kitchen. The height of the mount is limited by the size of the room. It should provide easy access to controls.

Site Requirements:

  • it should be smooth, without protuberances and angular inclinations;
  • necessary to provide a horizontal setting of the boiler;
  • best location - above the toilet;
  • wall should be a carrier;
  • finding optimal as close to the point of dispensing to minimize temperature loss.

Work tools

If the installation is in your own hands, you have to prepare in advance of the working tool with the materials without which the right to set the instrument will not work.


Among the inventory shall be:

  • Drill with a set of drill bits;
  • and adjustable wrench;
  • screwdriver.


For mounting in handy:

  • anchor in the number of brackets;
  • tees;
  • Ball Valves;
  • connecting tubes (metal and plastic, polypropylene, flexible);
  • if necessary purification filter and pressure reducer;
  • fum-tape.
storage water heater


Water heaters with a tank capacity of up to 200 liters have a wall mount, which makes them suitable for installation in a small apartment. Models with a horizontal installation is usually held on the four brackets, vertical - two.

To anchor fastener provided with a 10 mm diameter and a length not less than 100 mm. One such anchor can withstand up to 300 kg body weight.

To fix the boiler volume from 30 to 150 liters enough 2-4 of the anchor. Boilers with a tank capacity of more than 200 liters are mounted only on the floor, otherwise a high risk of collapse of the device and hold its walls.


Getting to self-assembly work is necessary to verify its actions to the instruction. In accordance with the requirements of its conduct on the wall as follows:

  1. Make markup Wizard.
  2. Drill holes in the target site.
  3. Install them in the appropriate number of anchors;
  4. Hang the boiler and lock nuts.

For the stability and durability of the anchorage in a brick wall, you must adhere to the drilling operations. It is impossible to drill a hole in the fixing solution at the joints of the bricks, and the drill bit must deepened at 90 °.

Installing the water heater circuit

Water connection

Once the device is mounted on the wall, you must connect it to the water supply pipes.


Pre off the water, open the valve and release pressure in the system. Next, perform the installation needed to connect the equipment:

  1. Attach the pipes from the riser tees.
  2. Put them on the shut-off valves.
  3. At the inlet of the heater pipe fix a safety valve for pressure relief.
  4. Tie all elements of flexible plumbing connections or tubes made of plastic, polypropylene, and other materials.

Tightness is ensured compounds fum-tape. If necessary, from the riser pipe mounted accessories to which the water purification filter and a low-quality pressure reducer.

leak check

When all the work with his own hands will require independent verification of connections for leaks. To this end:

  1. Open the hot water tap of the heater.
  2. Run in the hot water tank cold water.

When the tank is filled with water and will go from the tap to visually inspect the connections to prevent leaks.

Electrical connection

Electric water heaters boiler type do not require a lot of electricity. Even large boilers the volume 150 liters have a capacity of 1.5 to 2 kW. This makes it possible to power the hot water tank from the usual outlets. Ease of switching to the power grid does not negate precautions:

  • The device must be grounded.
  • From the outlet can not supply the other devices.

Learn about how to install the water heater, you can easily perform all installation work themselves, without leaving a house without water for a long time.