Citrus: how to choose, customer reviews

If you like natural juices, it is best to do it yourself with a home juicer. So you can be sure that the beverage quality, does not contain preservatives. Of all the orange juice is one of the most popular, because it is delicious and contains a lot of vitamin C.

For his homemade suit citrus, which differs from other types of devices.


  • 1 types of devices
  • 2 Benefits
  • 3 Description of instruments
    • 3.1 Hand
    • 3.2 mechanical
    • 3.3 electrical
  • 4 Criterias of choice
  • 5 TOP-3 citrus juicer
    • 5.1 Vitesse VS-213
    • 5.2 Moulinex PC 3021 Vitapress 1000
    • 5.3 Bosch MCP3000 / 3500

types of devices

Among all the units to provide a beverage of any fruit and vegetable juice extractor for the processing of citrus fruits isolated in a separate class, because they have a different design. They are much easier to use and maintain. Oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapefruit and these fruits have a soft texture with a high water content, so are easier to squeeze out the juice.

To make the drink of citrus, you need to make quite a bit of effort. Most of these juicers manual and can work without electricity. Can use it even a child.

Citrus juicers can be divided into the following types:

  • small hand;
  • mechanical;
  • running from the mains.

Also, cell phones are household and professional use. The former are used to prepare the house drink. Basically, they have one or two functions: squeeze the juice and adjust the amount of pulp. This can be done using different Veins.

The second is used to catering facilities - restaurants, cafes, bars. They are mechanical and electrical. In manual type of linkage is provided for easy extraction liquid. Electrical professional models have more power, which allows a short time to ensure visitors fresh juice. In addition, they have a range of additional features that extend the capabilities of the device. They are also provided with a multi-stage protection system.

For the preparation of orange juice at home using a simple appliance.

If you plan to prepare a drink from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, you can buy a multi-functional model of a screw or centrifugal. Otherwise, most of the functions of such devices remain unused, and the buyer will overpay for unnecessary options.


The main plus citrus juicer - beverage prepared by cold pressing. Juice released by simple pressure on the fruit, while it is not heated as a centrifugal juicer, useful substances are not destroyed.

Another advantage of these devices - the simplicity and ease of maintenance. To prepare the juice is not even necessary to clean the fruit from the rind, it suffices to cut the fruit in half and impose a special nozzle. Then, several scroll motions fruit. After that, you can throw the skins, and the device is easily cleaned under running water.

There is no need to clean the tank from the cake and wash all the components. The whole process takes a few minutes.

Cold pressed very effective - waste accounts for a small part. Thus prepared beverages obtained thick and rich.

Another important factor - the cost of manual juicer at times less than the most basic model of the centrifugal type. Small hand stand up to a few hundred rubles.

Description of instruments

Equipment for obtaining juice from citrus may be designed for quite a small amount of liquid (20-50 ml) and a few liters or cup.


Manual juicer

There are hand-held devices for squeezing a lemon or orange slices. This device is small in size, in shape resembling a chesnokodavilku. On the underside of the handle has a recess, which put a slice of fruit. Then it is covered with an upper portion and a result of the pressing piece is squeezed fruit juice. It flows down through the slot.

This kitchen appliance is useful if you need to get one or two tablespoons of lemon juice for salad or cocktail. As a rule, they are made of plastic.

Another similar unit looks like a tube with a spray gun. To use this type of juicer is very easy - the end of the tube to be inserted in a pre-cut hole in the skin of the fruit until it stops. Then you need to click on the sprayer arm and begins to pour out of him juice. Very handy for filling dishes.

Device for several cups of beverage containers have the form of circular cone in the middle. At cone ribbed surface for a better impact on the flesh. fruit cut in half worn on top of the nozzle and rotated with a force. Squeezed juice flows into the bowl through the holes. Such actions must be repeated several times until the peel will not nearly dry.


manual juicer

Mechanical Press Citrus is the same principle, but there is no special physical effort is required. The unit is controlled by a lever, which greatly simplifies the spin. On the conical nozzle is put half of the fruit, and then the lever is lowered and squeezed nectar poured into a receptacle which is located underneath.

These juicers are made of steel, so the fruit is given the maximum juice from the pulp.

With these devices you can do not only drink from citrus, and even tomatoes, pomegranates, berries. The device copes well with grains and small seeds, so the juice is obtained homogenous.


electric juicer

Electric models are similar to hand, only they have the drive. Conical nozzle is rotated by a motor, which accelerates the process of preparing a beverage. Orange, grapefruit or lemon also be cut in half and spread on cone. Then cover with a lid and turn the unit on.

In simple models, the cap must be protected during the rotation of the nozzle. More expensive devices equipped with a clamping mechanism that holds the fruit in the cup. The resulting juice flows into the bowl of the device.

These juicers operate on low speed, so the drink is not heated. With it, you can quickly make one or two liters. Disassembled and clean the device quite easily.

Criterias of choice

To select a juicer for a few glasses of drink on a daily basis, it is worth considering the following criteria:

  • power;
  • casing material;
  • container size;
  • packing;
  • additional functions.

In the electric citrus juicer is necessary to check the power rating. It can be from 20 to 80 watts. The greater the power, the higher the rotational speed of the nozzle and beverage preparation.

Reservoir for collecting the juice must be made of durable glass or high-grade plastic. Ordinary plastic darkens with age and accumulates odors. Known brands use plastic materials, is virtually identical to the properties of the glass.

If you are going to do a few glasses of drink at a time, choose a juicer with a large bowl. Typically, the tank capacity in the range of 400 ml to 1.5 liters.

With different nozzles can be adjusted thickness of the beverage. This is achieved through the slits on the surface. Changing them, you can get rich juice concentrate or liquid formulation, like nectar. Also included are tips of different sizes for smaller and larger fruit.

Of useful additional functions can be recommended reverse. With him the fruit is scrolled in different directions, which increases the spin rate. And with such a function as Direct juice flow you can just pour the prepared drink into a glass. This makes it easier for device maintenance, excluding optional washing tanks.

TOP-3 citrus juicer

On the representation of models respond well to customers, which indicates reliability of devices.

Vitesse VS-213

Vitesse VS-213

High capacity for low-cost models in 85 W allows the juice to get ready very quickly. From materials used plastic and stainless steel. Bones from getting into the drink saves strainer.


  • It runs quietly;
  • easy to use;
  • a system of drop-stop;
  • rubberized feet.


  • only one nozzle;
  • no auto reverse and niche for the wire.

Moulinex PC 3021 Vitapress 1000

Moulinex PC 3021 Vitapress 1000

Juicer with two extraction modes. You can select the cooking juice with pulp or without. Tank 1 liter is made of a transparent glass through which visible volume of beverage.


  • there are reverse;
  • compact;
  • no noise at work;
  • conveniently disassembled;
  • easy to clean parts.


  • can reverse wedge;
  • plastic gradually turn yellow.

Bosch MCP3000 / 3500

Bosch MCP3000 / 3500

Popular model for juicing citrus with a simple construction. Enough power for home use. Bowl made of opaque plastic.


  • on the tank is in the range of the produced beverage ml in glasses;
  • sealed;
  • easy to maintain.


  • You can not adjust the level of the flesh.
  • sometimes the reverse does not work even if you press.

Before buying, make a list of functions you intend to use. And also consider the user reviews and expert advice. This will facilitate the selection of a suitable model.