Rating of the most profitable German car factories

The German automotive industry is rightly recognized by experts and consumers as one of the best in the world. Cars from Germany enjoy a stable demand and bring the plants a considerable profit.

The Automotive Research Center of the German University of Duisburg-Essen has published the rating of the most profitable German car plants .In the number of profitable did not hit the factories of Opel - the concern incurs significant losses, for each car produced, there are up to 939 euros of losses. Among the outsiders was Peugeot-Citroen, losing on each car 789 euros.


  • 9. Renault.
  • 8. Toyota.
  • 7. Volkswagen.
  • 6. Hyundai.
  • 5. Chrysler.
  • 4. Daimler.
  • 3. Audi.
  • 2. BMW.
  • 1. Porsche.

9. Renault.

The French car factory in Germany brings 65 euros of profit for each car produced. Unlike Peugeot-Citroen, things are better for the French.

8. Toyota.

The world's largest automaker gets 845 euros of profit from each car produced in Germany.

7. Volkswagen.

VW plants could not overcome the bar in 1000 euros - the profit from one produced car is 916 euros.

6. Hyundai.

Koreans outperformed Volkswagen and demonstrated a good result - 1386 euros from the car. The German market is the largest in Europe for Hyundai cars, which clearly demonstrates the profitability of the car factory.

5. Chrysler.

After the failure of 2009, when it was announced the bankruptcy of Chrysler, the brand demonstrates a steady increase in sales in all markets. The profit of the automaker from one car is 1436 euros.

4. Daimler.

Concern is not among the leaders of the rating, but has a good chance of success this year. Experts at the University of Duisburg-Essen predict the success of sales of the new model Mercedes A-class. Daimler receives 3,621 euros of profit for each car.

3. Audi.

Closes the top three in the rating of the most profitable auto factories manufacturer of premium cars. Concern slightly behind BMW and demonstrates 4242 euros profit per car.

2. BMW.

The native German market is the second most important for the BMW concern after the North American. In Germany, most of the machines produced here are being sold. The profit for one BMW car was 4325 euros.

1. Porsche.

The leader of the rating receives 16,826 euros of profit for each car produced. With this indicator, he leaves the closest competitors far behind. Porsche is the most profitable automotive company in the world. Turnover of this manufacturer of elite sports cars exceeds 7.5 billion euros.