PAMM portfolios of Alpari, index rating

So that the investor has the opportunity to distribute risks and profitability as efficiently and profitably as possible, the brokerage company Alpari offers its clients to invest money not in separate PAMM accounts, but in the already collected portfolios.

PAMM-portfolio represents an excellent diversification possibility. Each Alpari index is compiled on the basis of a number of specific requests:

  • The level of risk of the entire deposit being drained;
  • Maximum drawdown;
  • Expected return;
  • Nominal profit for the reporting period.

Thanks to the intuitive interface of the best PAMM site «Alpari», investors can at any time to conduct a ranking of their investments, screening low-income and adding more profitable assets.

Introducing the most profitable Alpari PAMM Portfolios:


  • 10. Manual-profit
  • 9. DEN - USD
  • 8. Diversified
  • 7. Levit
  • 6. Ezoterik
  • 5. JacksonPAMM
  • 4. Index Top 20 FX
  • 3A-Portfolio
  • 2. SR-Plus
  • 1. Stability

10. Manual-profit

This is one of the most reliable PAMM portfolios, consisting of seven accounts. The age of each account included in this PAMM index is not less than eight months, which indicates the stability, as well as the high focus of managers. The current profitability of Manual-profit is 31.7%, which, given the recent monthly drawdown of 5.7%, is a high indicator of professionalism.

9. DEN - USD

Consists of eight accounts. The investment currency is the US dollar. The current yield reaches 23%.The largest drawdown is not more than 3%.A promising young PAMM portfolio, capable in the future to bring a considerable profit.

8. Diversified

PAMM portfolio with a significant degree of diversification. It consists of twenty-seven accounts of different ages and level of profitability. At the age of only seven months, the index was already able to prove itself well, showing profitability of 20.6%.

7. Levit

PAMM index, which includes only four accounts. But despite the low percentage of risk distribution, shows a high rate of return - 57.2%.Such a high rate of return is due to the high professionalism of managers, each of which has been successfully operating for at least one year.

6. Ezoterik

Excellent relationship between experience and prospects. It combines only two accounts: NightHunter2_Sx2 and SeeK with the age of sixteen days and more than three years respectively. Characterized by high volatility indicators, resulting in - an excellent opportunity to use the strategy of "scalping", as well as "the entrance to the drawdowns."

5. JacksonPAMM

Highly diversified, with excellent profitability indicators. The current yield is 53.1 percent. The age of the index is about ten months.

4. Index Top 20 FX

Professionally selected PAMM portfolio. With a maximum level of profitability of slightly more than 30%, and the loss does not exceed 7%.The index provides investors with a stable and high profit for already eleven months.

3. A-Portfolio

It is characterized by insignificant level of volatility and profitableness within 30%.Is the most diversified portfolio.

2. SR-Plus

One of the most conservative portfolios. The maximum fixed loss for half a year of work is 2%, with a maximum profit of 18%.

1. Stability

Since the moment of portfolio formation, profitability is already 44%, which is quite a high indicator with no drawdowns at all. A wonderful combination of experience of five managers.

Based on the above rating, the level of profitability for different time slices can have a strong volatility. But, if the investor wants to minimize the risk of his investments, you can use various PAMM portfolios. In doing so, the level of diversification reaches the highest level, providing a significant indicator of profitability with the most minimal risks, possible losses.