The most unusual car tuning

The appearance of cars moving along our roads often does not attract attention. Most car owners, when they buy a car, leave it in their original, "native" form. But there are people who are eager to see the new in everything, to show their craving for creativity and to show the world something completely new. It is these car owners who go to the workshops to carry out the external tuning of their car.

Options to change the look of auto a lot. Often such a desire ends in painting and airbrushing. Drawings can be surprisingly beautiful, voluminous, really unique. It looks very beautiful and unusual, but not so unusual as those options, which will be discussed later.

Machine-hero of the film or cartoon

Love for various tapes( film or cartoon) is one of the constituent parts of world culture. There is nothing surprising in that the favorite images moved from the TV screens to the world around us. They did not ignore the cars. Thus, the refinement of the appearance can lead to the fact that the beloved car will not be different from the "hero" of the well-known film "Taxi", which won the hearts of many fans of speed and drive. But fans of science fiction are unlikely to survive if a black car with wings passes by them - almost such as associate with Batman and his amazing exploits on the verge of reality.

Fans of bright cartoons can always make their cars a bit "cartoonish."Experts of the Pleiades Tech Center will not need much time to realize such a dream.

Steampunk-style car

For those who are ready to invest a lot of energy into their car( and money should not be cunning), perhaps the steampunk style will appeal. This direction is very popular among fans of fiction. The result of the design is not just an unusual machine, but a real work of art, like the novelties of the Geneva Motor Show. To cost such a work of art will be fabulous money, but after a while it will be much more expensive to sell it. Such tuning is not some kind of pampering or entertainment, it is a serious investment of money.

To make tuning at the highest level, it's worth to contact real professionals. Do not even try to make small changes yourself, if there is no experience in this matter. If there is a desire to learn, it is better to do it on old cars. Who knows, maybe the result of such a desire in the future will be a unique creation in the style of "steampunk".