Top-10 best books for reading on vacation

Holidays - this is a wonderful time to relax your body and soul. By the way, nothing is more conducive to proper rest, like reading an interesting book under the gentle rays of the sun and the measured whisper of waves.

Today we have compiled the Top-10 best books for reading on .The top ten included a variety of books, but each of them is ideal as a holiday reading.


  • 10. M. Binchi "Lessons of the Italian"
  • 9. A. Christie "Murder on the golf course"
  • 8. F.S.Fitzgerald "The Great Gatsby"
  • 7. S. Maugham "The Razor's Edge"
  • 6. D. Rubina "The Russian Canary"
  • 5. T. Weiner "The CIA.True story »
  • 4. I. Rankin" Tic-tac-toe "
  • 3. K. Ferguson" Stephen Hawking: life and science "
  • 2. I.Banks" Clean product. In search of the perfect whiskey »
  • 1. G.G.Marquez "One Hundred Years of Solitude"

10. M. Binchi "Lessons of the Italian"

According to the story, eight previously completely unfamiliar people miraculously come together, attending lessons of the Italian language in one of the Dublin schools. Binchi's book has traditionally become a bestseller due to its fascinating plot and excellent syllable.

9. A. Christie "Murder on the golf course"

Not the most untwisted detective Agatha Christie, meanwhile, has a fascinating storyline. As usual, the finale of the story is completely unexpected and guess who the killer is, only by the incomparable Hercule Poirot.

8. F.S.Fitzgerald "The Great Gatsby"

Most recently, the novel was filmed, which undoubtedly spurred readers' interest in the original source. And no matter how well the film was shot, he could not convey the excellent syllable and the magnificent style of Fitzgerald.

7. S. Maugham "Razor's Edge"

Classics, but the classics are light and elegant. The picture of the life of the intelligentsia in the period between the World Wars is written truthfully, vitally and very beautifully. Many described types often occur today.

6. D. Rubina "Russian canary"

This family saga, the main link in which is the canary named Zheltukhin. Two volumes of the novel describe the fate of two families from Alma-Ata and Odessa. In the book there are many descriptions of different places - apple orchards, communal apartment, Viennese cafe.

5. T. Weiner "The CIA.True story »

The book is written by the laureate of the Pulitzer Prize. The work was based on hundreds of archival documents, numerous interviews with veterans, acting agents, as well as former CIA leaders.

4. I. Rankin "Tic-tac-toe"

Rankin's novels are a magnificent British detective with a unique Scottish accent. The protagonist is Detective John Rebus, who tackles the solution of any, even the most complex crime.

3. K. Ferguson "Stephen Hawking: life and science"

In an answer to the question "What to read on vacation?" The biography of an extraordinary scientist may become an ideal option. Ferguson in his biography of the great astrophysicist does not focus so much on Hawking's scientific discoveries, but on life's problems, family, and relationships with colleagues.

2. I. Banks "Clean product. In Search of the Perfect Whiskey »

Banks is a well-known author of Neo-Gothic novels. And quite unexpectedly, from his pen comes a kind of "mix" of travel notes, the traditions of whiskey production and the culture of its use. Naturally, writing about such a drink as a whiskey is excellent for a Scotsman, moreover, known for his attachment to the national treasure.

1. G.G.Marquez "One Hundred Years of Solitude"

Far from easy reading, but surprisingly addictive book written in the genre of magical realism. The novel is translated into 35 different languages. It is noteworthy that in the book there are practically no dialogues, as well as direct speech. The plot is based on the story of the Buendia family, whose birth curse was loneliness. An amazing book about people, describing both the unique appearance and spirit of Colombia.