The original idea of ​​creating furniture with his own hands: 75 photo ideas

Unlike the non-standard interior It lies in the fact that it stands out from the crowd. The idea involves activation of the bright furniture, created by an individual project.

a table with his hands

Table of old barrels and Plexiglas.

A furnished room design art objects from the exhibition can not everyone. Creative ideas can be gleaned from magazines on design and come up with furniture independently.

table of logs

To implement ideas fit things from an old trunk or any available materials.


  • 1 Chair of pallets
  • 2 Coffee table from the window frame
  • 3 mounted shelves
  • 4 Decoupage
  • 5 Cardboard in the interior
  • 6 wicker items
  • 7 Benches made of tree stumps
  • 8 VIDEO: Furniture made of pallets by hand.
  • 9 50 photo ideas to create furniture with his own hands:

Chair of pallets

The trend of recent years - the creation of of furniture with his hands wooden pallets.


You can buy inexpensive waste pallets, or even take a free unnecessary.

Having bought in advance the fabric and foam rubber for the production of seats, you turn them into a comfortable chair with the following statement.

  1. Sanded and varnished pallets.

    All external surfaces should be cleaned to avoid splinters.

  2. Put on each other a few small trays. This will be the base seat, the height of which must be the same as an ordinary chair.
  3. Pallets connected together with screws.
  4. Next, take a pallet, which will serve as a backrest.
    chair of pallets

    It is put on edge, directly on top of the base and secured areas.

  5. From old pallet manufacture several parts.
    chair of pallets

    The tray is cut into several pieces to get the armrests. They also need to fix the corners.

  6. It now remains to cut a sheet of plywood for the seat size, put on top of the foam and upholstered.
  7. When the seat is fixed, you can go back. By the same token its adhesive qualities cloth.

That will have the original furniture that is suitable for the interior of the loft or in an industrial style.

Similarly, create the bed, shelves and cabinets from the pallet.

Coffee table from the window frame

Many are now bought a replacement old windows on plastic. The dismantling process is still a lot of waste, including the frame, which can last a dozen years.

table from the frame

They are easy to turn into original tables.

  • Take one of the window shutters, which do not have air vents, that is, with a solid glass.
  • Remove the glass. Unscrew the fittings - hinges, handles, latches. Wipe "cloth" surface.
  • Attach the legs to the table frame.
    table from the window

    The legs can be bought at the hardware store or borrow from the old cabinet.

  • Will only close the frame with plywood or consolidate strong Plexiglas.
    table from the window

    The original furniture is ready.

mounted shelves

By purchasing and mounting boards, you can build shelves. They can be quite unusual.

wood shelves

For example, you can arrange them in the shape of a tree with branches or complex geometric shapes.

For the manufacture of of furniture with his hands suitable acrylic or plastic.

Illuminated shelves

They are well combined with LED backlighting.

the original idea - place the closed shelves in the form of stairs.

shelf ladder

Then the inner area becomes a repository for books and the shelves will house themselves and a place for entertaining cats.


Plain wooden furniture It looks rather boring. To decorate interior suitable decoupage technique.

decoupage your own hands

You will need a primer, varnish, glue and napkins.

Everything you need is on sale in any art or specialty store.

decoupage dresser

This way you can decorate cabinet doors and bedside tables.

For decorative use can not only decoupage napkins, but also wallpapers, posters, newspaper clippings.

Cardboard in the interior

After the purchase of equipment are cardboard boxes. Many more such boxes stored in the attic.

rack of boxes

Good idea - to put them on top of each other and fasten furniture stapler. Will rack.

For creating of furniture with his hands and objects interior Use sturdy corrugated cardboard, only in advance to make sure it will withstand the weight of the books and other things.

lounger made of cardboard

The material is also suitable for creating beds.

If competently to lay down several layers old cardboard accordion and connect, get a firm bed that can support a person's weight.

cardboard bed

For the bed is likely to require a special cardboard, and it will have to buy separately.

If you are interested in this idea, it is better to start to produce furniture modest size.

wicker items

You can relax in a suspended bed with a canopy. Custom idea - weave yourself hanging bed.

woven hammock

Unusually will look wicker hammock.

The canopy can be done, too, braided or hang plain tulle.

Hammock with tyulyu

Thus, you also create a separate sitting area.

Optionally weave small items interior and accessories. Designers have learned to create wicker furniture with foam, Including sofas.

wicker sofa

White weightless foam cushions remain unchanged addition to the magnificent frame of the sofa.

Make a similar creation, using video tutorials and step by step instructions.

Benches made of tree stumps

wood furniture ubiquitous, but untreated wood is not normally used.

table of hemp

It looks very original table from a wide stump and glass top.

Interestingly looks set of old a log or logs. The easiest way - to put the tree stump on the floor and used instead of the stool.

stump stool

It looks much more interesting from a metal with legs or castors.

One more idea for convenience will be good to attach the back.

stump stool with backrest

Paint or treated wood is not required, as it should be associated with the forest and nature.

To create an original solution interiorSimple enough materials and imagination.

table and chairs made of tires

Very original and stylish solution for old tires.

produce furniture It can be made of wood intricate form, taken on your property, automobile tires and other things that at first glance appear to be unsuitable.

VIDEO: Furniture made of pallets by hand.

50 photo ideas to create furniture with his own hands:

chair of the board
a large sofa of pallets
rack of pallets
furniture the hands to give
chairs and a table of old barrels
garden furniture from pallets
sofa and chair from the pallet
comfortable sofa from pallets
bed made of cardboard
Cardboard furniture the hands
coffee table made of cardboard
pallet coffee table
sofa of pallets
bright furniture from pallets
furniture made of wooden barrels
garden furniture from pallets
Furniture made of wood garden
chairs of tires
armchair of pallets
comfortable chair of pallets
chair with his hands out of pallets
wooden furniture
the hooks of the forks
furniture from pallets to testify
cardboard lounger
chairs and a table of tire
wooden furniture for garden
chair of the board
sofa made of cardboard
clothes hangers of the forks
cardboard furniture
furniture the hands to give
wooden furniture
table from the window
table of trunk
hemp stools
table from the barrel
wicker sofa
wicker furniture
Stand seats
shelves for books of pallets
bench and a table of pallets
bench made of logs with their own hands
bench with his hands
bench around a tree
table made of cardboard
comfortable chair from the pallet
chair of pallets
use of old tires
tables and benches made of wood