Original invitations to the wedding( Top-3)

It's good to think about a wedding event - it's not just a clear plan for what will happen. This is also a careful selection of small things that will play an important role in creating the right mood. And one of such trifles, think about which should be in advance are invitations to the wedding.

Some couples traditionally go to the showroom where they are presented with a wide range of various wedding accessories. Of course, they all look nice, but that guests can appreciate all this beauty, they must be invited in an unusual way.

Today, couples are not afraid to experiment. They use as invitations the most unimaginable plots, objects and wedding accessories! And the result exceeds all expectations.


Modern couples who want to prepare their guests for the fact that their wedding will not be a usual feast, often choose this option. Guests are sent an envelope( jar, parcel).Inside such an envelope is a puzzle piece, which collects which becomes clear when, where and at what time the event will be held. Especially logical this kind of invitation will be for the subsequent wedding in the style of the quest.


For weddings in the style of knightly times, the era of ancient Rome and Greece, imperial or imperial style, it may be appropriate to invite invitations. Modern technology allows you to print a scroll that will look like aged paper on a conventional printer! To complete the picture, you can tie the scrolls with a hemp thread and seal it with a wax seal.

Invitation cookies

In the countries of the west, the fashion includes invitations, in which information about the upcoming event is placed on pies and cookies. It can be painted with cream, lined with seeds or the dough itself, written with chocolate chips, coconut shavings or powdered sugar. Words can also be cut out according to the test. The main task is to make sure that all words and numbers can be easily read.