The most anticipated gadgets and Hi-Tech news in 2012

Rating of the most anticipated novelties in the electronics market in 2012 is full of many guesses and assumptions about the characteristics of gadgets and software products. How true the experts' assumptions are - we will find out very soon. In the meantime - the top 10 long-awaited premier this year.

10. Canon EOS 5D Mark III - the next generation of the legendary camera Canon 5D should see the light in March-April 2012.The new model will have a full-frame matrix and, according to rumors, will be able to work at high ISO.Probably, Canon EOS 5D MARK III will combine such advantages of digital DSLRs from Canon, as wireless synchronization with flash and built-in level.

9. Sony Playstation 4 , expected in the market in 2012, is rumored to have a motion controller similar to Kinect. In 2012, Sony Corporation plans to sell about 20 million PS4 set-top boxes. Release date Sony Playstation 4 is not yet called. Photo is also not yet available, but numerous fans already offer several designs:

8. Windows 8 as Windows 8 Beta will be released in late February 2012.It is likely that the G8 will receive an improved system of hibernation and recovery, advanced security services, interactive management, incl.voice commands. The interface will not have anything to do with Windows 7 and Vista. However, so far little is known about the real feature set of the new "operating system" from Microsoft. Release date Windows 8 - the end of 2012, the beginning of 2013.

7. The new version of the game console Xbox, according to rumors, will be called Xbox 720 .Gamers around the world are looking forward to innovative design, a more powerful "stuffing" and, of course, the ability to integrate with all Microsoft services. The price and release date of the Xbox 720 is still unknown, as there is no official photo of the novelty.

6. Smartphones with 3D screens from different manufacturers. It is likely that other brands will be drawn for HTC and LG.Let the niche of such devices on the market be small, but there is still demand, which means that there will be new proposals.

5. Electronic readers with color displays E-Ink are able to break the resistance of the most stubborn "paper" book lovers. Having saved all the advantages of monochrome E-Ink( safety for eyes, excellent behavior in light, low power consumption), new readers will be able to please the reader with color pictures. Most likely, the first novelty will be presented by such market leaders as Amazon or PocketBook.

4. The next flagship camera phone from Nokia will certainly come in 2012 to replace Nokia N8.However, so far only its rumors go about its name and characteristics. It is possible that the market will even have several flagships from the Finnish manufacturer running both Windows Phone 7 and Symbian.

3. Samsung Galaxy S III will go on sale probably in June 2012.Some sources provide information that the third "Galaxy" will be equipped not with a 2-but a 4-core processor. Most likely, the smartphone will be running Android 4.0 ICS, and the characteristics are close to the "guglofonu" Galaxy Nexus.

2. iPad 3 traditionally occupies one of the leading places. Most of the characteristics of the new items from Apple can only be guessed, but most likely, the third iPad will have a screen with a higher resolution. After all, this was missing iPad 2 in order to become unattainable for competitors. The release date is summer-autumn 2012.

1. iPhone 5 will be the sixth version in the line of "iPhone".Another model of the most popular smartphone, according to experts, should be superior to the iPhone 4s released in the fall of 2011, which many dubbed the "passing" option.