How to whiten kitchen towels with vegetable oil: general rules, the description of recipes, soaking

Bleaching kitchen towels The kitchen is no small towels and napkins does not do any one mistress. Over time, they lose their neat appearance and turn into gray cloth, coating grease spots, sauces and the like. They constantly get dirty and are subject to constant washing, bleaching. Some people use household cleaning products, but you can use folk remedies using vegetable oil, baking soda, vinegar, and other available tools.


  1. General rules
  2. Bleaching using vegetable oil
  3. The first recipe 
  4. The second recipe
  5. The third option
  6. Soak white towels

General rules

If the following guidelines are met, the things do not fade and do not acquire the old kind, they will not have to often wash out, bleach and apply boiling:

  1. Purchase a few kitchen sets, to enjoy and have a reserve on smenku.
  2. While pollution is visually noticeable, do not rush to wash them. Towel can be in the kitchen for two to three days. If it is you are left with a clean more time, I've had enough of his time in a week.
  3. After washing treat iron products, they are from it will look neat and more time maintaining cleanliness.
  4. Use a tissue or cloth to wipe the soiled surface of the table or plate. They do not need to be carefully wash out and if you want you can just get rid of them by throwing in the trash.

For kitchen terry fabrics are not suitable. From absorb moisture they dry more slowly and are beginning to develop harmful microflora. It is better to purchase a product wafer Cotton or linen. At home, you can get rid of dirt and terry products and whiten them with vegetable fats.

Hard to get rid of chronic contaminationSo it is recommended more often to wash kitchen textiles. Things from the kitchen have grease stains and wash them to be separated from the ordinary things. But if they are odorless and practically clean, then this can be unnecessary, there is only required sorting by color.

When you work in the kitchen, it is better use disposable paper towels. Wiping their dishes or their hands can simply be thrown away. Wipes can wipe any dirt and grease, and moisture from the washed wet hands better product from the tissue. And untidy spots will appear less frequently.

Bleaching using vegetable oil

How to use cooking oil washing towelsThe methods may seem to some housewives very unusual. When oil gets on the fabric, it is very difficult to bring it back clean. But here, like cures like. Contamination with filament displays good fat component in solution. These methods are highly praised by the hostess, they cope with spots and keep a long time bright colors. When using bought-whitening agents do not occur, especially when in their composition contains chlorine.

The first recipe 

To prepare the mixture you need to take the following components:

  • water - 5 liters;
  • dry bleach and refined vegetable oil - 2 tablespoons. spoons;
  • washing powder - half cup.

To this end, suitable means even the cheapest bleach and laundry detergent. Take water hot, immediately after boiling. Mix all ingredients well and soak in this facility kitchen linen for two hours. Then wash and rinse. Washing was immersed in a solution must be dry.

In this way you can get rid of long-standing and stubborn stains to bleach towels without boiling at home. After the first time a washing dirt can remain strong, but it will disappear after the next washes.

The second recipe

Use cool boiled water, the procedure is similar to the previous process, but is designed for a large amount of liquid, then cool down and it will be longer. Take:

  • boiling water - 15 liters;
  • bleach powder, refined vegetable oil and vinegar essence - 3 st. spoons;
  • any detergent - 150 c.

Bleach together with detergent is dissolved in a small volume of liquid, and then mix all components in the remainder water until the powder is completely dissolved. Soak in this solution overnight dry things. Morning, gently squeeze and wash by hand or in a washing machine.

The third option

Before washing towels to soakThere is an ancient Japanese recipe wash kitchen linen with vegetable oil. This recipe is very popular. Pour into a bucket of water, a temperature of about 60 ° C, add water sunflower oil - 2 tablespoons of mustard powder, vinegar - 1 tablespoon. You now have a solution in which to soak the dirty dishcloths. After loading the laundry bucket cover with a lid. When pass 12 hours lingerie can get, rinse should be 4 times, alternating hot and cold water.

To regain lost whiteness dishtowels, they need to be boiled, bleached and washed. But from such methods of fabric texture is rapidly destroyed, and out of the situation will simply soak. A well-chosen components washes all the dirt on the towel.

Soak white towels

If the contamination is too strong on the towels, they need to pre-soak. Here are some ways:

  1. Dissolve washing powder in a container and add 5 tablespoons of drinking soda. Soak towels in solution and soak them 5 hours. Soda will remove the unpleasant smell, but non-ferrous products in such a way can not be soaked, from the effects of soda they will lose their color.
  2. Effective methods of bleaching towelsRecipe soaking with a special bleach. That there was a greater effect in the solution, add a panacea Domestos.
  3. Recipe using salt towels any color. To prepare the brine, it is necessary to take a liter of water and a tablespoon of salt. Applying such a solution, it is possible to get rid of spots sauce and coffee.

After each soaking towels need to be washed by any convenient method.

Get rid of any stains and chronic fatty streaks using the resulted recipes, and kitchen towels you will always smell sweet and crisp white glow.