The most popular tourist destinations in 2016

What should a tourist do if he does not get on the beaches of Turkey and Egypt, but does not want to go to Russian resorts? Take advantage of one of 's most popular tourist destinations in 2016 .They were selected by Skyscanner, designed to find inexpensive air tickets, based on the statistics of recent years.

Here are 10 countries in which the influx of Russian tourists is expected in 2016.Countries where you can go instead of Turkey and Egypt.


  • 10. Georgia
  • 9. Moldova
  • 8. Belgium
  • 7. Japan
  • 6. Canada
  • 5. Lithuania
  • 4. Cambodia
  • 3. Romania
  • 2. Slovenia
  • 1. Iran

10. Georgia

The land of the medievalarchitecture and stunning landscapes. The capital of the country Tbilisi is a mixture of old and new architecture, where the Zion Cathedral and the Narikala fortress coexist with modern hotels, khinkal and cafes. Air ticket from Moscow to Tbilisi( one way) will cost 6 149 rubles.

9. Moldova

Not far from Chisinau are the famous wine cellars of Cricova, which store 30 million liters of wine. Tour of them usually ends with a tasting of 3-5 kinds of red and white wine. It is known in Moldova and the most beautiful 10-meter waterfall - near the village of Saharna and the monastery of the Holy Trinity. The cost of an air ticket to Chisinau is from 2 922 rubles.

8. Belgium

In Brussels there is a museum of chocolate, in which you can observe how the sweet mass turns into the famous chocolate shells. There will be entertainment for beer lovers - a tour of the museum of brewing De Halve Maan in Bruges. The tasting is included in the ticket price! The flight from Moscow to Brussels will cost 8,027 rubles.

7. Japan

This country can be the seventh number in the tourist rating of 2016, but it is always number one for travelers who are looking for unusual sensations. Fans of Japanese comics are a direct road to the Manga Museum in Kyoto, art lovers to the Tokyo Kabuki-dza theater, and those who prefer to study new scientific innovations - to the interactive "museum of the future" Miraikan in Tokyo. The price of the air ticket from Moscow to Tokyo is from 26 870 rubles.

6. Canada

Those who like active entertainment, are waiting for the resort Graus Mountain in Vancouver. Spend your holidays skiing, paragliding or snowboarding. The ticket from Moscow to Vancouver costs from 28,599 rubles.

5. Lithuania

For those who love impressive sights, it is worth to visit the castle of Gediminas, the founding father of Vilnius. In the museum, located in the castle tower, an exhibition is held, which includes reconstructed models of the 14-16 centuries. And tourists with children will like visiting the zoo in Kaunas, where you can see rare species of monkeys, as well as predators, mammals, exotic birds and even snakes. A ticket from Moscow to Vilnius costs from 5 858 rubles.

4. Cambodia

The country is famous for its numerous ancient temples and stunning beauty of the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh. In the same city there is also the National Museum, in which over 14,000 ancient exhibits and samples of national life are collected. The ticket price from Moscow to Phnom Penh - from 30 412 rubles.

3. Romania

The vast and varied landscapes of Romania, with a large number of castles and churches, will not disappoint the connoisseurs of a measured and relaxing holiday. And if you get tired of wandering around Dracula Castle in Transylvania, you can go down to the underground sanatorium, which is in the salt mine in Turda or visit the Bucharest Botanical Garden. The price of the air ticket to Bucharest from Moscow is 10 897 rubles.

2. Slovenia

Three sights of Slovenia are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This is the Shkotzian Caves - a system of caves with natural bridges, windows and various forms of stalagmites, prehistoric pile settlements in the Alps( surprisingly, but the wood used for their construction has remained in exceptionally good condition) and the former mercury mine in Idrija( one of the largest in the world).Air travel to Slovenia will cost from 13 798 rubles.

1. Iran

The country emerging from international isolation is preparing for the "tsunami" of foreign tourists. Their attention will undoubtedly be drawn to such attractions as palaces and mosques in Isfahan. For example, the Imam Mosque has a unique acoustics: in one corner one can hear what a person whispers in another corner. The palace of forty columns Chechel Sotun, built in the 17th century, is richly decorated with frescoes depicting the palace life and the battle, in which Shah Abbas II participated. Flight to the most popular destination of tourists to Isfahan from Moscow costs from 17,737 rubles.