Forbes: Rating of the richest top-managers of Russia 2016

Against the backdrop of the crisis, sanctions and the November slush, it's nice to know that there are people in Russia who continue to live normally and in places even well. Evidence of this - published in late November by the Russian magazine Forbes in a highly interesting list of awards of the most important Russian managers and company executives. To please readers with a sight of another's money Forbes continues already which year - the rating started in 2012.However, five years ago and the dollar was lower, and the rewards are higher. If in those days managers were enriched by $ 1.89 billion annually, in this year's 2016 their salaries decreased by more than half.

In total, in the official ranking of the richest Russian top managers of in 2016, 70 heads of companies that are not their owners participated. The evaluation was made on the basis of the following criteria: short-term payments( salary, bonuses, etc.), long-term( income from shares) and bonuses from participation in the boards of directors of subsidiaries.

All received data are tabulated. On the basis of the final values, ranking of places is made.


  • 10. Ruben Aganbegyan
  • 9. Andrey Akimov
  • 8. Mikhail Zadornov
  • 7. Mikhail Shamolin
  • 6. Vladislav Soloviev
  • 5. Ivan Streshinsky
  • 4. Dmitry Razumov
  • 3. German Gref
  • 2. Igor Sechin
  • 1Alexey Miller

10. Ruben Aganbegyan

The General Director of Open Joint-Stock Company Holding in 2015 received 6 million dollars. This is a significant change compared to 2014, when his reward was almost twice as large. However, he was more fortunate than the former head of RZD Vladimir Yakunin and others, who out of ranking altogether dropped out.

9. Andrey Akimov

Akimov has been chairing the board of Gazprombank for a long time - more than 14 years. And the company pays its old and honorary member accordingly - in 2015 it received 6.3 million dollars. In 2014, Andrei had more money - his reward then totaled 8 million.

8. Mikhail Zadornov

In 2015, a skiing fan and part-time chairman of the board VTB24 earned 6.5 million dollars. This is less by $ 2 million than in 2014.

7. Mikhail Shamolin

Apparently, in connection with the crisis of AFK Sistema, whose general director is Shamolin, applied the original tactics. Its top managers now have to invest their hard earned in the shares and assets of the company. It is not known how profitable this system will be and whether it will help to keep Sistema afloat, but its permanent since 2011, the president is among the highest-paid leaders of the country. In 2015, his remuneration was $ 7.4 million.

6. Vladislav Soloviev

As a child, Vladislav dreamed of becoming an ice cream maker, but, fortunately for himself, changed his mind and instead became CEO of UC Rusal two years ago. Unlike most of those who participated in this top-10, his income in 2015 was more than in 2014 - if earlier he received 4.4 million dollars, then last year - 7.4.

5. Ivan Streshinsky

The general director and an old friend of Alisher Usmanov, the owner of the USM holding, where Ivan receives his modest income of 10 million, also suffered from the crisis. If to compare with 2014, it costs the company less for 5 million dollars.

4. Dmitry Razumov

In 2016 Dmitry overtook German Gref in the St. Petersburg race in the historic center of the city. But in the competition for the amount of payments to the richest managers in Russia, the general director of Onexim Group from Herman has lagged behind, taking only the 4th position. However, in just a million - in 2015, Dmitry received 10 million( exactly one-third less than in 2014).

3. Herman Gref

Gref's income in 2015 decreased relatively little - instead of $ 13.5 million, they amounted to 11 million. However, even this modest small amount caused a protest from the press service of Sberbank: it believes that Gref's earnings are greatly exaggerated.

2. Igor Sechin

Being the head of Rosneft is profitable - last year Sechin received a reward of $ 13 million( and in 2014 his income amounted to $ 17.6 million).But according to the press-secretary of Rosneft, Forbes strongly embellished the real figure. At the end of 2016 Sechin topped the charts of Russian media in connection with the detention of Alexei Ulyukayev, suspected of taking a bribe from the head of Rosneft.

1. Alexey Miller

The unchanged head of Gazprom since 2001, with a large margin, wins in the race of incomes of top managers of the Russian Federation in 2016, remaining number one. Last year, it cost the company $ 17.7 million - almost 33% cheaper than in 2014( $ 27 million).All major managers of Gazprom received $ 78.3 million in 2015, and the company's total revenue last year was $ 140.4 billion.