How to clean white sneakers at home: manual cleaning, washing in the washing machine, the soles of the cleansing

How to clean white sneakersYou are a white sneakers? Then you do not know first-hand how it is sometimes difficult to take care of them. But all worries and troubles related to the maintenance of cleanliness and perfect appearance, are worth it. After all, white shoes - is not only a convenient, but also incredibly stylish, she is in a trend every year. And how to wear comfortable shoes in any season and any weather, you need to be prepared for any pollution and the purification of them at home.


  1. Popular and effective methods to combat pollution
  2. Wash in the washing machine
  3. Shoe soles

Popular and effective methods to combat pollution

Is required to protect the shoes of white leather, not only from dirt but also from damage. On such shoes can be seen the slightest scratch, dash left by their or other people's soles. In addition, the white skin at the wrong care is quickly becoming gray or yellowish.

  • If you are allergic to the chemicals, You can whiten sneakers traditional methods, Then come to the aid of eggs and milk. Beat until a thick foam one protein and add half a glass of milk. This foam cover shoes and wash before it begins to dry.
  • One of the most popular means of It is the most common whitening toothpaste. You will need an old toothbrush, which is no longer used for its intended purpose, and toothpaste. Slightly moistened brush and a small amount of paste will help get rid of the black dirt on the white leather sneakers. If the effect was not achieved fully, then repeat the procedure with the addition of a few drops of lemon juice.
  • Tissue sneakers It requires more careful care. In this case, you will need a stain remover (it is more convenient to use it in gel form) and washing powder. It is a thin layer of fabric means for insertion by means of brushes, wait a few minutes and rinse with water.
  • What if white sneakers lost its colorComposition, prepared at home, you can clean white sneakers of stubborn dirt. The composition comprises vinegar, detergents, hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice, as it is applied with a toothbrush and is rinsed after some time. This type of cleaning is ideal only for leather shoes, rag for shoes with mesh inserts, this composition is not safe.
  • Clean white sneakers can with the help of another composition. Mix until a homogeneous slurry baking soda, liquid was toothpaste and a little vinegar. Apply the product to the most contaminated portions, wash after cleaning shoes in a soap solution and under running water.
  • To whiten white leather sneakers, You need to buy a dedicated white paint for shoes. This method is suitable only to the owners of leather shoes. Cloth shoes, this will form an indelible paint layer.

Wash in the washing machine

Easy to clean shoes at homeIf no type of manual shoe cleaning you do not help, you can wash shoes in the washing machine. Remove the shoe insole and laces, sprinkle in the machine compartment and stain remover powder and put on mode delicates or a special wash cycle shoes. It is advisable to select the wash cycle without spinning, as it wears out shoes.

With monochromatic shoe cleaning process, though labor intensive, but still more calm. And if there is a black insert, help out dry oxygen bleach on your shoes.

Shoe soles

Very often the question arises about sole cleaning. Since its ribbed surface more susceptible to contamination, and then deal with them is sometimes much more difficult.

  • To at least a little easier his task, you can do so: in a bowl with a little water, add any powerful oxygen bleach. Gently place the shoes in a bowl for a few hours. After this procedure, rinse the solution with the soles, to help clean up contamination with a stiff brush.
  • How to keep white sneakersQuite a pungent odor It has a cleaning method using acetone and vinegar. You need to wear a respirator before cleaning the soles. Moisten the cloth in this formulation (concentration 1: 1) and go over the contamination. After cleaning rinse water.
  • Strong bleaching properties Citric acid has a most simple whiteness. When using these tools, it is recommended to wear gloves to protect your skin from burns.

Drying shoes - an important aspect of caring for her. Your shoes have not lost the desired shape, then by drying it is necessary to fill the inside towels or tissues. And the very drying is carried out either on the street, away from direct sunlight, or in the home, well ventilated conditions. Completely dry shoes, be sure to continue to care. The better you take care of the protection of the shoe, the less force is applied in the purification from impurities and thus allow to serve for longer service. After thorough drying, the wax apply a special brush or other water- and dirt-repellent agent. Do not forget to monitor the cleanliness of the laces, partly because their condition is responsible for the cleanliness of all shoes.

One of the most frequent requests for cleaning shoes - this is a question about how to remove unpleasant odors. Often because shoes - this is sports shoes, it is in her legs are quite sweat. Therefore it is very important to thoroughly dry the shoes after the socks to prevent bacteria from growing in the damp environment. If washing does not help to completely remove the pungent unpleasant smell, then put a few hours in the shoes of citrus skins. Well absorb odors soda, flour, activated charcoal, cat litter.