The most stolen cars in Russia in 2015

The criminal business of car theft is one of the most profitable and highly organized. As the law enforcement agencies themselves admit, it is extremely difficult to fight with avtougon, since thieves most often have special expensive equipment for hacking, they do not act alone, and the customers have certain connections with some police officers.

Statistics of car thefts of certain brands in the capital and regions of Russia vary considerably. According to research of insurance companies it was revealed that in Moscow in 2015 the most popular models were Range Rover Evoque( 2.33%), which took first place, followed by Infiniti FX( 2.04%), and Land occupies the third placeRover Discovery( 1.84%).The remaining seats were divided among themselves by Toyota Land Cruiser( 1.80%), Hyundai Solaris( 1.65%), Range Rover Sport( 1.61%), Mercedes-Benz G-Class( 1.61%), Lexus LX(1.31%), Toyota Camry( 1.30%), Range Rover( 1.25%). As you can see from the statistics, the most stolen models in the country's capital remain "Japanese" and premium brands. As for the regions of the Russian Federation, there is a completely different situation.

Based on Auto Insurance data, identified the most stolen cars in Russia for 2015, the list of which is presented below.


Toyota Land Cruiser Hijacking frequency 0,36%

Toyota Land Cruiser opens the top ten most stolen cars in the regions and the capital of Russia. Let's name the most important aspects, why this off-road car is so attractive for hijackers. The first undeniable fact of its popularity, first of all, is the price, both on the primary and secondary market, as well as the cost of its spare parts. The price for the new Land Cruiser is about 2 million rubles, and in the collapsible form it will be much more expensive. But in the assembly configuration on the secondary market, it enjoys a rather high demand, since it can be purchased at half price. The second important aspect of popularity among hunters of this model is weak anti-theft protection. Therefore, any ace in this case will easily crack the anti-theft system. The frequency of hijackings in 2015 was 0.36%.


Toyota Camry Hijacking frequency 0.52%

Toyota Camry is the next most popular hijacker in the past year, the demand for which in the criminal world was 0.52%.Most often this model is chosen for theft because of the large demand for it on the secondary market. Also Toyota Camry is no exception among other Japanese cars that are equipped with a weak anti-theft system.


VAZ 2110-12 / 2170 Hijacking frequency 0,55%

VAZ 2110-12 / 2170 is in high demand among criminals in the regions due to easy availability. Hack such a machine for experienced "predators" will not be difficult. As a rule, these models go under analysis and are put into the secondary market in the form of spare parts. The frequency of hijacking of cars of the domestic auto industry amounted to 0.55% in 2015.


Mazda3 Hijacking frequency 0,77%

Mazda 3 took the seventh position in the frequency of hijacking among other auto brands. Here, the main factors that affect theft are also the simplicity of the anti-theft system: it is claimed that this car can be easily opened with a conventional screwdriver. This model is very common throughout the country, so the high liquidity of its parts is not questioned. In 2015, the frequency of theft of this brand was about 0.77%.


Mercedes-Benz G-Class Hijacking rate 0,92%

Mercedes - Benz G - Class - one of the most prestigious off-road cars from the German car industry also fell into the risk group. According to the frequency of theft, he scored 0.92%.The car became popular among hijackers because of the high cost price. These models are often "put on order" after theft. You can not even note the high price of components that have high liquidity in the Russian car market.


BMW X5 Hijacking frequency 0,96%

BMW X 5 takes the fifth position in the number of hijackings for 2015.A premium SUV is very popular with autocarriers and second-hand dealers. A prestigious car receives a lot of orders from wealthy customers. Even the most modern anti-theft system and alarm system does not stop the masters of their business. The owner of an expensive machine can lose it not only as a result of secret theft, but also as a result of robbery. Hijackers are ready for much to take over such a car as the BMW X 5. Insurance cars will cost several times more because of the increased interest in it for criminals. The frequency of theft of this car brand amounted to about 0.96% in 2015.


Nissan Murano Hijacking frequency 0,98%

Nissan Murano has become one of the most stolen cars in the regions over the past year. To drive the given model in comparison with previous "Japanese" will make certain difficulties for autoworks. Nevertheless, the theft of these SUVs is growing every year more and more. Perhaps this fact should be associated with the growing popularity of the brand and the demand for its spare parts. This gives the hijackers an incentive to invent new methods of theft and methods of breaking into anti-theft systems. According to statistics for 2015, the incidence of the Nissan Murano was about 0.98%.


Porsche Cayenne Hijacking frequency 1,24%

Porsche Cayenne topped the top three most stolen cars in 2015.To drive a German crossover of this type is not quite easy, since it is equipped with a sophisticated anti-theft system. Therefore, it is not uncommon for such elite high-priced models to be stolen with the use of physical strength. Undoubtedly, a stolen premium SUV already has its customers and will be overbought at least in the CIS countries. Last year the hijacking rate of Porsche Cayenne was 1.24%.


Lexus LX Hijacking rate 1,94%

The increasing number of thefts of the Lexus LX is due to its prevalence, as well as its high cost. According to data for 2015, 1.94% of the hijackings of this brand were reported. Here, too, the increased demand for the model among dealers plays a role. Geniuses of auto theft for the sake of profit and good earnings come up with the most sophisticated ways to bypass the anti-theft system and with the help of special equipment able to penetrate even the most protected machine.


Land Rover Freelander Hijacking frequency 2,01%

Land Rover Freelander topped the top ten of the most stolen cars in 2015 .The frequency of hijackings of the British SUV was about 2.01%, which is the highest in the regions of the country. Improved reliability and demand of resellers for a premium SUV have caused frequent theft of this brand."Ordered" crossover, as a rule, forever leaves the country with fake numbers and documents. Calculate the hijackers of an expensive machine is a certain difficulty, since the criminals before they encroach on the "tidbit" are a thoughtful plan. That's why all premium models are in the area of ​​high-risk theft.